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The Clintons are Grifters, and America is Their Mark

The Clintons are truly a pair of grifters, and the American people are their mark. They’ve used their positions at the highest levels of the government to make themselves multi-millionaires, as the latest batch of emails show.

Republicans take a lot of heat for Trump, but the Democrats have chosen nominate and defend a self-evidently corrupt individual, Hillary Clinton, to be their standard bearer. And right beside her in the White House will be her equal in the wages of sin, Bill Clinton. Once they have control of the government, the opportunities for financial enrichment of themselves and their friends will literally be unlimited.

It’s like electing Richard Nixon president when you know he is going to do Watergate. Was the hush money and the coverup worse than what we already know about the Clintons? Was it?

CNN has a good accounting of the latest news, surprisingly enough — although Jake Tapper is an honest reporter, and he hosts the segment, which the RNC is sending around. The new emails show how Clinton friends could count on help from the Clinton State Department, which was apparently just another arm of Clinton, Inc.

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  1. You are indeed so right Keith. But we are overwhelmed by the two branches of government. executive and media. Guess we have to pray for Jullian Asange. Who ever thought?!

  2. Light bulb going on! They are truly Grifters. Extremely well protected and hidden from the public, Grifters. Maybe Grifters is too polite a term. Con-men, mafia crime syndicate, scam operators, “pay for play” internationally, rob you blind with a smile flim/flam artists, ultimate liars, while encouraging rampant racism. What a cute couple.

  3. It is obvious that she will not be indicted after all of the egregious evidence that has been placed before us.

    She can be beaten at the polls though as long as the election is not rigged in her favor.

    Keep in mind that Obama only won 51% in 2012, and many of the polling results were later identified as skewed in his favor over Romney.

    1. Obama is going to use every tool he has to protect his legacy.
      Hillary is no threat to it, Trump is a major threat to it.

      The media was relentless against Reagan if you remember.
      Same with George W. Bush.
      Bush never really fought back, Trump does and the media doesn’t like that so much.

      I’m lovin’ it.
      They will do the same thing with Trump.

  4. Doesn’t RICO come in to play?
    And for crying out loud, where is today’s Woodward and Bernstein?

    Is every pol so deep into it that they are willing to sacrifice the country and our sons and daughters?
    Let trump win and get rid of the rats.

    1. ‘Is every pol so deep into it that they are willing to sacrifice the country and our sons and daughters?”


      It’s all about the money and the power.

      That’s why we need Trump to clean out the stable.

    2. “where is today’s Woodward and Bernstein??

      If Hillary was a Republican, there would be hundreds of Woodward and Bernsteins snooping all over the place, under every rock, behind every tree, hysterically fishing for every tiny detail about Hillary’s “problems”. There would be secret meetings in parking garages between reporters and unidentified whistle blowers who would tell the “real” story about Hillary. The effort would be relentless, with big Page One stories every single day for as long as it took to destroy Hillary the Republican in the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, all demanding serious Congressional investigations “for the good of the country”. These “journalists” would work 24/7 for the rest of their careers to hound her out of her quest for the Presidency and demand she be sent to prison. They would have already written books about her crimes, her arrogance, her poor health, her complete lack of qualifications. There would be non-stop interviews with people who know the real Hillary.

      But she’s a Democrat, you see. None of that will happen to any serious degree. And the comments about her behavior as a nefarious, debauched, greedy, self aggrandizing, treacherous person with serious physical and psychological issues, the MSM will tell us, are nothing more than the crazed musings of a vast right wing conspiracy.

      Meanwhile, the public’s little or no confidence rating in the MSM rests at 94 percent. And they aren’t even slightly concerned about that. They are on a mission to get Hillary elected. That’s all that matters.

    3. Sailor, they are locking up todays Woodward and Bernstein. Much of the media seems to be government controlled. How did it happen ???? Internet is our Saviour. But beware, their controlling fingers are creeping in here as well…..

