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Video || Trump Defends “Second Amendment People” Remark

You be the judge of what he meant, and whether it was about the Second Amendment movement or a wisecrack about gun owners taking matters into their own hands. Honestly, I can’t tell.

Trump says nobody in the audience thought it was a joke about using guns. But if you watch the video, clearly the couple in back of him to his right did.

20 Responses to Video || Trump Defends “Second Amendment People” Remark

  1. The MSM reaction to Trump’s 2d Amendment statement–that he was “obviously” calling on 2d Amendment supporters to do harm to Hillary–is radicalized stupidity (a Hillary habit), if I may coin a phrase. And, man, is the MSM running up and down the vales and valleys of the corrupt news outlets with the idea that Trump is calling for Hillary to be harmed. I even heard one “news” person say that Trump is “giving permission” for 2d Amendment people to harm Hillary. You have to be one sick puppy to propagate that sort of idea.

    Hillary has made many strange statements about the 2d Amendment guns and their owners over the years and she gets off scot-free. And then there’s this:

    “Hillary Clinton Refuses To Say If “right to bear arms” Is A Constitutional Right…”

    It was completely obvious that Trump was saying that those who support the 2d Amendment would vote against Hillary. For the MSM to conclude otherwise shows how desperate they are to see Hillary win.

  2. Troll level: International Grandmaster.

    Trump is playing the media like Keith Moon played the drums.

    And Middle America is eating it up.

    Recall that some of Trump’s biggest applause lines in the primaries, came when he pimp-slapped the press.

    So what better way to throw red meat to Main Street in Middle America, than by getting the coastal press to get its collective tighty-whiteys in a bunch?

  3. Oh Please! This is all a ginned up media diversion away from the fact that Shrillary had the Taliban supporting father of the Islamic beast who slaughtered all those innocent Americans in Orlando and had the absolute gall to be holding a sign advocating gun control, sitting directly behind her on the stage at a campaign rally.

    Not to mention also trying to cover up the latest criminal scandal which broke yesterday of Hillary selling State Department jobs and access for big bucks donation (payoffs, bribes) to the Clinton Crime Foundation.

    Trump was not advocating any act of violence.

    Every time I try to watch the media on the TV, I feel like I have been transported back in time to the Soviet Union or to North Korea.

  4. Hillary made a like comment about Obama. These are comments that the candidates can easily explain away. Let’s not make a big deal about them.
    I read something earlier by Steve Berman on The Resurgent that makes total sense to me.
    “Conservatives of all stripes, love Trump or hate him (I don’t hate Trump, I merely believe with all my heart and soul that he’d be a dangerous and truly terrible president), should stop attacking Trump on these issues.” The particular issues being 2nd Amendment and Global Warming.
    We have two terrible choices come November – Trump v. Hillary. Clearly, Hillary is far worse than Trump. Clearly there is not going to be an 11th hour save by some unknown Independent candidate.
    I think the time has come to hold our noses and get behind Trump. It pains me to think about this. But the other choices we had were squandered by the RNC, GOP and stupid people, leaving us with Donald The Magnificent.

  5. “By the way, and if she gets the pick—if she gets the pick of her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I dunno.”

    Sounds to me like he couldn’t resist going off script in the last sentence to plant the seed, ever so slyly, that the NRA folks could become violent.
    Whenever he uses that “I dunno” phrase, he is deliberately going for the ‘shock’ value. It always keeps him in the headlines for days.
    **He used that same phrase, “I dunno” when he suggested Mrs. Khan did not speak because of the Muslim faith. And it caused an uproar for days.

    Trump was actually insulting the NRA folks by suggesting they could incite violence. Where is their outrage?

    Just my two cents.

      • @Marcus
        Trump’s comment re ‘The Second Amendment people doing something about it’ is subject to interpretation, regardless of whether or not he was joking.

        As a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, I am offended by even the slightest suggestion that violence would ensue against HRC, the Court, or whomever.

        • Same here. We don’t advocate violence on anyone, for any reason, at any time (except for legitimate self defense, I think you would agree). As a lifelong member of the NRA, I’ve never heard any member advocate such behavior–not at the gun range, not in personal conversations, nothing even remotely suggesting violence.

  6. I was there and heard him say it.

    To me, he was just being his usual wise guy self. Neither my husband nor I took it seriously. I don’t believe the crowd did, either.

    He says so much stuff so quickly that to take this one remark and have the media expand upon it is ridiculous, in my view.

    We were much more impressed with hearing Trump speak in entirety rather than a short sound bite.

    BTW: Trump was not and is not my choice to lead the Republican Party. However, God help us if Hillary wins.

    • “BTW: Trump was not and is not my choice to lead the Republican Party. However, God help us if Hillary wins.”

      Don’t you remember how the republican party stopped all of the Obama policies that they said they would do during the last election ?

      I remember what they said they would do,…..still waiting for them to do it.

    • We were not in attendance but have watched him make this comment on TV.
      I admit it – my first thought was, “Donald! What the heck are you thinking? You don’t mean that!”
      Yep – I went “there” for a second in my interpretation.
      The husband didn’t. His first thought was, “Second amendment supporters need to vote for Trump and support his campaign.”
      So – two different interpretations from the same household.
      As the husband later pointed out – nobody -including Donald – said to pop a cap in her a$$.

  7. Perhaps the couple behind realized that he had put his point inelegantly and it would be demonized by the press. The woman laughed — doubt she would have laughed it she thought it was a call for an assassination.

  8. I am tired of picking apart Trump’s off hand comments as if they have significance or he meant this or that. He gave a good speech. Focus on that.

    The Republican Party, the Democrats, and the MSM pick at him daily. I can go there. Meanwhie Hillary Clinton has a Taliban loving Muslim father of a terrorist shooter of gays and lesbians standing behind her and claims innocence, Obama is turning Ferguson MO into his pilot program for a nationalized police force, and the WH knows and apparently cares not that some or most of that $400 million will be used to fund terrorists and kill Americans. C;est la vie. No, that agreement was made 39 years ago regarding the money — since then Iran has been complicit in the terrorist and war killings against Americans. The deal was made before that. That money should never have been released and Josh Earnest should be, but apparently is incapable of being, ashamed of himself.

    So, do I really care about a side comment that Donald Trump made about the 2nd amendment. I absolutely do not.

  9. On the topic of who’s advocating violence against anyone, here’s some of comments advocating violence from Democrats, Lefties, Progressives–the very types having a cow over the phonied up outrage re Trump’s comments.

    And there’s this headline from the NYT.

    “Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren Take Aim at Donald Trump”

    “Take aim”? My, my.

    And there’s the time Warren demanded in a speech that we “must take Trump out!” That’s pretty crazy, violent talk. Obviously Warren is a kook. But that’s still not an excuse to “take Trump out”. That’s political gangster talk.