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Obama Logs his 300th Round of Golf as President

President Obama is playing golf Sunday at Farm’s Neck Golf Club on Martha’s Vineyard where he and his family are staying.

According to CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller, who tracks Obama’s golf outings, it is the 300th time he has played as president.

Obama, who is on his first full day of vacation, is playing with NBA star Chris Paul, Cy Walker — a cousin of Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett — and White House aide Joe Paulsen.

Here is playing his 300th round. They let the press in for a rare look, and Obama rose to the challenge with a long putt that apparently just missed.

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71 Responses to Obama Logs his 300th Round of Golf as President

  1. Think he will made it to 365? One whole year on the golf course.
    So the club course is closed to all members who desired to go golfing there today?

      • Yes. That was awesome. He had just expected that he, King of dufuses, could kick the regulars off their course on a holiday! Ha!

        • Every December when he goes to Kailua, they shut down the Kaneohe Bay course on the Marine Corps base so he can play. Think about that. Marines can’t play golf because this POS wants to play golf. Many of the Marines don’t have the $$$ to take advantage of the 2 week hiatus from 17 Dec- 2 Jan to go back to the mainland and visit family etc.. F him. I’m still disgusted that he was my CINC for 6 months until I retired and he also “signed” my retirement certificate.

    • The skunk Obama gives $400 MILLION of our hard-earned taxpayer money to Iran, without consent of Congress of course as always, as as always, Congress doesn’t arrest Obama and/or even draw up impeachment papers! After all, its only $400 MILLION!!! Congress has been enabling Obama and Ms. Botox piggy Clinton for years, they can do whatever they want. The American people should rise up and demand our $400 MILLION BACK TO US IMMEDIATELY! And Obama the first Black? President will be the last Black President we hope to God! And Mrs. Clinton’s brain tumor should only grow bigger.

      • It’s not just that $400 million. Think of all the money wasted, i.e.: failed green energy boondoggles like Solyndra and all those not-so-shovel-ready jobs with the stimulus package.

        Once again I ask, do Obama’s golf buddies get to fly on The People’s AF1? Who provides their travel accomodations? What about their meals, who pays to feed them?

      • Maybe a little over the top Lizzy, but I agree with the frustration level :-)

        I don’t care what race he is, or how fat his wife is, I care that he is throwing the US under the bus for his personal agendas. That is not right, and he should be sent home, to Indonesia or wherever.

        Just another criminal action by this criminal administration. Our country is in real trouble.

      • Most people, when they practice long enough -And Have The Skill, would improve after years & years of trying. I would surmise that many of his clubs ended up in golf course lakes around the world.

    • He’ll get there handily. This is a 17 day vacation. Mr. Narcissist cannot stand being around Michelle the fat butt.
      We may have never seen his grades but he sure is a frat boy.

    • Ike helped win the 2nd WW.

      Barry is importing potential rapists and murderers and giving billions of dollars to the country that supports them.

      As far as I am concerned, Eisenhower could play all of the golf he wanted.
      He deserved it.

      Barry on the other hand never deserved setting foot in the WH.

      • My condolences!! Reagan signed mine and I am SO proud!! A few months later and it would have been Bush the Elder, No new taxes, New world Order!!! But the CinC doesn’t degrade your service!! Tahnks for being there!!
        Thrown by somebody ELSE so there was a reasonable chance of hitting the LAKE!!!
        Ike ALSO conducted business on the the golf course!! He didn’t only play with toadies, cronies and junior staff suck-ups. Ike played with world leaders, members of the opposition party and business leaders. And got thing done!!

