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For the Obamas, the Party has Never Stopped

I think you will enjoy this piece I have running today in LifeZette, describing seven and a half years of indulgences by the Obamas. From the article:

All-night parties! Three hundred rounds of golf! Hawaii vacations! African safaris! And always, summer on the Vineyard! Truly the 1 Percent life. Sure, President Barack and Michelle Obama are the champions of the 99 percent. But that doesn’t mean they are bother living like the 99 percent. No, nothing like it. As Donald Trump would say, that’s for losers! If Americans are having trouble affording bread in the Obama economy, let them eat cake! Michelle Obama advises gluten-free.

The Obamas have spent the past eight years in the White House helping themselves to one type of self-indulgence after another. Were they Republicans, the press would be carrying on about the entitlements assumed by wealthy GOP elitists. And much of the cost was paid for by taxes confiscated from the 99 percent — at least to the extent the 99 percent are still paying taxes, as Obama signs up as many as possible for welfare and disability.

Please read the rest of the piece here on LifeZette.

25 thoughts on “For the Obamas, the Party has Never Stopped”

    1. Laura does not like opposing views. She quickly shuts down most all callers that oppose her opinion as “stupid person”. Sometimes she suffers her guests with opposing thoughts, but is apt to interrupt them.

  1. Good article. Thanks.

    There are three ways to find out what kind of person they are. ! Give them more money than they are accustomed to. 2. Give them lots of power. or 3. Live with them.

  2. Excellent article, Keith! I had to laugh when reporters said this trip to MV would be Obama’s last vacation as president. We can be certain the Obama family will get in one last Christmas vacation on taxpayers.

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing how much their ludicrously lavish lifestyle changes when taxpayers are no longer footing the bill.

      1. Oh boy! Me too. But consider; as past CIC he has his sycophants lined up for further gain. The 0’s will milk this perk as much as possible to live the lux life.

        1. Yeah. He’ll probably make more giving speeches than the Clintons.

          But what would his post-POTUS life look like if he had to actually live within HIS means like “his people”?

          1. Will they pay the over $100k per year dog handler’s salary or will they finally take care of their dogs themselves? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Reparations, baby, payback. MrsObama always seems to find an excuse to remind Americans that African slaves built the WhiteHouse, and MrObama knows that all local police are rabid racists willing to shoot any Black man they find on the street.
    Go to any liberal website and the commenters there will remind everyone that the Bush family went on about a thousand “vacations” – never mind that the “vacations” were a jet trip back to their home in Texas.

    300 rounds of golf, and stays at posh locales don’t include the many, mostly unpublicized trips to NYC, to Chicago, to ball games, to concerts, and visits to high-end eateries the Obamas have enjoyed. Even a trip to a DC fast-food joint costs us money.
    We don’t expect the FirstFamily to be imprisoned at the WH, but when Congress has adjourned, they’re supposed to go HOME, and that home is in Chicago, not Vail or MV or Hawaii.

  4. What Dictator Imam Obama and his “Packin’ on the Pounds” First Beard haven’t accepted yet is that the lavish party time on our dime is swiftly coming to an end in just a few short months. (Yipeee!)

    How they both hate and loath this country that has given them so much undeserved luxury and wealth and yet they still both walk, talk, and act like victims.

    If an honest Attorney General is appointed next year he or she should immediately prosecute these two for felony embezzlement and misuse of taxpayers’ funds.

    Such loathsome little human worms.

    1. Junius, the same could be said about those who live on welfare and other government subsidies (free phones, food stamps, housing subsidies, free or reduced college tuition, etc.) that I never received or will received. Many of those act like victims, too.

    1. And not the sweet loving nouveaux riche like “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”.
      (I always think of that movie when I see that term.)

  5. I wonder how many helpers does Michelle have? I heard she had over two dozen but don’t really know. How many does the First Lady usually have.
    Yes, these two scoundrels have abused the privilege more than previous presidents for sure.

  6. The Obamas act like kids in a candy store — they act like they never had anything luxurious in their entire lives before! They act like poor people who won the lottery. Like starving people, they fill their faces like crazed gluttons and laugh at how stupid the American people are. All the luxuries they never had before and never will have again, for free, that is. The Obamas have become the true 1% and will continue their lavish lifestyle just like the Clintons. And just like Marie Antoinette who filled herself and neglected the French people and was punished for it. The Clintons and Obamas have rigged the government so that there will be no punishment for themselves, that is, until the people have had enough and then rise up as they have done in the past revolutions. Maybe not now but one day the sh…t will hit the fan and the democrat communists and the Republican rats will pay for what they are doling to the American people taking our trust and throwing it out the window, and for what they are doing to Donald Trump, the lies and rigging against Trump. Trump will get even, I know that for what the Clintons, the Obamas and the low-down lieing dirty press is doing to him.

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