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55 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || August 14, 2016

  1. Can’t wait for the president to get off of the golf course to once again blame police for shooting an innocent, armed man. When I get done working today, I plan on going out and starting my own riot. Just for fun of course. Then I will gripe and moan that all of the businesses I burn to the ground aren’t being built back fast enough. Instead of letting the rioters go unabated, bring in the national guard and put a stop to this nonsense.

      • Oh I have everything thing u need. I work for a living. I have no need to depend on the government to provide me what I want. Unlike what this president has done by expanding the welfare class.

  2. Apropos of nothing. I like mysteries, detective etc. And recently I have found myself watching a lot of the British shows — usually BBC streaming series.

    The whodoneit part is usually quite good. But the rest is oddly “calming” or mindless — sort of. Points of interest.

    No guns, they usually call for “armed back up” before they go rushing toward danger. Except for those like Sherlock , where the Oxford culture is interesting, most of them take place in the countryside. Amazing how many murders and crimes take place in bucolic, beautiful Midsommer county. Learn, almost by osmosis, about the gradual infiltration of Muslims and other “coloreds” into the culture. And mostly I enjoy the cultural and the language — idioms, etc. The use of the word “pouf” and phrases like “crooked as a dog’s hind leg”, “nic a fag” and going to “point Percy at the porcelain” (actually I learned that from a drunk Brit in a Greek bar). Those are just a few that come to mind — there are many. Oh yeah, sod off. A favorite. :)

    So, my Sunday interlude.

  3. Looking through Google images for a column post I came across an old editorial cartoon showing 3 shops: An electronics store, liquor store and a “belts and suspenders” store. I’ll let you WHD’s guess which store front did not have broken windows and looters carrying off their reparations. :)

    Sunday column this week highlights the Eastwoods (Clint and Scott) Esquire interview in context of election 2016. I’m posting both links only because Clint gets sanitized in the print version:

    As written with unedited Clint Eastwood quotes:

    Edited and sanitized Globe version:

    • Too “funny” — suspenders and belts.

      Good stuff, santized and not, on the Eastwood interview, which I also read, and scary Barack. The readers of the Joplin Globe are fortunate. I do enjoy your columns. None such in our local.

      Also rre. generations. One recent Brit/Crime episode featured the second generation of Arabs in England. Born and raised in England, they did not become more Anglicized but more Arab. Returning to their roots and “blood”.

      God only knows what will come of our concentrated localized tribal areas — like the Somalis in Milwaukee and I think Minnesota (could be something else). There are pockets developing all over the country. Thanks for Obama’s very pinpointed relocation of refugees, especially into Red State communities.

      • And yet Hillary will bring in more than even Obama’s quoatas.
        We COULD be bringing in Middle East Christians who would be thrilled and grateful and would assimilate as previous generations did.
        For over 200 years Islam was but a blip in America due to the incompatibility with our Constitution, yet now our own government betrays us. UGH

        • A vote for her is a vote to take us to full 3rd world disaster.

          Her ad during the Olympics is so stupid – is that all they got.
          Lying Hillary doing what she does….crook!!!!!

        • Makes me laugh/angry when Obama tries to make them foundational to America.

          And you are right about HRC’s clarion call for the more Muzzie’s the better. Why DT doesn’t make more of the relocated/refugee/Muslim hoardes coming to a community near you (or yours) is beyond me. Yeah, racist and all but there are tons of legitimate examples of how destabilizing they are.

      • Recently, a couple of my Marine Corps (or is it corpse?) husband’s favorite quotes have been mentioned. PHd (piled higher and deeper) and now belt and suspenders. He was a chemical engineer, so he always did everything with “belt and suspenders”! If he were still alive, he would describe Hillary as “slippery as knot on a doorknob”! Enjoy that vision.

  4. I just heard on the radio that the American athletes that win medals have to pay taxes on them.
    I don’t know about the silver and bronze medals but the Gold is worth 25 thousand, taxable income.

    Congress is trying to fix that but went on recess before they could.

    So all of the athletes that won a medal this year have to pay taxes on it.

    • For what it’s worth, Milwaukee has had three Socialist mayors in the 108 years–and no, that is not a typo, ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT YEARS–since it last had a Republican mayor.

    • Grace, I have been away ( on a wedding ) and could not follow the discussion after my latest comment on global elites versus regular people. I thank you, Aileen and Marcus for your comments and the link to Mrs Noonans article. It was behind a pay-wall, but I found it on Reddit. Very good, Noonan usually is, in my opinion.

    And I would like to add this link to the discussion. German president Gauck says that the elites are not the problem, the regular people is. It is shocking to find this way of thinking among politicians, Shocking, but not surprising, given the way things are in Europe nowadays. Some groups are trying to sell out the democracy on a national level .Please notice, in Germany it is the Chancellor, Kanzler, who is the boss, the president has other functions.

    • Yes, political elitism and arrogant politicians grown distant from the will of the people is a world-wide problem. Always has been, I suppose. Much worse in some countries (the old Soviet Union and China, e.g.) than in other countries. Merkel, your example, is drowning in the self-serving mess she has cooked up in Germany. Her destructive arrogance and peculiar Globalist world view have caught up with her.

      I think many (not all) people drawn to a life-long political career are, to one degree or another, power hungry, satisfying some neurotic personal need, liars and frauds and in many cases, high functioning sociopaths–Hillary and Obama being the more obvious examples. Many of them can put on an Academy Award level act of “caring for the people” or “I’ll fix the mess” etc, and fool many, many people. As soon as they get into office, they turn into children of Satan.

      I suppose we won’t ever solve the problem of electing dangerous, destructive politicians–it’s an unavoidable aspect of humanity trying to govern itself, but we should always be alert to the strange people who tell us they have all the answers so, therefore, we should vote them into power.

      • Marcus, I absolutely agree, and the Internet is a blessing here. We cannot be lied to so easily. I wonder if such power-machines as the EU would be possible to construct today when we have the Internet.

      • There was a discussion yesterday in general of the “it can’t happen here. Segments of the German population who for various reasons willfully ignored signs of the elimination of Jews, mainly, and others from society. People losing their jobs or being restricted in other ways.

        Also part of the discussion was Mao’s cultural revolution. What devastation that brought,

  6. Any news of Loretta Lynchmob moving into Milwaukee to investigate? I am pretty sure Scott Walker and Sheriff Clarke might make that a little more difficult than the federal takeover of local LE in Ferguson and Baltimore.

    One thing also that might discourage that is both the “victim” and the police officer were both black, complicating the standard issue “hate” crime charge.