    • Mark Knoller tweeted about that last weekend when Obummer and the Choom Gang played golf and then spent the weekend at Camp David for his “pre-birthday celebration”. It was only Obummer’s 39th visit to Camp David:

      Mark Knoller @markknoller
      After golf, Pres Obama and pals will head to Camp David to pre-celebrate @potus upcoming 55th birthday on Aug 4.
      9:00 AM – 30 Jul 2016

      Mark Knoller @markknoller
      It’ll be Pres Obama’s first visit to Camp David since his birthday weekend a year ago, his 39th visit since taking office.
      9:04 AM – 30 Jul 2016

      Mark Knoller @markknoller
      Some predecessors were more frequent visitors to Camp David:
      – Pres GWBush – 149 visits
      – Pres Clinton – 54 visits
      – Pres Reagan – 186 visits.
      9:06 AM – 30 Jul 2016

      Mark Knoller @markknoller
      Some like it more than others. The Obamas prefer to stay at WH with their daughters. Bushes & Reagans liked the rustic peace & quiet. 9:29 AM – 30 Jul 2016

  2. So here we are.
    Obama is playing golf on a course that most of us can’t afford the greens fee.
    Or the membership.
    A resort that we could only justify once or twice in our lives for a two week stay.

    All of their lavish vacation is going on while he, Obama, is again ducking the law.

    And I ask you,….who is going to take him to task on this?

    Answer, NO-ONE, because they are afraid of the backlash of indicting the first black president of the United States.

    Our congress is possibly the most useless body of parasites that I have ever seen.

    When presented with blatant disregard for the law they get on camera, question the perpetrators, and then do nothing.

    I submit that a grand jury should be convened on congress.

    Oh wait, that’s us in November.

    This PC crap has got to stop.
    The character is what matters.

    The congress members that told you that they were going to confront Obama are flat out liars.

    Keep a list.
    When their term comes up, dump them.

    Rant off.

    • Indulge my opening here, because it’s needed to fully respond.

      While explaining 1776 to a child, there was this exchange:

      So why did America declare independence in 1776? Answer: Because the king was being a very cruel man.

      So if he was a cruel person, why did they let him become the king? Answer: Because he was next in line for the throne.

      So why was he next in line? Answer: The simple version is, he was just born to the right family, at the right time.

      So why can’t someone be a king if they’re born to a different family? Answer: Because royalty doesn’t work like that.

      Why not?

      It got me thinking. I think part of the American rejection of the idea of royalty, comes down to the rejection of birthright privilege: the idea that if you’re “born special,” you can be wrong all day about certain topics, but you’ll still get a pass.

      Here’s the weird part: by allowing race and gender to be the tiebreakers in political discourse, birthright privilege has quietly snuck back into American law.

      Any other president in American history, who had laundered more money than the GDP of some small countries, and handed the same to a sworn enemy of the United States, would, upon discovery, have been removed from office straight away, perhaps even arrested for treason.

      Obama just smiled that shit-eating grin of his, and instead of heading to Leavenworth, he headed to the links.

      Congress is giving him a pass, because–and let us call this spade a spade here–it doesn’t have the cojones to discipline a black president.

      Obama is thus being given a dispensation because of the color of his skin–which is something he was born with, and had no control over. How is this not birthright privilege?

      And how much more blatant will this behavior get, if Hillary God-forbid wins?

  3. This 330+ round of golf, as well as number of lavish vacations and amounts of taxpayer dollars spent on personal travel, #of times the words “I” is used in a speech, the ridiculous Greek columns heralding the great one,
    these kinds of things are Obama’s Legacy.

      • The constant, snarky smugness Obama displays is one of the most revealing characteristics of his reign as POTUS. It says all we need to know about his peculiar sense of superiority, his complete lack of personal insight, his fundamentally deceptive nature, his moral corruption, his deep emptiness, and how he compensates for the criticism he receives for his behavior. He is headed for an enormous fall in the distant future, both in the eyes of historians as they tear down those Styrofoam columns in the background, and in the perception of those who are currently blind to his agenda. He will be anathema, ultimately exposed for what and who he really is. His cohorts will suffer the same fate. It won’t happen soon, but it will happen. Guaranteed.

        • Well said Marcus.

          He will ultimately face the history that is his, as will the people that put him in office and currently support him.

          History is a hard master and will eventually be listened to.

          • James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson are considered the worst Presidents by many historians (for different reasons we don’t have the space to go into here). Obama will be added to that list.

  4. Why do you comment on his golf playing? If he were a white president you would care less. Typical republican racist comment that keeps feeding the Trump machine. Oh I forgot Trump plays and OWNS golf courses and he’s white.

