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Anti-Trump Movement to Launch Independent Candidate

The anti-Trump movement will run someone named Evan McMullin as their presidential standardbearer, according to various reports.

This guy has even less credibility to run than the last name floated, National Review’s David French. Even this guy’s parents haven’t heard of him. According to Buzzfeed:

Key players in GOP’s anti-Trump movement are preparing to launch an independent presidential campaign for Evan McMullin — a CIA veteran and the chief policy director of the House Republican conference — sources close to the effort told BuzzFeed News. Veteran Republican strategist Rick Wilson, a Florida-based media consultant and outspoken Trump critic, is expected to be involved in McMullin’s campaign.

Sources said Wilson was in Washington on Sunday meeting with members of McMullin’s prospective campaign — which includes some who were involved in a group called Better for America, which has been pushing an independent presidential bid. McMullin . . . would make for an unlikely presidential candidate. He has never held elective office before and has spent most of his career as a CIA officer, according to his LinkedIn page. Unlike National Review writer David French, another conservative courted by anti-Trump Republicans to launch a long-shot third-party bid, McMullin has virtually no public profile.

Looks like this is mainly an effort to steal some votes from Trump and keep him from winning.

9 Responses to Anti-Trump Movement to Launch Independent Candidate

  1. Ballot access is already closed in several states, and will close in more this Friday.

    You don’t save face by self-administering the egg.

  2. We need to know ALL the names involved with promoting this crap. Voters and taxpayers need to know who to not vote for at their next opportunity.

    I already know Jeb, Cruz, Kasich are unethical, self-serving jackasses. “Sign the pledge”. Ignore their commitment. As Trump would say, “You’re fired”.

  3. Quite a dilemma now for Paul Ryan and his anti Trump Republican elite. If they had any cajones they would sign up with this and have to live and act what they have been whining about.

    Great timing that Trump gave what I think it a great economic policy speech.

  4. Is this going to be a real problem in the swing states? Unlikely, but I think the architects of this movement are the worst hypocrites ever to be in politics, and that says a lot!

  5. A candidate for all the anti Trumpers. I will be curious see how many sign up to follow him. Probably not many, since it’s way too fun to harp away at Trump and never have to make a responsible choice re. voting. But if so inclined, here is Mullins for the taking. Finally a home.