  5. Very powerful. But then, the cold, hard truth usually is. If we haven’t told you lately, thank you for your genuine honesty. You are a true professional.

    I shared this on Facebook. Do you have a way to add a “share” for Google+ ?

  6. If she gets in, we’re nothing more than a banana republic…who knows, maybe we’re already there after eight years of Obama’s shenanigans.

    The Republicans were elected to stop these grifters in 2010, and again in 2014. They rolled over. And here we are today…with the last GOP president not named Bush elected in 1984…their “deep bench” shunned by the voters in 2016.

    If Clinton wins, it’s not Trump’s fault – it’s the GOP’s.

    1. I BLAME the GOP since 2008 for allowing the rise of “Barack Hussein Obama”…
      They were cowards and afraid of being called “racist”etc. to really research & attack Obama’s fake ‘life’/background back in 2008.

  7. A great and hard hitting comment, Keith. And the parallel between Nixon/Clinton, agree , Nixon certainly did nothing even close to what we already know about Hillary. And he had to resign ! She is about to be elected !
    I am surprised to find a good account on Hillarys problem on CNN. According to an article on Drudge, ” CNN slips to 3 place, with Trump bashing overload”. Well, sometimes they have to balance their hit-pieces a little.
    And Assange, as AFVet wrote, he is an asset, we would be in the dark without him. Assange really is todays Woodward/Bernstein. These journalists got celebrated and rich. Assange is hunted and hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He is already in a maximum security prison. And my government is helping with that fake “rape” accusation. Rape, indeed ??!! We have rapes overload these days due to the open door immigrant politics, and the authorities can not handle it. But the Assange “rape”, there the “investigation” goes on and on. One thing strikes me as very odd, I have never ever seen or heard the accusing girls in our media. The accusations against Assange were so weak and bizarre that the first prosecutor dismissed it. After some hush-hush operations ( I bet the US was involved ) it was reopened and here we are today. I am very ashamed of it all. What kind of a world are we living in ? People who want to show us the truth, like Assange ( and Snowden ) are hunted and threatened before our very eyes. And the liars get away with everything.

    1. Interesting review of Assange’s predicament. There are many political interests on this planet who want him to disappear, no doubt. Not only does he “know too much”, in the opinion of the those who want to manipulate the world in order to accumulate personal power and wealth–the Clintons, Obama, Putin, Tony Blair–the list very, very long), but Assange also knows how to get even more information which will reveal how corrupt politicians around the world really are. In their eyes, he’s a very dangerous man. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t had him killed by some sort of “accident”.

      1. Marcus, I wonder how he ever will get out of that embassy. But if thousands of his supporters shielded him in his way to a an airfield and a waiting plane so maybe he could disappear to his homeland, Australia. We , the people, owe him a lot. He is paying a heavy price.

  8. I believe a lot of collusion between the two parties. Run by the social and financial globalists. They don’t want a solution for illegal immigration or any other protection of US sovereignty.

    Trump is the first step to getting out country back.

    If billiary wins, the republic is lost, if it’s not already.

  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All that is true. So what?
    Did you hear that Trump said something “progressives” are claim was mean?
    Someone once said: “When the going gets tough, abandon your team and give up.” Join #NeverTrump. Prove you’re “principled.” Hillary won.

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  11. Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg weren’t ideologues, they did it for the money, and so it is with the Clinton’s. It doesn’t matter how many lives are put at risk, if they can sell the most sensitive of the nation’s secrets and get away with it, they will do it.

    That’s why the Chicoms helped Bill’s campaign, because he acted in their interest against the US.

  12. There is nothing new under the sun. Here is a verse from Lord Byron’s poem, Childe Howard’s Pilgrimage:

    There is the moral of all human tales;
    ‘Tis but the same rehearsal of the past.
    First Freedom and then Glory—when that fails,
    Wealth, vice, corruption—barbarism at last.
    And History, with all her volumes vast,
    Hath but one page.

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