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WSJ’s Henninger: Trump Gave an “Excellent Speech”

Dan Henninger, the deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal opinion page, which has been bashing Donald Trump for more than a year now, was ecstatic about Trump’s econonmic speech today and about his ability to deliver a strong message.

Henninger noted that Trump had done the two things he needs to — link the current lousy economy to Hillary Clinton and President Obama, and offer detailed alternative.

“I think this was the first important step in a big uphill comback for Donald Trump,” Henninger said.

16 thoughts on “WSJ’s Henninger: Trump Gave an “Excellent Speech””

  1. My own suspicion is that Trump does not face an uphill fight to get a majority supporting him. But there’s no doubt in my mind that getting a winning vote total, or Electoral College total, is a different challenge altogether. If it’s like 2012 (and I think it will be worse) the Dems will continue to count their own votes until they have enough to win. 140% voter turnouts will be common in swing states.

  2. I agree with Henninger. And it beats any econ policy speech put out by Obama and Hillary.

    Surprised that Henninger fought his way out of his bias, but glad to see this fleeting moment of objective media assessment by someone qualified to do it.

    1. She’s already responded with the old “Trump’s only helping corporations and the rich”. That’s about the level she operates in. She’s obviously dumb as a stick re economics, except insofar as how she can benefit by engaging in quid pro quos with Big Money from foreign countries, companies and sinister entities to benefit her personal offshore bank accounts and the Clinton Foundation. She’s got that part down pat.

  3. If I were an adviser to Trump I’d have him get his media people to make negative commercials about Hillary and run them in just the swing states. Then I’d have him announce that he would get off the campaign trail for a short while so he meet with his people to map out what they want to accomplish the first 100 days in office. Put the spotlight on Hillary. The more people see of her the less they like her. He needs to get out of the spotlight.

    1. Being wanna be “campaign manager” (thanks to the Leadership Institute school :-) I agree with that strategy…
      then maybe the “MSM” will notice how Hillary goes ‘missing’ for days on end and only allows carefully set-up events.

  4. Henninger will no longer be invited to the inner circle parties and gatherings of the special people. His name will no longer be mentioned in the salons of the smart set. He told the truth, and he will pay a heavy price. I suspect he already knew that, but was brave enough to say what he said anyway.

    1. True. But he will become a part of the real people…a much more enriching and intelligent environment. He can come to my house for a visit…unless he is a slob. I can’t tolerate slobs.

      1. He seems to be a neatly dressed fellow, keeps his hair combed nicely, and would say “Excuse me” if he dropped a cup of tea on your favorite rug. So he’s probably a safe bet to invite. ;+}

  5. Well alright then. Some big dude at WSJ finally gives Trump some love. Whatever. When i dropped my subscription to them they pursued me like a dog in heat. Don’t be fooled. Closet lefties

    1. Truth telling is rare. It may happen infrequently but kudos to anyone who stands up even once. This new left is vicious and out of control so there is risk. But Henninger is solid.

      Ron Fournier on the other hand disappoints. No staying power when he tried the objective route.

  6. I notice he’s getting a mostly positive response today…reluctantly so from some pundits who don’t like him, but at least they’re being honest and giving credit where it’s due.

    I too am glad that Trump gets some credit for his tax-slashing agenda. He says ” Americanism, not globalism, is our new credo”. Sounds fine to me. If he continues with his ideas about foreign politics he will be on his way. Pat Buchanan writes brilliantly on the issue in the article I link to above.
    Today, an important meeting takes place in Antalya, Turkey. Erdogan and Putin will meet. The relationship has been frozen since Turkey shot down a Russian plane in November last year. And now, Erdogan, the Muslim thug leading a NATO-country, softens up to Putin ? What´s this ? Seems like US,NATO,EU can not rein him in anymore.

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