    • g Can you prove this statement “If he were a white president you would care less”? Or is this just another leftist feeling offered as fact?

      Is it a typical democrat anti white racist comment that the Obama/Clinton progressive machine spews out to agitate and encourage division?

      As for “Trump plays and OWNS golf courses and he’s white.” Golf Resorts are a legitimate business, many people play golf including Trump and Tiger Woods, but none of them are president.

      You are a troll and we don’t usually bother with you guys much. But whenever I see that unprovable whine “If he …were white….you could care less” I like to stop for a chat.

    • g… you do realize that Obama is not Black, in the sense he peddles to the rest of the world, don’t you? He is of mixed race, as many of us are–I have a little Native American in me (very little, 2 percent or so), but I don’t sell myself as a “Native American”, because I am not. Obama rides like a desperate narcissist on the heroic reputation of Blacks who really did suffer slavery, persecution, hangings, and the host of Black leaders in the past who put their lives on the line for the cause. Obama has basically stolen their efforts and insinuates himself into their efforts, feigning in some sick way their actions. Don’t you find that astoundingly hypocritical?

      With his lousy golf game (cited as such in many reports), he illustrates his behavior in the rest of his life with extreme clarity– how he lies, prefers playing to working, cheats and has other people cover for him when he can’t make the climb, refuses to do the work, can’t make the shot (in the case of golf), whines about how people are picking on him, and generally makes a spoiled ass of himself when he doesn’t get his way.

      That’s what we’re talking about there.

      As to AFVet being a “racist”, you’re talking out of your backside, which is something you likely do much of the time, given how you present yourself here.

    • President Obama is black?!?!?!?!
      Trump is white?!?!?!?!
      Gosh! Who knew?
      AFVet IS a vet, so….at least he identifies as what he is.
      Do you?

  5. AFVet sounds jealous of the Pres. Thank God that racist AFVet is not in the military anymore. Was he drummed out for poor evaluations or for being a dumb white racist?

    • You are on the wrong site “g”.

      You sound like a pissant that most of the people that comment on this site can reduce to a quivering pile of rubble, verbally.

      You attacked me, AFVet, so bring it.

      Let’s see what you got.

    • “AFVet sounds jealous of the Pres. Thank God that racist AFVet is not in the military anymore. Was he drummed out for poor evaluations or for being a dumb white racist?”

      Nope, Honorable Discharge and I have the DD214 to prove it.

  6. AND NO ONE IN THIS USELESS “WH press corps”/”MSM” EVER MENTIONS WHEN/HOW MUCH Dear Leader “Barack Hussein Obama” Golfs so much…???

    Mr. Koffler, did you have to sign some type of agreement to keep your job with this “WH press corps”…???
    and how you guys are NOT ALLOWED to ‘report’ anything about the behind-the-scenes sh#t that happens every day in this Obama regime White House…???

    • Spook, it’s because the administration restricts the info.
      It isn’t Keith’s fault.
      All we can go on is the information released or ferreted out by someone, and Keith is providing us with that.

    • LS;
      I cut Keith some slack.
      He may be in the WHPC, but I consider him to be in the belly of the pig.
      Undercover so to speak.
      I think Mao quoted that, but I’m not sure.

  7. As usual, Obummer had to tape some television interviews to air while he’s on vacation, lest we forget about him. This time, he was on the Golf Channel bragging about his good golf game:

    ‘I’m not a hack, but I’m not quitting my day job’: Obama gives interview about golf and his 13-handicap as he begins Martha’s Vineyard vacation

    • President Barack Obama said he needs some help with his sand shots as he opened up about his golf game
    • The president, an avid weekend golfer, is set to hit the links several times during his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard
    • Obama estimates he has a handicap of 13 and said overall, he hits a straight drive and is a decent chipper
    • He was reportedly set to play his 300th round of golf as president at Farm Neck Golf Club on Sunday
    • Obama will fill the next two weeks with leisurely rounds of golf, beach outings, bike rides and hikes with his wife and daughters

      • I agree again AFVet. I am a golfer and a 13 handicap is pretty salty golf. My guess is that he does not crack 100. What else would we expect from the liar-in-chief. God, we do not need Lying Hillary.

