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Trump Gets on Track by Claiming Obama Founded ISIS

Now, this is what Donald Trump needs to do. It’s vintage Trump and the kind of thing that got him the Republican nomination.

His claim that Obama, with help from Hillary, is the “founder” of ISIS has spurred outrage! OUTRAGE, I tell you! Who would say such thing??


Part of the seamy underside of political correctness is that everything that is said is taken literally. There is no room for imagination, for understatement, for suggestion. Everything is to be interpreted as being meant exactly as it was said. And therefore, it’s an insult! It’s untrue! Because we have rules now, you see? And if someone makes a statement that sounds a little off, that sounds a little biased, THEN THAT PERSON IS A LITTLE OFF AND VERY BIASED. Because when you are policing speech, you must be vigilant, and everything that is said may be used against you in the court of political correctness.

That’s why we are not permitted to make jokes. It’s offensive. Because you must really mean it.

Professional comedians seems to get an exception, up to an extent. It’s like you need a license to tell jokes.

Plowing through such attitudes is at the heart of Trump’s appeal, and that is what he is doing here.

Trump didn’t mean Obama “founded” ISIS. He is suggesting, with a little drama, that Obama is responsible for ISIS. Which Obama, by withdrawing all U.S. combat troops from Iraq, undoubtedly is.

By making the statement politically incorrectly, Trump has sparked a day of rage that puts him in the news and reminds everyone that he is not subject to the sneering snobs who are trying to pound us all into submission to their worldview by controlling our language.

Picking on Obama and Clinton is a much better strategy than fighting with the Khans, even though the Khans, who lent themselves to a political cause, thoroughly deserved it.

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  1. A Day of Rage. The Donald I “know” and “love”. Heck, if they are going to spew venom at him might as well be for something of substance like this. I am sure Ryan and the other Republicans will rage stroke and the new candidate Edmund Muskie (actually I don’t care enough to remember his name) has new fodder.

    1. Who cares who gets mad at Trump. He said the truth, the ISIS grew because of Obama and Clinton! Its about time the truth came out. And that is the truth. Obama let this happen, ISIS was born because of him and that weak minded Hillary Clinton because of what they did and did not do!!! this country knows now. The truth is out because of Trump. No matter what happens in the election, at least Trump told the truth, not like the liar Clinton who goes around begging for money, she’s no better than a street begger.

  2. Just watched Trump speak to the Home Builders Assn. on OAN. I was very impressed how he talked to them, not at them. Also a topic he’s very savvy about and shared his experiences growing his building empire and realizing that regulations take about 25% of their profits at every level in the industry. He was funny, smart and very personable, the crowd loved him.

  3. Some years ago when Glenn Beck (FOX) was still sane, his every show outlined exactly what was going to happen, who was responsible, and he was right.
    He predicted the Muslim uprising, blamed it on our government’s pandering and kid-glove treatment of radical Islamists, while pretending to care about the future of Israel.
    He named names, names that were never in the MSM news like Osama bin Laden and George Soros. The UN globalists who want to plunder all of the USA’s wealth and rule the world.

    He didn’t trust MrObama and the Dems, he knew what their agenda was and still is – a complacent and silent citizenry. He knew that the “tea party” would be slammed by the MSM (the other Dems) as terrorists an anarchists- and they were. He knew that what we believe is our right, a RIGHT, to speak freely would be criticized as racist/sexist/communist – anything that sounded nasty.

    Along comes DonaldTrump, the man who speaks without thinking and the public loves it, and him, too. If we are to believe the MSM, they and the rest of humanity is in a constant state of outrage and disgust.
    No one in the MSM seems to be “outraged” at MrObama’s incompetence or MrsClinton’s lies, so it just makes one wonder – who are they – the journalists who can blind themselves to the Clinton’s suspicious millions and e-mails, and the horrendous mess of death and torture in the Middle East.

