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Live Stream || Trump Economic Speech – August 8, 2016

21 thoughts on “Live Stream || Trump Economic Speech – August 8, 2016”

        1. Trump’s poll numbers are horrendous. I pray that this speech, mainly on the economy, does something. I felt his speech was well delivered and touched on a lot of things that are failing under golfing, vacationing, entitlement Obama.

          1. The bought off, anti-Trump agenda-driven corporate press will give intelligent l coverage or explanation of Trump’s economic policy. The policies he cited are straight from the recommendations of solid, conservative economists, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, etc. Several elements have been applied in our and other countries (Canada, for example) and have proven to successfully help turn around a moribund economy. The MSM won’t mention any of that, of course. They’ll focus on the protestors, how Trump “looked”, how he “sounded, Melania, his hair, etc. The usual stuff. I understand that many on the MSM are too stupid to understand basic economic theory and what Trump was talking about, but they could ask a solid economist to explain it to them, couldn’t they?

  1. Stop and Go! What is wrong with you, Donald? Just ignore the protestors unless they are causing a disruption, Donald. And stop saying ‘Thank You’ after each protestor is removed.

    This speech is a disaster on all levels! Perhaps he should hire Obama’s speechwriters and learn how to deliver a speech without putting the audience to sleep. I give him an “F”.

    1. An “F” is somewhat harsh considering he’s talking about economics to people who understand that stuff.
      As for MrO’s speechify talents – he has mastered the ta-da ta-da ta-Da rhythm that isn’t just boring, but eye-rolling, too, no matter how talented his speechwriters.

    2. Planned attack by Hillary. Did you not see they spaced them out to give more disruption.

      Crooked Hillary for Jail….she is a crook.
      Follow her dead bodies….5 more this month.
      Leaked emails caused man to be hung in Iran this weekend. Her server…
      Wake up…..

    3. I’d like to see Obama handle multiple protesters…something he’s never had to do, other than the occasional plant where he uses a planned “off the cuff” remark to make himself look good.

      1. Obama prefers the “fainting woman” tactic to get the corporate press all excited. How many have fainted now–about a dozen over the years? Could also be the magical underarm deodorant he uses which is said to be made of rare earth metals and perfume from flowers collected from a secret valley in Tibet. Maybe it’s his big toothy smile which has been said to blind horses and other innocent forest creatures. Or perhaps the fainters touched the hem of his garment and were electrified. It’s hard to say. He’s such a wonder, you know.

    4. Or perhaps the SS should rush to the stage and comfort him as they did Hillary. There is nothing Trump can do to satisfy you.

      1. Oh…is that ever the TRUTH!
        He is fair game as a candidate – however his wife is not. I am sick to death of them dredging up her past. I read this: “All of us have pages in our life’s book we would rather not read out loud.” (Or words to that effect)
        I always ask, “But, but, but…I thought we were welcoming immigrants – legal or illegal.”

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