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Obama Failed to Put Money in Your Pocket

Here’s another article I wrote for LifeZette, about Obama’s failure to raise incomes. Why isn’t Trump emphasizing this? Not sure.

From the piece:

There is one thing that Republicans should be in complete agreement on with Hillary Clinton: President Obama doesn’t get enough credit for the economy.

The Democrats, with the assistance of an obliging press, have been so good at promulgating the myth that the economy is a success story that they are bragging about what is, in fact, Obama’s most epic failure.

They are bragging about what is, in fact, Obama’s most epic failure.
Donald Trump, if he wants to become president, should recite the true tale of Obama’s economic failure and pin it directly on the rumps of both these Democratic donkeys.

The tale begins with the woe that is the centerpiece of any story about the economy: the amount of money average people have in their pockets. Economic statistics are one thing. But buying milk is what matters. And on this score, Obama has been an unequivocal loser.

Please read the rest of the piece here at LifeZette.

45 thoughts on “Obama Failed to Put Money in Your Pocket”

  1. “There is one thing that Republicans should be in complete agreement on with Hillary Clinton: President Obama doesn’t get enough credit for the economy.”
    Ain’t that the truth. For all Obama’s trumpeting about how he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, our economy stinks. I’m still not making what I was making in 2008. After a job loss and being 10 months out of work, I was finally gainfully employed (full-time w/benefits) in late 2009 at 1999 wages. It has been a long slow climb. And now my company is restructuring. I can only hope, at my age, that I do not have to go job hunting again.

  2. When the coal mine is forced to close due to government regulations a whole community loses income and stability. The miners and their families are forced to apply for government monies, either welfare and food stamps or to game the system by claiming a disability. The businesses that relied on them find their sales dropping so far that closing is the only option resulting in more unemployment. Tax collection hits bottom, services are curtailed and unemployment rises.
    Like a pebble dropped in still water, the dismal economy spreads further and further. New car sales stagnate in Detroit, clothing sales or sundries purchases fall causing unemployment in other areas and states.

    When the factories moved to greener pastures in foreign lands, and nothing replaced the jobs Americans lost, the ripple of unemployment and low wages became standard. Adding another 10 million unskilled foreign residents to our work force keeps wages low as jobs become harder and harder to find.

    Yes, the Obama regime gets a lot of blame for this economy, but the real culprit is Congress who refuses to adjust our tax code to meet modern practices and turns a blind eye to the outrages of out-of-control government agencies that are writing millions of regulations to force companies (and some individuals) to bend to the will.

    1. Sounds like Eastern Kentucky /West Virginia. My Dad left that area in 1960 due to no jobs and never looked back. Ppl in those areas are dependent on the government and have very little. But they still vote Democrat everytime no matter what. The ppl that enslave you still gets their vote. Insane.

  3. Very interesting. yes, the American middle class seems to be losing ground. And more and more Americans ( and others ) are on welfare. It is indeed a difficult situation. The middle class is the backbone in a society. But like every frugal household, the country needs to consider the costs. That is what Trump seems to be thinking hard upon.
    By the way, I saw a picture of one of the Obama girls smoking pot. A bit surprising. Is it considered “normal” among American teenagers nowadays ? I am a bit naive here, maybe. I would never touch any drugs. And hopefully not my two kids ( well, 27 and 29 ) either.

  4. The disastrous presidency of Obama and the criminal activities of the Clintons have been completely overlooked by the publicity seeking reality show of Donald J. Trump. Obama now has his highest approval rating since he was elected, thanks to Trump. November 10 is going to be a sad, sad day.

        1. He was reelected with 51% of the vote in 2012. It has nothing to do with Trump…it’s the lo-info voters. To be non-PC for a moment, there are a lot of morons out there, and that’s what will carry Hillary back to the White House.

          1. It was the low-info voters that thought Trump was a Reality Show (white male voters in the primary) that voted Trump over some candidates that could have beaten that b__ch. Now college educated women are on the Hillary band wagon. We are so screwed.

          2. It’s not only the ‘morons’, Trump is losing women and independents. It is so tragic because Hillary is sooo beatable!

            IMO, Trump is cringeworthy, but Hillary is despicably evil. Why is she leading?

    1. Good grief…it’s that old Bob Beckel who was fired from FOX a couple of years ago due to his substance abuse problems. CNN must be desperate.

