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Trump Sounds an Unconfident Note

Trump often doesn’t speak like a regular candidate, he says what he thinks, including in this case. But this ain’t going to give his supporters a lot of confidence.

Trump said during an interview on CNBC:

If at the end of 90 days I fall in short . . . it’s okay, I go back to a very good way of life. It’s not what I’m looking to do, I think we’re going to have a victory, but we’ll see.

Where’s the usual bluster? He’s down ten points in the polls and, it seems, he’s a little down in general:

33 Responses to Trump Sounds an Unconfident Note

    • I think the system is too corrupt to allow anyone but Clinton to be President. I don’t believe the polls, and believe this Trump is doing much better than they reflect.

      That said there is not a smidgen of a possibility that Trump can win, even if he does. Too much has been invested. And the American people has lost their will to take back their power and their liberty. The price of freedom is high and America is no longer willing to pay it.

      Truly sucks for all those who gave their lives for this country and safeguarded it and us. And I am glad that my father never lived to see this day.

      • These are difficult, challenging and peculiar times in our politics, that’s for sure. The MSM and others have declared a fatwa against Trump and that’s tough to overcome. That said, I am reminded that the Brits (follow me here ;+}) have notoriously inaccurate pre-election political polls. Almost always get the ultimate election results wrong. I read a paper about this phenomena some time ago addressing this weird issue. One explanation for inaccurate polls was called “the shy Tory vote”–by which they meant the reluctance for Tory voters (in this case) were disinclined to declare that they were going to vote Tory for fear of being mocked or derided by their friends or the pollster. So they declared, “Oh, for sure, I’m voting for the Labor government candidate.” Then they voted Tory. So I’m wondering if those who prefer Trump over Clinton might be displaying a “shy Republican” behavior among their friends and in answering poll questions? I dunno. Just something to muse over perhaps in this insane political season.

        I think I’m slightly more optimistic that you are at this point about the desire of people to take back the country from these political outlaws, but time will tell. For sure, there are powerful political forces who are heavily invested in perpetuating the corruption of our government.

        • In American politics, it’s known as the Bradley Effect, I believe.

          And quite honestly, I think it may be quite pronounced this time. And it’s arguably not “shy” Republicans so much as it is “intimidated” Republicans.

          See, any long-time Trump supporter would remember San Jose, Chicago, et al, and might well be concerned for their own personal safety, if they admitted they’re solidly in Trump’s camp.

          So there may well be a substantial number of respondents who are making a pretense of virtue-signalling for the pollsters, but who are bound and determined to pull the lever for Trump once they get into the voting booth and they know they can safely dispense with the pretense.

          • Very interesting. I hadn’t heard of the Bradley Effect. Must learn more about that. I really like the idea of “virtue-signalling”. “See, I’m a cool, good, smart person, so I prefer XYZ.” Explains a lot. It sounds like the concept of “social expectation”, where a respondent answers according to what is believed will make the questioner, or the group or the friend like him/her, and avoid potential conflict and disagreement. The better polling companies correct for this by field testing their questions, using the proper mathematical models to check on the internal reliability of the questions and other techniques. But it’s still the ghost in the closet.

            Good stuff.

            It all goes to the questions all creators of polls ask themselves: “Are we measuring what we think we are measuring? Or are we creating a skew in the questions which leads the respondents to answer in a pre-designated manner to satisfy whoever is paying for this poll?