  8. Mark Knoller wrote an article about Obummer’s golfing:


    By my count, this is Mr. Obama’s 38th time playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard during his seven visits split between three courses: Farm Neck in Oak Bluffs, Vineyard in Edgartown and Mink Meadows in Vineyard Haven.

    But his most frequent venues for golf are the courses at Joint Base Andrews just outside D.C. He has played there 107 times. He has also played 54 times at Fort Belvoir in Virginia and 27 times at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. He has played only once on foreign soil: a round on April 23 this year with British Prime Minister David Cameron at The Grove Golf Club in Hertfordshire, U.K., north of London.

    Mr. Obama’s most frequent golf partners are current and former White House aides. Trip Director Marvin Nicholson has played 186 times, by my count. The golfer-in-chief also likes to play with pals from Hawaii and Chicago, and sports figures -including retired NBA star Alonzo Mourning – who has played 14 times with the president. His foursome today at Farm Neck on Martha’s included Chris Paul of the L.A. Clippers.

    Mr. Obama rarely plays with other politicians – though he has played 7 times with Vice President Biden.

    • Also from Knoller’s article – gasp, it’s a “war on women”! Obummer’s 300 rounds of golf only included women three times:

      “It has not escaped notice that Mr. Obama has rarely invited women to play golf. On only three occasions to date have women joined him on the links: then-White House Domestic Policy Advisor Melody Barnes once on Oct. 25, 2009, and then-HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Oct. 10, 2010 and again on May 18, 2013.”

  9. And the sun rose today. Nobody gives a fiddlers fuck about how many rounds played on Martha’s Vineyard. I’m more interested in the Wisconsin results with Rino Ryan Tuesday. Go Nehlen

    • I’m very much interested in that race and following it closely. I would love nothing more than to see a big surprise and upset. According to Real Clear Politics, the last two polls were in May, so who knows what will happen. Ryan led by 70 or 80 points in those polls, but Nehlen has really stepped it up, raised his profile, and gone after Ryan in the last couple of months. I’d so love to see Ryan lose his seat and the speakership that he claimed he didn’t even want.

  10. Maybe someone here can answer something I’m curious about. From Knoller’s article I cited above:

    But his most frequent venues for golf are the courses at Joint Base Andrews just outside D.C. He has played there 107 times. He has also played 54 times at Fort Belvoir in Virginia and 27 times at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

    We know he and Moochelle are going to reside in DC for at least a couple of years after they leave the WH. As a former POTUS, will he be given the courtesy of being able to play at those courses after his presidency?

    • Probably.
      He will still have SS protection for the rest of his life.
      As far as the privilege to take over the course at his whim, I don’t know about that.
      The courtesy issue is another good question.

      I guess it all depends on the power he retains after exiting office.

      • But if he’s no longer CinC, and has no other military connection, would they even let him on post?

        I’m not so sure about that, myself. Let’s suppose, thought experiment, Barrius Caesar decided he wanted to pick up some high-end electronics from the Navy Exchange at Bethesda after he’s out of office. You guys know the rules, I’m sure: no ID, no sale. And I could be wrong here, but I doubt DoD issues blue ID’s to former civilian leaders who were otherwise nonmilitary.

        Put me down under “I have my doubts.” In this case, they’re more like hopes, but in these insane times, who can say?

    • Did you pick up your check? Or did you come by to see how many comments and now you will get paid?

      You probably will get a few more pennies for dropping of the unprovable lefty “hate” word.

    • There’s a lot you don’t realize, but you’re young, uneducated, brainwashed, silly, and obviously have had too much to drink today.

  11. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    I wasn’t gonna’ get nasty but since reading the comments by that P-O-S ‘g’ (What ever its sex is, the P-O-S fits!) I’m compelled.

    Once again an obviously pea-brained Lib-O has had to haul out the “R” word when somebody criticizes the Obungler without even using the “N” word. Ya’ notice that?

    Now for my regularly scheduled comment:

    To paraphrase the Post Office inscription; “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of world events stays this PSEUDO-PRESIDENT from the competition of his appointed golf rounds.”