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Fear Clinton, Not Trump

From a piece I have running in LifeZette today. Donald Trump may say some worrisome stuff, but Hillary Clinton’s actual record is more concern for alarm.

From the piece.

As Donald Trump continues his string of controversial utterances, polite types in the GOP Establishment are clenching their stress balls. Some voters, even Republicans, are reportedly considering the “safer” alternative of Hillary Clinton.

But talk is talk. Trump says a lot of things for effect and to snag free media. Sometimes he’s having some fun or being sarcastic, and the ponderous politically correct, whose language policing doesn’t allow for subtlety, takes him literally.

But one thing is crystal clear, and it should cause voters to question whether they are fleeing to much more dangerous ground with Hillary: the actual records of Clinton and Trump. That is, what they did — not what they said. And a look at Hillary Clinton’s performance as secretary of state should prompt grave concern and even fear about her judgment and temperament.

Please read the rest of the article on LifeZette.


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  1. Keith, this is 100% accurate, but the media is making a mockery of this election cycle. Not sure how we can convince an abundance of voters that action, not words, matter.

    It reminds me of a Bill Clinton quote: ” I have never worked so hard on this as I have on any other matter in my career.”

    As if the effort was tantamount to accomplishment.

    Trumps remarks are incredible, but the substance behind them rings true.


    • All of the Trump talk about the media and the election being rigged is just hogwash.

      Trump has put himself out there 24/7 every day for the past year. He can’t get enough of the cameras.
      He is addicted to the roar of the crowds – and yes, they are YUGE – but so what? He needs 65M votes to win. Where is he going to get them???

      Hillary is going to win b/c Trump planned it that way. He said he would become more
      ‘presidential’ after the convention. Instead, he has doubled down on his erratic behavior. Now he is saying he will never change!

      This election is over! Trump still has no ground game and has not spent a dime on ad campaigns. Worse yet, he has barely laid a hand on Hillary. He does not want to win!!

      Too bad there are no consequences for a presidential candidate who faked his candidacy! We are in uncharted waters with this Trump charade.

      God help this country when Hillary picks up the reins from Obama! Thanks for nothing, Donald!

  2. HRC’s stint as SOS gives serious pause over both her judgement and her temperament I agree. And the private server and emails, which the media and public refuse to take seriously, did and do endanger our national security.

    And another thing that should not, but will be ignored is her health. I was cleaning up and came across this video of her freeze at the protester speech. What I did not notice then (and you all might have)is it appears she was fixed on the teleprompter as if she could read or recognize it. When the black (who knows who he is) guy* rushes to her aid, he looks in the same direction and reads it to her “We’ll keep talking….” twice. And then she unfreezes and seems to be able to go on. So, the fear not so much of protesters but a complete brain freeze. 2cents.

    The audio is good on this link.

    *I also think it is “interesting” and dangerous that there is no serious effort to inquire and identify this man and what his role is. He is clearly not SS.

    • If Hillary is suffering from complex partial seizures, it may explain her blanking out while reading a teleprompter or her curious behavior in front of bright lights. In some patients, seizures can be triggered by the flickering light on monitors and television screens, flashbulbs etc. It may also explain her reluctance to participate in press conferences (with the attending camera light flashes). There’s growing evidence of her rapidly deteriorating health, and her handlers surely are aware of that. All of which bodes trouble for her continuing campaign and surely raises questions about her behavior as President.

      • Once Hillary settles back into the WH (if she can make it up the steps), she will be surrounded by a shroud of secrecy.

        Her surrogates, Bill, Chelsea, and Huma will become the Valerie Jarrett’s of the Hillary WH.

        Trump was right about one thing: Hillary works for a few hours and then takes three days off to sleep!

  3. Fascinating tidbit in Buzzfeed’s article on Juanita Broaddrick:

    After Juanita became news in February, Hillary’s campaign web site REMOVED these words from her message to assault victims: “You have the right to be believed”.

    (Clinton declined comment on the change).

    • Only two polls are important in the race: the candidates’ internal polls–which dig deep and hard into public opinion– which they don’t make public, and election day. Everything else is subject to spin, misinterpretation, positioning. Yesterday’s RCP polls range from Clinton up by 9 to Trump up by 4. No one can make sense of that at this point.

  4. It’s not rocket science, and average voters can easily do the math.

    Trump has said that he will put a hold on immigration from the Middle East; Hillary has said she will accelerate it. More unvetted immigrants from Syria means that the likelihood of a terrorist attack will increase; ergo, Hillary as president would mean an increased chance of me, or someone I care about, randomly getting their ass shot off.

    Similarly, a President Trump will not long countenance the black separatism which we saw on display in Milwaukee this past weekend; a President Hillary would find the continuation of the same to be politically useful. So if I were in an unfamiliar city, and took a wrong turn, I would be more likely to be a victim of pavement chimpery, if Hildebeast were running the show.

    Cankles as president would mean an increased likelihood of me, or a loved one, getting slaughtered, at random, for the crime of wrong place, wrong time.

    I’ll pass.

    Trump 2016.

    • Trump is the answer!

      Other wise its 4 more years of the Obama disaster……

      Fake – GDP
      Fake – employment numbers
      Fake – Stock Market
      Fake – war on ISIS
      Fake – fixing the Muslim problem
      Fake – Borders
      Fake – Deportations
      Fake – support for vets and military

      • At this point, I’ll settle for a significantly lower chance of getting blasted to kingdom come by a Daesh sleeper agent, or ending up as a number if I take a wrong turn in Chiraq.

        Self-preservation is a hell of a motivator.

  5. Just what we need is a country ran by Bill Clinton and Huma. The bright lights are the reason I myself quit giving pressers. Now I sit in the dark and have the same audience as before. The whole mess is a sick joke.

  6. Read the whole article Keith.
    You are on a roll.
    Great piece !

    I found an article over on concerning the inaccuracy of the poll numbers we are being fed on a daily basis.

    The link is above this comment.

    • Tell you what. Suppose Hillary wins, and you’re out in public in 2017, and you hear someone scream something in Arabic just before they detonate a homicide vest.

      And let’s say that you survive, but you’ll be a quadriplegic for the rest of your life. Still staying on the NeverTrump train?

      No, that may not happen to you, PERSONALLY; but it’s more probable to happen to SOME American or other, if Hillary wins.

      So, how pigheaded ARE you? What price butthurt?


    • You and the rest of the offended prissy principled people who cannot get down in the mud to save the country.

      You fight with the army you have. Not the army you wish you had.

      But it is your right and this is only my comment on what you put out there.

  7. If appearances count, in today’s (Monday) Daily Mail there is a shot of Clinton looking at Biden as he delivers remarks. She looks exactly like she could be his mother. The slumped posture as of she can’t sit straight and look interested; the weary face reflecting hours of work to get him on a podium…

    Then I read that she takes weekends off from campaigning. No wonder – her audiences reflect the fact that not a lot of people want to shift their arses and go see her.

  8. Normally when the GOP ask for $$
    I use to be an easy mark. Not any more. I have learned the hard way.
    We the voters voted for Trump in the
    primary, and all the GOP now seems
    to be treating Trump very badly. There are a few exceptions: Newt
    gingrich comes to mind. A few others too, but a pox upon the establishment.