      • Grace, you are so right, its as if all of us Americans are paralyzed and want Trump but can’t seem to move, are we afraid of that traitor Obama, that little weazel who sticks his nose into everything with his terrible bias against all things American?
        If we don’t rise up, Clinton will infect us all with her miserable unhealthy outlook of socialism and phony racism (because she’s really racist but using these poor people to win). I keep praying that we don’t lose our country all the way with the advent of the Clintons again. The young people may not know what we know the real America is and still should be and there’s the dumb I.q.’a that the Clintons and Obamas are using to keep the power. If there’s a God, he must be sleeping to let this ugly pos become President. She also doesn’t know a thing about the economy and spoke like the liar and phony she is about the economy; Trump runs rings around her with brain power, knowledge about building things, the economy, etc. She’s just out there for abortion, promoting racism and the rest of the social issues which should be the forefront when we have so many problems. How about the debt we owe, Obama and Clinton don’t care at all about the debt, just want to steal our taxes for themselves and spend and spend on their hairbrained social issues. Dumb and dumber these two Clinton and Obama. May they go to Hell now for their money laundering and other crimes that are putting Americans at risk for their lives and health. Most people despise Clinton and Obama but they don’t care, they want to lead us down the road to socialism and globalism because they hate the American way. Isay screw them! and take back America. Vote Trump, we must. Forget about the Bushes and the other traitors, they showed their true colors and I’m glad they showed us what kind of asses they are. Vote Trump, we must — last chance for America, Clinton is a liar and a crook. Whoever votes for her is a hater of America too.

    • I think that goes for most of us — especially the ones planning to steal it. I’m not sure I’d call him ‘unconfident’ — maybe wary. And I believe his references to stolen elections are really more about letting supporters know they absolutely MUST vote.

  1. Doesn’t deter me. But what it will do is give life blood to those #never Trumpers, and those who believe he is a Clinton foil or never wanted to be President anyway or who is not out to win.

    • I sincerely believe that he wants to win Grace.
      Why in the world would a man of his stature want to put himself through this ordeal if he didn’t?

      Why would he do this if he didn’t love this Country and want to fix the mess that it is in?

      They are coming at him from all angles.
      I hope he wins and puts this Country back on an economic road to recovery.

      And to all of the people out there, Beck, Levin, and the other talking heads that are throwing any obstacle they can in his way, I hope you choke on your words.

  2. I’m surprised at this comment and do’t like it. The attacks are relentless from both th Demos and those in the Rep. side. Is he frustrated and down?

  3. If it was only the Progressive Social Democrats that Trump had to battle.

    One of many passing comments:

    “Evan McMullin, the GOP’s new independent candidate, says Trump is “bought and paid for by Vladimir Putin.”�

    The single purpose of his campaign is to deny Trump/Pence the six electoral votes Utah is apportioned. Mormon candidate in a heavily represented by Mormon state. Cheered on by former presidential candidate, and Mormon, Mitt Romney.

    I’m beginning to suspect there’s a pattern there but it’s still a little fuzzy. ”

    And by the way I believe Mike Lee, who has turned out to be the biggest disappointment, is a supporter.

      • Listened to part of the interview until he said that Trump kicks babies out of his rallies.
        That’s BS.
        BTW, who takes a baby to a Trump rally?
        I can’t stand to listen to Beck anymore.

    • Yes, I am surprised at Mike Lee too. I thought he was different. I so loved to hear him speak, but now, no way will I listen to his words. Maybe he thinks he has to be loyal to his friend Cruz, but Mike Lee is clearly a disappointment. I thought he was smarter than that. He turned out to be a creep, no different then the Mormon and the Bushes who are full of poison, talking trash about Trump, behind viscious news articles, providing cable News with lies, etc. God will punish them, we all get punished for our sins but their sins are so full of deceipt and lies and hatred, its almost impossible to believe that they are in government positions with their Hitler like rhetoric about Trump and every day too. All of them should be thrown out and they know who they are, besides the Bushes and the Mormon. lousy traitors the lot of them. I hope they will like the socialist government and the high taxes with all their criminal deals behind the scenes. They are no fooling anyone, we all know and what goes around comes around. The establishment assholes

  4. MrTrump always seemed to be a genial fellow who knew and was friendly with people from all walks of life.
    Today, he’s attacked from the right, the left, from people he probably had friendly relationships with in the past and it hurts.
    He’s no dummy, no racist/bigoted fiend, but a successful businessman who knows how to get along with others.
    I’d be down in the dumps, too, if people who know me suddenly started calling me mean and hateful names when they know none of that is true.

