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Hillary: Chelsea Discovered the Zika Problem

Such a smart gal.

With Al Gore having invented the internet, how can we possibly deny these people the White House?

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  1. I thought Chelsea was first to land on the moon, or did she discovered the polio vaccine, maybe it was the automobile.
    I can’t remember, she’s accomplished so much.

  2. Would anyone who believes Chelsea was the very first person on Planet Earth to declare that the Zika virus was a serious health problem please raise your hand. We’re looking for a count here. Anyone? Aw, come on. Somebody raise a hand. No one? Listen, someone raise a hand because we won’t unlock the exit doors until someone raises a hand. You’ll be here the rest of your life if that’s what it takes.

  3. It would seem that an epidemic came about last winter when one woman in the United States was possibly diagnosed with the Zika virus. Then, an article stated that pregnant women in Brazil had been mandated to have the Zika vaccine. But then millions of dollars needed to produce a vaccine here? Then it was throughout the world. So what is it? Can one really believe the CDC? Another Swine flu hype?

    1. Exactly, Gramma. There are 25,000 cases of microcephaly in the USA every year, many caused by a couple of preventable diseases that the CDC ignores, and that are excessively prevalent in both the US and Brazil: Congenital toxoplasmosis, and Congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV).
      Zika is all hype, just in time for the introduction of a vaccine for its look-alike-in-the-lab cousin, Dengue. of the “thousands” reported, Brazil has only confirmed 255 cases of Zika with lab tests of even being somewhat “associated” with Zika. 7000 other cases are due to other causes.

      1. Errata: ” of the “thousands” reported, Brazil has only confirmed 255 cases of microcephaly with lab tests of even being somewhat “associated” with Zika. 7000 other cases of microcephaly are due to other causes.

      2. Very interesting. You are well informed and it’s much appreciated. Once again, we see the MSM hyping a point of view, another crisis, and we have to wonder why are they doing this.

        1. Thank you Marcus. I am so grateful for the good journalists like our host, Keith Koffler, and for his generosity in allowing us to post and share here. I researched Zika and put the info on my blog because it really bugged me. I was (still am) very worried about them allowing Ebola virus onto our shores, almost deliberately allowing it into “the wild” here. And then this “Global South Common Cold” showed up and nothing made sense. So I started reading and following links. I found respectable research labs that object to the narrative we are being given by the politicians and the mainstream.

  4. So – now we bailed out PR because of the ZIKA virus?
    Chelsea has a PHD? For real? In Public Health?
    Honestly, this family is becoming a comic strip.
    Do you suppose HRC is so far gone she believes the nonsense she consistently spews?

      1. Oh,that’s interesting. I didn’t know she is now Dr Clinton. That suggests Chelsea is aiming for a career as a UN activist – probably drawing her paycheck from the Family Foundation, but getting grants in via the UN for these projects.

        1. Exactly….have never heard her referenced as “Dr. Clinton.”
          Tina, you are the best detective I’ve seen her…find out the back story here! :-)

  5. So imagine Mr Trump saying the same thing about Ivanka.

    The media would have picked that up and covered it non-stop for a couple of days.

    Do you think they are gonna make even the least comment about this on the evening news? If so, I have some property I’d like to show ya. Real cheap.

    1. The media is way too busy accusing Trump of urging the Second Amendment people to shoot Hillary. They don’t have time for anything about Hillary.

      1. The MSM reaction to Trump’s 2d Amendment statement–that he was “obviously” calling on 2d Amendment supporters to do harm to Hillary–is radicalized stupidity (a Hillary habit), if I may coin a phrase. And, man, is the MSM running up and down the vales and valleys of the corrupt news outlets with the idea that Trump is calling for Hillary to be harmed. I even heard one “news” person say that Trump is “giving permission” for 2d Amendment people to harm Hillary. You have to be one sick puppy to propagate that sort of idea.

        Hillary has made many strange statements about the 2d Amendment guns and their owners over the years and she gets off scot-free. And then there’s this:

        “Hillary Clinton Refuses To Say If “right to bear arms” Is A Constitutional Right…”

        It was completely obvious that Trump was saying that those who support the 2d Amendment would vote against Hillary. For the MSM to conclude otherwise shows how desperate they are to see Hillary win.

  6. Certainly worthy of a Nobel Prize in Medicine or Science! Did the Foundation ‘fund’ her research?
    If only these Clintons would simply disappear!

  7. The Government’s black hole:
    $590M has gone missing from Ebola funds that were transferred to fight Zika after Congress denied Obama’s request for $1.9B to fight Zika.

    (Has anyone investigated the $9 Billion that went missing from the State Dept. on Hillary’s watch? Have they checked under the ‘Foundation’ of the Clinton slush fund yet?)

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  9. There was a 1 hour program on Fox the other night on the history of the Zika virus. Apparently it’s been around since the 40’s and started in the country that keeps on giving (Africa. If they consider this such an epidemic and want to use billions of dollars to fights it, did they ever think of testing people coming off plans that visited the affected countries or hold people in quarantine? No it’s better to treat the whole country after they spread it around. Typical government.

  10. According to the coconut wireless here on this little Hawaiian Island we just had our second case, someone back from some South Pacific island. That’s probably the most information we will get by the almighty in charge of us.

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