    1. Agree with you on Beck’s transformation from a rational, interesting, iniformative host, to a complete loon. Something happened along the way. Who knows what? It’s one thing to be against Trump, and quite another issue to be maniacally obsessed with Trump, as are both Beck and, sadly, Mark Levin. Their guy, Cruz, lost and they cannot get over it. The primaries are long over, and we are now in the general election. Cruz is gone. He’s not in the race anymore. I’ve don’t listen to Beck at all now and I’ve given up on Levin until after the election when I hope he resumes his role as a powerful, convincing, Conservative host, and not a whiny little girl who got jilted at the Prom.

  4. Trump is right Hitlery and Odumseet caused ISIS.

    They screwed the pooch as they used ISIS as the force to out Syrian ruler Asad.

    Did not work, now we are screwed…….

    1. Some actual facts about crooked Hildabeast

      Mrs. Clinton is currently rejecting charges that it was her policy of destabilizing Libya and Syria that led to the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (or, at it is also called, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) or the Islamic State («al-Dawlah»). Clinton’s minions of idolizers and neo-conservative war hawks call such claims a «conspiracy theory», the favorite pejorative for those who suffer from a bankruptcy of facts. In fact, Clinton’s boasting about the extrajudicial execution of Libyan leader Muammar al Qaddafi, in which she cackled, «We came, we saw, he died», along with her vow to unseat Syrian President Bashar al Assad, after having publicly praised him in March 2011, provides evidence of her constant lying and changing of facts to suit her own purposes.

        “After me the jihad”, said Khadaffi to Blair in a telephone conversation from 2011. And he was right. He also said : ” They want to control the Mediterranian and they will attack Europe “. Yes indeed, they wanted to and they did.
        I find Hillarys cackle after Khadaffis horrible, violent death so revolting and uncivilized. Yes, von Ebb, she and her collaborators brought this chaos upon us.

        1. When Hillary lies, which is often, she gets that same reptilian face we see on Obama when he lies which, again, is often. Her facial expressions at hearings is chilling. There’s a reason her handlers won’t let her conduct press interviews. They don’t want us to see what they know is the truth about her.

        2. swedishlady, I agree with you that Hillary’s response to Qaddafi’s violent end was disgusting. That a senior member of the government should take such obvious pleasure in the downfall of a head of state, no matter how disliked, was totally unconscionable.

  5. These could be Obammas sons:

    Cortavious and Shanquavious two of the three Black Males Arrested so Far in Robbery/Setting Fire to Dorothy Dow, a White 83-year-old Great Grandmother

    1. How hideous the crime. Prayers for Ms. Dow. Truly.

      OTH, I can only imagine the years of rage built up inside these boys who just could not learn to spell their given names.

  6. While it’s true that Daesh wouldn’t exist if Sir Golfsalot hadn’t erased that red line, I don’t think it’s entirely fair to say he screwed the pooch over there.

    For one thing, he’s more likely to be a canivore, than a caniphile–he said so himself, in one of those ghostwritten memoirs.

    And besides: that wasn’t a pooch, Reggie Love just forgot to take his sweater off.

    1. Funny!

      Food for thought.

      Obummer wanted Asad out. ISIS wanted Asad out.
      Putin wants Asad in……..

      So brilliant Barry helps ISIS …..

      Then we get the big mess we have now.
      Just saying….

    1. Did you hear that Bernie just bought a new house?
      Yeah, on a lake in N.Y., $600 grand, his third home.

      All this on a senators income.

      What’s the chance that the Clinton’s had anything to do with that?

      1. No doubt in my mind! Just goes to prove…crime pays. Hope his supporters don’t find out, lol.

        When Bernie disclosed his financials last year, he had credit card debt of $65K and everything was in his wife’s name. Wonder if the Clintons’ paid that off, too.

        Oh, and remember that his wife bankrupted the school where she was employed as the Principal. It had to close down!

        1. Yes it did!

          Crime pays for gov and pays very well.

          FBI will call you a lair and then do nothing.