      More alarming is the fact that the media is ignoring the murder of a DNC staffer, Seth Rich, who was murdered in cold blood while walking down a street in D.C. at 4:00 in the morning.

      Assange is asserting that it is not the Russians who are leaking the Hillary emails – it was Seth Rich who was supplying Wiki with the info. Social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family. The story is on Drudge.

      It’s a wildly conspiratorial conclusion, but considering the history of ‘dead people’ linked to the Clintons over the years, anything is possible.

      1. Girly, substance abuse problems ? OK, I understand it better.
        Yes, I too am appalled that media ignores the Seth Rich murder. Well, not surprised though, they are all obeying their DNC- Masters orders,they are contemptible.

  5. Another hard hitting article, Keith. Thanks. I am pleased you are writing about Obama’s failures on the economy. Trump needs to get out of the spotlight. The spotlight should be focused on the failures of the Obama.

  6. Trump hits Obama’s economy in just about every speech, especially when he talks about the middle class and the fact that many people have to hold down two jobs just to make ends meet.

    He does in the video you posted earlier.

    1. Your right, another hit piece from Donald hating Keith.

      Trump talks about the income problem every speech. And Obamas 1 percent growth. By the way the GDP figures are fake, there is negative growth. Obama change the way GDP is figured a year or so back.

      Like the Dems, Kieth just makes it up/

        1. Just that Trump is not saying about Obamas bad income for the peeps

          Which Donald is. Maybe I am too sensitive…..???

          Love Donald!

      1. Von Ebb, I know what Trump talks about. What I’m suggesting is a sustained effort, with ads and so forth, highlighting this. Not a line in a speech. They need to have average Americans aware of this. And instead Trump keeps going down these detours that distract from his message.

        1. You are exactly right, Keith! Trump needs to pound away relentlessly with targeted attack ads.

          There is a treasure trove of criminal activity involving the Clintons, and his one-liners from rallies never make it to the six o’clock news. It’s only his gaffes that get the 24 hour coverage.

          He also needs a ground campaign, which appears to be non-existent – maybe one office in a few battleground states.
          This is no way to run a campaign. Who has time to watch his rallise or read his tweets?

          My question remains – does he really want to win???

          1. I think he does! Maybe you can help him Girly1, you always have great input.
            How nice to see Keith’s comments. it’s getting real now finally!!

  7. Failure or not. It’s what the state media prints and what the FSA and the Democrats believe. No one will admit to this failure which is visible every single day.

    I hope Trump hammers on the economy day in and day out, in plainspeak. And not using that politcal rhetoric, that not even Obama or Clinton understand.

  8. “Why isn’t Trump emphasizing this? Not sure.”

    Maybe it’s because he’s too busy tripping over his own schlong every day, and can’t manage to stay on message for more than three seconds?

    1. Not true. Your not watching Trump’s speeches are U?

      Just listening to the talking heads on TV?
      They make a big deal out of any thing they can.
      Its nuts.

    2. As others have said, Trump constantly talks about the failing economy, the loss of jobs, corporations sending jobs and capital overseas.

  9. I myself get a 2% raise, which I’m very thankful for. But at the same time, my employer provided insurance goes up 8%. I’m no genius, but that’s a negative in my book. Meanwhile, Congress has passed legislation to allow companies to export jobs by the millions, my company included. This to me is why Trump has gotten this far, because Democrats and Republicans have sold out the middle class. I used to say there’s only a dimes difference between the parties, now it way less than that.

    1. Tin foil hat time for me:
      What if our legislators are in cahoots with industry in an effort to reset wages? I have often wondered how high wages can rise before they can’t rise any further. It’s definitely a tin foil hat thought but still…might explain some of the senseless things we are witnessing.

    2. I’m self-employed and am expecting my health insurance premium to increase another 15-20% this year…like it has for each of the past few years now. Not quite seeing that kind of annual increase in my income, unfortunately.

      “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan…if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”


      1. A lot of small companies are having to lay off workers because of Obamacare.
        Trump has brought this up in his speeches many times.

        The people that want to work in America are being stressed to provide health care to their families and to put food on the table, pay the rent and the utilities.

        Many are working two jobs just to pay the bills.

        The employment statistics that the Obama regime shows us are bogus.

  10. Keith, thanks for reminding me of how insulted I was every damn time ‘the big 0’ brought up the contents of my pockets during his stupid communist campaign speeches.

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