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Saturday Open Thread || August 6, 2016

35 thoughts on “Saturday Open Thread || August 6, 2016”

  1. Java jokes aside, I have to wonder in print if this country can stand another four years of a president using their biology as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

    After listening to eight years of “you don’t agree with the Lightbringer because raaaaaaaaacism,” I’ve had about all the–wow, what would logicians call those? Genetic fallacies?–that I can stand.

    Remember all the braying about the Ghostbusters remake? The jokes were jejune, the special effects were commonplace, and the movie really did suck…but if you said so, it had to be because seeeeeeeeeexism, and not because it really was an awful movie.

    Now, imagine that kind of discourse in current events.

    Yeah, I think I’ll take a pass on that…

    1. No we can’t.
      The 20 trillion in debt is going to sink us.
      Trump blunders on many fronts, but he does have expertise in managing money, and as he says is not beholden to Wall Street.

      He may have some warts, but he seems to love this Country, and he doesn’t need this job.

      Hillary on the other hand will probably double down on Obama’s agenda.

      This Country is a big ship, and it will take a master to even begin to turn it around.

      We cannot afford to put Hillary and Bill back into the White House.

  2. This weekend is the perfect time to take a break from politics and war. Look to Rio, watch athletes from around the world try their best to be the best.
    Almost all of the athletes will never be famous, never get rich with corporate money, and will take their loss as good sports, old fashioned style. Kudos to all from every nation, and Go USA!
    USA! USA!

    1. Well with Obama on yet another vacay, and congress critters out of session and trying to get re-elected, watching some athletes compete might be refreshing.

  3. Happy Birthday Mr President: Obama celebrates his last White House birthday with star-studded bash attended by George Lucas, Magic Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres

    • The top secret event was organized by First Lady Michelle Obama
    • Social media was banned but many stars still snapped selfies beforehand
    • Magic Johnson shared a photo of him and wife Cookie getting ready
    • Al Roker and the Rev Al Sharpton took pictures outside White House
    • Joe Jonas revealed in tweet he had also attended the bash
    • Guests were treated to performances from Usher and Stevie Wonder

    1. And our host Mr. Keith Koffler CAN NOT mention anything that happened at that disgusting Obama “party”…
      But he must know so many stories & rumors about what REALLY happened last night at the White House.

      It is a SHAME, SHAME this “WH press corps” and “MSM” (even FOXNews) is SO, SO, SO useless when it comes to reporting about the Obama regime.

    1. And the world realized also that America ment business.
      Now, under Obama,Clinton and Kerry its lines in the sand, pens & telephone, re-set and ransom paid to our enemies.
      Thanks for the link AFVet, we must never forget.

    2. Yep, there comes a time when the enemies of Western civilization have to be eliminated. Period. Or else we will perish. There is no other choice, as difficult as the process of elimination may be.

      Meanwhile, under the destruction reign of Obama and Kerry and the rest of the pinheads currently in charge, ISIS and the other killer ISIS-Sharia Law nitwits, cretins and imbeciles have no fear of us. In fact, Obama funds them handsomely to make sure they can succeed.

      1. The fight is not only to defeat those that choose to make war on the West, but also those right here in America.
        If we choose not to stand up and be counted by voting , our country is lost.

    3. Shockingly (not), there wasn’t mention of this anywhere in my 2 morning papers (both now owned by Gannet and so in bed with Hillary that I won’t even let the puppy pee on them!). Thanks for the important reminder, AFVet.

    4. …if we could only nuke the Muslim savages from orbit and turn most of Syria-to-Afghanistan into a glass parking lot :-)

      1. I don’t expect them to Marjo.
        They are who gave us Obama, along with a complicit congress of course.

        All we can do is wait at this point.

    1. How can Hillary lose when Trump continues on with his inane comments, i.e. “If you don’t like me, vote for Pence. He’s a great guy!”
      Does this sound like a guy who is taking his ‘campaign’ seriously?

      It was so painful to watch him laboriously reading that piece of paper as he reluctantly ‘endorsed’ Ryan and McCain yesterday.

      You can’t have it both ways, Donald. You are either anti-establishment or you have no platform.
      Pence makes no bones about his pro-establishment ties. Why not put him at the top of the ticket, Donald? Sheesh!

      1. I watched as much of the speech as Lou Dobbs showed, and my impression was very different. I took it as he’s trying to make nice, circle the wagons, and try to do all he can to keep Hillary from the White House, and he’s smart enough to realize that some people prefer Pence to him. So be it. I’m sure he didn’t enjoy endorsing those 3, but for the good of the party he did it, and I thought he did so pretty graciously. He’s saying vote for the ticket if he’s not your cup of tea when he talks about Pence. I’m from nearly his neck of the woods (northern NJ) so maybe I get his sense of humor where others don’t? I don’t think a guy is going to work this hard or spend this amount of his own money if he’s not in it to win it. I didn’t think his speech was painful at all. I found it a lot more compelling than the Olympic opening ceremony.

  4. Re: The First Family’s vacation, it appears that Malia and Sasha left with their “parents” from Maryland. Wasn’t Sasha already in Martha’s Vineyard, working at a fast food joint? ?

    Malia and Sasha Obama prove their style icon statuses as they embark on a two-week family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. In photos showing the first family boarding the Air Force One in Maryland, Malia is a vision in a white sundress while Sasha keeps it fresh with a striped v-neck top, a very lady-like handbag, and hi-top sneakers.

    (Daily Mail)

    1. She probably flew home to attend her dad’s birthday bash last night. Just shows they have no consideration for the costs to taxpayers.

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