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Video: Dan Bongino vs. Don Lemon

I know you probably don’t, but I kind of like Don Lemon. He’s pugnacious. But he is also a bully and an overtly leftist host on a network that claims not to be biased. So it’s nice to see someone stand up to him, even if this does descend in to an utterly juvenile name-calling match that has the two adults, David Gergen and Jeffrey Toobin, looking stricken.

14 thoughts on “Video: Dan Bongino vs. Don Lemon”

  1. And God forbid such high quality people as Gergen and Toobin “look stricken”.

    I do not share your appreciation of Lemon, and he needed to be taken down, even though this is rather childish. But much of WDC’s problem is the fear of appearing “stricken” or otherwise in the ever so important public forum. So embarrassing, so tacky, so demeaning — They are so much better than this, so above it all, so untainted.

    1. Grace, can you watch RT ( Russia Today ) ? I guess that this channel is anathema to some of you but sometimes it really is very educating and entertaining. They have an interesting take on the US election, well, on US politics. I believe it is good with many perspectives.

      1. I know it — i catch some headlines. I can look to see if I can stream it. I spent quite a bit of time in Russia so I trust my instincts to meander through the propaganda. And besides, we in the US now, are getting pretty darned good at recognizing propaganda.

        1. You can get RT through your Roku (I think you mentioned you have Roku–maybe I’m not remembering correctly). I watch it occasionally, and they do have an interesting take on our elections. You’re right, you have to filter out the propaganda to get the interesting nuggets. I also watch France24 for another interesting take–they seem to be pretty objective with a European slant, of course, and occasionally watch SkyNews for another take. As to watching our own networks, they’re pretty much off my list now.

          1. Yep, Roku. Thanks.

            Truth be told I watch almost no news — read blogs and on line, stream a speech or important comment.

            I did catch Sky News a couple of times. I should to back and re investigate. Thanks for the tips.

    2. They were stricken? But its okay for all of them to rip Trump every minute and I do mean every minute with lies, and I do mean lies, inuendo, poisonous snakes the CNN talking heads are and I have never seen such a bunch of low class women on any other T.V. station as CNN, spitting out stupidity, all as unattractive as Clinton in her ugly pantsuits, Clinton looks like an old woman wearing children’s clothes in those pantsuits, ridiculous the way she is absolutely the worst dressed woman in America and running for President Unbelievable, what a dog she is with the worst screech when she speaks, you just gotta turn her off. So, these communists are going to steal the election? I don’t think the American people will put up with it and if she steals it, I hope there’s a revolution and that she gets thrown out on her ass with her cohort husband who stole millions of dollars with her.

  2. And the media says Trump is a loose mouthed child…listen to the TV pundits these days…and lets see who the adult in the room truly is.


  3. I happened to stumble onto that exchange as it was being aired live. As a rule, I never, ever watch Don Lemon, but this was beyond the pale. I worried about the safety of the former SS agent!
    Thought Lemon was going to reach over and strangle the poor guy. Surprise he (Lemon) didn’t have a stroke, lol.

    Hillary must really have a stranglehold on all of these lefty pundits. Sheesh!

  4. Thing is, Bongino is a bit of a political mercenary. He was running for the Senate in Maryland a few years ago, and now he’s in, where, Florida?

    Thing is, if this sort of thing ever worked, Alan Keyes might have had a shot at a pinch-hit win in Illinois back in ’04, instead of being a sacrificial lamb for a generally unknown state senator with a funny name.

    Bongino would have been a refreshing change of pace coming out of Maryland, and he’s right on a lot of the issues, but he REALLY needs to put down that carpet bag.

  5. Acoustics are interesting…Don must have been in a much better location because I could hear him so clearly! ;-) Calling the other guy stupid was – unprofessional and self demeaning.

  6. Thinking back to original human relationships, such as God, Adam and Eve, Cain and Able. As well Thag and Thor the leading cavemen of their day. It wasn’t the spears and rocks that started a war. It was the taunting, yelling, threatening. Relationships begin and end with the voice, the words. Fast forward to 2016 what do we have? The voice, the words. That human negative attribute that gets mankind into trouble. The consequence of non-thoughtful words? Almost always it seems, we find the interplanetary cosmic law is still operational. We reap what we sow. But now those who should be held accountable to this law, demand you and I do the reaping of their garbage.

  7. Hey Don, I recall back in 2008 that Hillary stayed in the primary race because Bobby Kennedy was assassinated (hint, hint). She also has not disavowed her supporters that have physically assaulted Trump supporters and who have also attempted to gain the stage with Trump to do who knows what. Don’t see you calling her out you hypocrite.

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