          Hildabeast head explodes….but nothing is wrong…… medical problem here……

      2. Same thought came to me. The guy doesn’t have a pot to piss in his entire life and, low and behold, he suddenly, post campaign, can afford luxury homes. Quid pro quo. Hillary: “Say nice things about me, Bernie, and we’ll reward you handsomely.”

        1. It all stinks to high heavens.
          Just like the rest of the shenanigans on the hill.

          The frustrating part is that the people see it and are helpless to do anything about it until the election, and then, we don’t know if the results are accurate.

          They have devised a system to take the voters out of the equation to an extent.

          Even the electoral college can be manipulated, and how would we ever know?

          The regime that we are living under today is why the Founders forged the Constitution of the United States of America.

          The incremental intrusion of our basic rights by the progressives for now going on for 100 years needs to be stopped.

        2. And there is the matter of his leftover campaign funds. Read that he raised $185M, I believe, and had $17M in cash on hand just before the Convention.

          Wonder if it is still in his hands…

          1. This might be a more accurate accounting:

            Fundraising Details
            Total Raised $227,687,274

            $870,461 $228,557,735

            Total Spent $219,695,969 $1,070,505 $220,766,474

            Cash on Hand $8,015,274 $-200,044 $7,815,230
            Debts $898,879 – –
            Date of Report June 30, 2016 July 21, 2016 –
            Source of Funds

          2. It’s an interesting question, Girly. What happens to all that dough? I found this Christian Science Monitor story which details how that campaign money can be spent.


            From the article:
            “The big no-no, of course, is personal use of political contributions. Campaign cash can’t be spent on expenses that would exist even if the (former) candidate hadn’t run for office. That’s a broad definition, but the guide spells out some specific examples including college tuition, groceries, funeral expenses, clothes (excluding stuff like campaign T-shirts), mortgage or rent payments, leisure and entertainment, and gym and country club dues.”

            But we both know these political snakes have likely figured a way around the law.

          3. But we both know these political snakes have likely figured a way around the law.


            Marcus, I think they pocket it before the first count.

      3. I put a link to that in a previous post. I know it included a pix but can’t recall if it was of the general area or more specific to Bernie’s new digs.

    1. Aileen, I say, more suggestions like this from the government, more votes for Marine le Pen. I guess the French are eager to see if Monsieur Hollande and Madame Cosse invites any of these immigrants into their fancy homes first. I mean, they are the ones who invited them into the country.

  7. Judging by the howls of outrage by the democrat communist party propaganda organs, namely the media, they know deep down inside that it is true that Dictator Imam Obama and Felony Hillary, were responsible for the creation of ISIS and are furious because Trump has the cojones to say it out loud.

    Now you’re cooking Donald. Keep it up.

    1. Certainly, Obama’s lack of action toward ISIS (refusing to wipe them off the face of the Earth as they drove down Highway 1 toward Baghdad) in the early days gave ISIS reason to believe Obama wanted them to grow. His scheme to arm the rebels with weapons and vehicles which ultimately ended up with ISIS gave them hope. His ROE–impossible targeting restrictions of ISIS strongholds which caused fighter aircraft to return to base without dropping a single bomb or releasing any cannon fire– which didn’t deter ISIS in the least, his withdrawal of US Forces from Iraq against all military and political advice–all that and more, suggests Obama wanted ISIS to grow and thrive. I do believe that.

      1. Amen Marcus.
        Real military leaders have been relegated to retirement or have been threatened to the extent that they are no longer relevant.

        George Patton is rolling in his grave.

  8. Hit Hillary’s failures. Hit Obama’s failures. Hit her plans. Hammer, Hammer Hammer. Get off the Khans, leave the media alone, leave the Conservatives alone who don’t like you, don’t spew off on anything unless it’s A). Hillary, or B).Obama. Stay on message!

    1. Absolutely. And the lousy economy. Over and over and over. Keep repeating the data– job losses, never ending recession, chronic underemployment, lack of investment, high taxes. Trump needs to be far more disciplined, focused, on point. Needs to stop the Pocono nightclub schtick. Well, not completely stop. A little schtick is OK.

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