  5. A few questions for which we don’t know the true answers:
    1. Is Trump truly thin skinned? Or is he just smart enough to act like it and get “free” press.
    2. Does he have a temper? I would probably want to “knock someone’s block off” for the awful things the media has directed at his young, beautiful wife. His response has been measured in my opinion.
    3. Is he insincere in this pursuit? I can’t fathom the idea that he doesn’t really want this…he is no Spring chicken and campaigning is hard work.
    4. Is he a great manager? One thing I know for sure, great managers are just a hairs breadth away from being superb manipulators.
    5. Is any poll a legitimate sampling of public opinion now? Personally, I think they are all skewed…I have never meant anyone included with those samples. I suspect they are all conducted on either coast…which leaves a huge number of us out.

    • 1) Thin skinned;
      Don’t know.
      My wife is thin skinned.

      2) Temper?
      All of us have a temper, it just takes differing degrees of provocation for it to be displayed.

      3) I believe he is sincere.
      If he isn’t he is gonna let a lot of people down.

      4) Great manager?
      He could never have achieved what he has without being one.
      As far as manipulation goes, success requires a bit of that too.

      5) I think that all polls should be forced to show the sampling ratios.
      Thereby telling us if it is skewed or not.


      • Re. #4 He may or may not be a great manager but I suspect he is top notch at picking people who are which in an dof itself makes him a great manager.

        So far, Sessions, Pence, Art Laffer on Econ Advisory and I am sure there are others. I would like to see some really good FP advice. And he should pound on the economy, the economy, the economy.

        • Also add, Rudy Guiliani, Chris Christy, Larry Kudlow.
          All of which he has mentioned that have either endorsed or are working with him to pick a team.

    • Ignore the polls.

      Announcing to the world that one is a Trump supporter is a bit like going into the faculty lounge at Berkeley and screaming, “The Soviets killed more people than the Nazis ever did!”

      It may well be factual, but if you know you’ll get your clock cleaned for saying it, you’ll keep the fact to yourself…until the proper time.

      And in this case, I suspect many are keeping the fact that they want Trump for President to themselves, until the proper time, i.e., when they step into the voting booth.

      • True. The only poll that matters is on election day. Unfortunately, we have become deeply suspicious of even that poll, given the stories we have heard in recent years about the manipulation of the software in those machines which favor the Democrat party. And then there’s all those dead people who rise from the grave and vote for the Democrat on the ballot. ;+}

  6. Sometimes it is better to posture as the underdog in a race. This may be a Trump head fake.

    Hatred for Hillary Clinton runs wide and surprisingly deep among Americans.

    I suspect when the moment of truth in the voting booth arrives a lot of people in the democrat and independent blocs will not be able to pull the lever in the end for the criminal, traitorous Hillary Clinton or will not bother to show up to vote. I am probably attributing too optimistically, a love of country and awareness of right and wrong to democrats.

    Remember though, 3 months to go before November is a lifetime in regards to a presidential election.

  7. There goes Keith again!!!!!!! He hates trump and goes out of his way to be negative. Just like yesterday!

    Just watched Trump address the home builders

    Excellent speech.

    • Saw the beginning. Loved when he reminisced about his father. Loved his calm demeanor…and his quip about HRC’s speech and sleep habits. That was funny and clever.

    • I’m a retired journalist, and I think I know biased reporting when I read, see, or hear it. IMHO, Keith is one of the few inside the Beltway who does a credible job of being fair to both sides of any story. Just sayin’.

  8. “it’s okay, I go back to a very good way of life.”

    And where will the country go for Trump’s lack of effort to LEARN; to learn policy…to learn how to make truly effective arguments against the Democrats’ rotten candidate…to learn how NOT to respond to Democrat attacks calculated to get his goat…to learn how to control his massive ego…to learn anything new and necessary to winning?