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Media Cursing Out Trump

Trump being called unsuited for the presidency by people who are apparenlty unsuited to be on TV.

5 Responses to Media Cursing Out Trump

  1. My goodness. One would think they would have some compassion for a guy sinking in the polls and about to lose. tsk tsk.
    The anger displayed is curious. They do know that MrsClinton would have a challenger, that this election isn’t a coronation, yes?
    Or do they.

    • LOL.. true. The corporate press et al are the Stepford Wives of the Democrat elites (and Republican elites in the case of their anti-Trump enthusiasm) and obedient to their every command and whim. Obedient, submissive, glassy-eyed, they are more concerned about the makeup they wear on TV than the truth of any situation.

    • Erik Erickson — What he had to say about Trump is nothing compared to what I would have to say about him. Unleashed. Realize too that he the darling of some “conservatives”.

      Liz Maier — meh.

      The other guy — don’t know who he is. Don’t want to.

      Stuff like this makes them feel big.

  2. I am sick and fed up of getting up everyday to the daily assault of Trump derangement syndrome, muslim/islam issues, LGBTQRSTUV issues etc. Just sick of it. Honestly if I could leave the country, I would. The assault is non-stop from the media and celebrities and GOP morons and democrat morons. Are we not allowed now to have a democracy, free speech and an opposition. I am so sick and tired that I can hardly even type this post.

    • @Never, I’m up in Canada so perhaps I have no right to comment, but from my perspective, there are millions of Americans who feel the way you do. I hope there are enough of you to give Trump a landslide victory!