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Clintons Release 2015 Taxes: Now Completely Out of Poverty

Bill and Hillary Clinton Friday released their 2015 tax returns, showing the pair had made $10.7 million in just a single year, most of it from speaking fees and book sales.

Having left the White House in 2000 completely broke, according to Hillary, the Clintons have made a remarkable comeback and are now able to pay their utilities every month and go out to Chipotle often enough to get nine burritos over the course of only a few weeks, thereby qualifying for the tenth one for free.

From the Washington Examiner:

Clinton’s return showed that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, paid a 34.2 percent effective federal tax rate on total income of $10.7 million in 2015. Most of that income came from book sales and paid speeches.

Tim and Anne Kaine had income of $313,441 in 2015, almost all of which came from their salaries. They paid a fifth of their income in taxes to the federal government. Over the past 10 years, their effective tax rate has varied between 13 percent and 24 percent.

The Clintons’ return shows that the couple continued to profit from book sales and speaking engagements as Hillary worked her way through the Democratic primaries. Bill earned just under $7 million speaking and consulting. Hillary, meanwhile, earned nearly $1.5 million from speaking and $3 million in book sales.

And now, this.

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19 Responses to Clintons Release 2015 Taxes: Now Completely Out of Poverty

  1. I wonder how that compares to the incomes of other former presidents? 10 million seems a lot for speeches and books. (Hard Choices being the most recent was kind of a flop).

    • Your comment reminds me of Harry Truman’s post-Presidency. When we lived in Kansas City. MO for a time, we used to go to Independence to visit Truman’s Presidential Library, and nearby we’d see the house he and Bess lived in after his Presidency. It was a nice house, not ostentatious at all, and had a great wrap around porch. He took his daily walks around town, chatted with whoever wanted to talk, and generally led a simple life. I don’t think he ever became what you would call rich. While President, Truman did more good for the country in an hour, than Obama will ever accomplish in 100 lifetimes. Here’s a little write up on his life you may interesting. I dunno why, but for whatever reason, I’ve become interested in Truman in recent years. He’s a great example of the citizen-politician, which is what the Founders and the Framers had in mind for those who wanted to serve in government. Sort of like the Roman emperor Cincinnatus, I guess. When Cincinnatus got done with being the Emperor, he went back to being a farmer.

  2. Ten million dollars in 12 months without investments, any kind of business activity or job/employment is kind of a miracle in today’s economy.
    Everyone who follows the news or politics knows, KNOWS, that a $500,000.00 payment for a 30 minute speech is just payola on a big scale.
    Some organizations were paying it forward, expecting a nice healthy return on their generosity to the probable POTUS.
    Maybe they just want priority access to some government agency to secure more profits for their company, or more grants for their non-profit.
    Nothing either Clinton could say to anyone is worth a half million dollar payday. They just aren’t that interesting or amusing.
    The 10+million dollar income reported for the Clintons in 2015 is evidence of corruption, crony politics, and unmitigated greed.

  3. Did they underpay? I thought the top tax rate was 39.6% for those earning more than
    $446K. They paid 34.2%.

    And they donate $1M to one o the Clinton charities?
    How generous of them!!

  4. The Democrats will now demand that Trump release his. Trump’s reply should be for her to release her health information since he has released his.

    There should be a requirement that candidates..both for president & VP..furnish their health information.

  5. It’s takes a real man/woman to listen to this woman cackle for 30 min. No group in their right mind would listen to her without expecting huge favors in the future. No wonder our country is in the toilet.

  6. Given the known political corruption in the IRS, I have no confidence whatsoever in the Clinton’s tax and income statements. There are too many Lois Lerner types in the IRS. I don’t really give a rat’s bum about Trump’s tax return either.

    What I would to see are their health records, to see if they are physically and psychologically fit to be President. Trump has already released his doctor’s summary report (not sure if he’s released his entire health record yet) here:

    But Hillary, of course, is trying to run away, as usual, when it comes to telling the truth about her health and every thing else, for that matter. She’s obviously suffering serious medical pathology. She’s not well, she’s seriously overweight with all the attending medical issues being overweight creates, she doesn’t look healthy, she keeps falling down, (high blood pressure, stroke, etc.) she has the shakes in one of her hands, she’s had a very serious concussion, she’s had her struggles with alcohol, (see this article from Psychology Today:

    I would like to see a psychiatric evaluation on the mental fitness to be President on both Trump and Hillary. Seriously. I want to know how they react to stress, how the behave when frustrated or thwarted in some way, how they handle anxiety, how they view those who oppose them in some way, how prone they are to depression, how they handle conflicting information, their leadership styles, etc.

    We can deduce, more or less, some of these issues from our own observations, but I want an assessment from a respected expert. And not Dr. Phil. I want the real deal.

  7. They donated large sums to the CFF, which in turn, purchased large quantities of their books, to spread around the world as ‘charity’.

    • Yes, a wifi lie detector, if there is such a thing, attached to a secure server so the FBI would know about each lie she told at all times. And I would suggest a GPS ankle bracelet so they could determine where she was located when she told her latest lie. All in the interest of national security.