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Obama to Stage All-Night Birthday Bash Friday

President Obama, who turned 55 Thursday, plans a massive White House bacchnal that will see him partying into the night Friday with celebreties and sports stars.

Michelle is said to be “throwing” the party for him.

According to the New York Post:

President Barack Obama will celebrate his 55th birthday with a huge all-night party Friday at the White House with stars including Beyoncé and Jay Z.

We’re told that a host of stars will attend — including Usher, who’s expected to perform, as well as Obama’s favorite rapper Kendrick Lamar, and Jason Wu, who designed the first lady’s inaugural ball gowns in both 2009 and 2013.

Others who have made the guest list include Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Sarah Jessica Parker, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Magic Johnson and Alonzo Mourning.

Politicos expected at the celebration include Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

How much of this grand self-indulgence is at taxpayers’ exapnese? Who knows.

62 thoughts on “Obama to Stage All-Night Birthday Bash Friday”

  1. Keith, imagine all the rumors & stories you will hear around this White House after this disgusting “party”…
    It is a shame you, and no other “reporters” in this useless, sycophant “WH press corps” will have the NERVE or GUTS to “report” how much it will cost US taxpayers or about what REALLY happened at Obama’s ‘all night birthday bash Friday’…

    1. Party to celebrate the fake jobs numbers released today. “adjusted” numbers.

      The all out effort to kill trump in the press continues…..

      Rigged election!!!!

  2. Wonder what chemical props will be used to stay up all night by the swine who will be attending this narcissistic orgy? All of them thrusting their snouts deep into the taxpayers trough.

    It is true that history does repeat itself. This disgusting celebration for Dictator Imam Obama, who has made it his unholy mission to destroy this country and enslave Americans, is reminiscent of the lavish balls thrown by the Bourbon King of France, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette which led to the French Revolution and a one way trip to the guillotine for the King, Queen, and many nobles (elites).

    As the awful Dictatorship of Imam Obama and his greedy, scowling First Entitlement Queen wind down look for their obscene spending on luxurious trips and trinkets at taxpayer expense kick into warp drive.

    Notice the traitor and unindicted criminal Hillary Clinton will also be attending. Will they also be celebrating her once again skating free from her criminal and treasonous crimes?

    One puzzling item is the attendance of Ellen Degeneres. She does realize that Dictator Imam Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the democrat communist party are allies of the islamists who kill gay people on a daily basis. If so is she insane or does she have a death wish?

    1. And the corporate press will go giddy and all happy and silly with Obama’s birthday. Today, we’ll endure lots of photos with cake and balloons and perhaps a clown or two (though Michelle can easily fill that role) to entertain the toothy, grinning Barry who is the very embodiment of what Jung called Puer Aeturnus (the eternal boy), and an angry one at that. Jung used the term to describe men who, even though they’re in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s have retained the emotional characteristics of an adolescent. The Peter Pan Syndrome. Simple as that.

      Here’s a write up on the Puer Aeturnus Syndrome, which explains it all beautifully. It’s a perfect description of Obama. And fun to read. See if you don’t find yourself saying, “Yes, that’s it!”

      As to the Degeneres woman, she has been an hysterical Obama rump-swab since from the beginning. So, naturally, she’ll attend this Festival of Fools.

      1. I kind of like it . Our very own puerile Puer Aeturnus . Or puerile Puer for short. Too redundant? Are there too many ways to describe Obama as a child?

      2. Thank you for posting about the eternal boy. Obama seems to have learned nothing while in office — he has just gotten more angry at those who fail to see that he is always right.

  3. The King and his court to have a party in the Castle tonight. All loyal subjects please attend to celebrate our anti-benevolent king. As usual we will be swapping underwear, drinking, eating, dancing , rejoicing our most blessed life. For those who have special abilities in spinning, warping, fabricating, ignoring facts and truth, there will be a tote bag of goodies for you. Additionally the King will raise his robe and drop his drawers for those who wish to kiss the King. Anticipating a long line during this segment, drinks will be served while waiting your turn.
    (Editors note: And so it goes, another beautiful day in the neighborhood)

    1. Perfect. King Barry views us as ignorant slaves in his fantastical feudal kingdom. Instead of a royal crown of jewels and diamonds, he wears a Mickey Mouse hat, which seems appropriate, actually, with the big ears and all.

  4. And this is why the Choom Gang from Hawaii has been here all week. First it was golf all day Saturday, followed by a boys’ weekend at Camp David. Tonight’s a huge party packed with the celebs they all worship. Then, tomorrow they all leave for Martha’s Vineyard.

    Party on King Loser… Inauguration Day is exactly 24 weeks from today.

    1. I forgot to mention that the Choom Gang was also here to enjoy partying at the State Dinner on Tuesday night. What a busy party week, pre-vacation, for the O’s and their pals. Getting it all in while they can…

  5. I haven’t read any other reports of this but just from this brief list provided by KK it appears to be cronies and with few exceptions, B lister or declining celebrities.

    Unless of course, the Obama girl, Katie Perry shows up.

  6. Most likely the entire bash will be at taxpayers’ expense, then they travel to Martha’s Vineyard for the vacation of a lifetime that many Americans would like to take!

  7. Wonder if #1 daughter will do her “mooning” routine, as she did at the Lollapalooza in Chicago–maybe it is her mother’s turn?

  8. This is what the Obama administration has been, an 8 year reality tv show, with special events and numerous celebrity cameos. The drug addicts in the democrat party only believe that the main qualification for president is being cool and with it. I hope these tone deaf ignorant people enjoy their party this weekend. The rest of us have no parties to go to, no celebrities to meet…..after a hard week of work where many of us are out of the house commuting by 7am and returning home late, will be spending the weekend with the kids and doing chores around the house. I do not envy Obama and the celebrities, I pity them.

    1. Very apt description of these past eight years and of the Dem mentality. They worship celebs and the lame stream media instantly turned Barry and Moochelle into celebs. It was a cult of personality from the very beginning.

      And, I agree with you about their lives. I wouldn’t trade places for them for anything in the world.

  9. Yuck, read it and puke:

    That tweet from Biden to his BFF Barack is just weird. A little girlie friendship bracelet?? What the heck? Just think, someone at the White House was actually assigned the task of going to a toy store to purchase the bracelet kit and then make those two friendship bracelets so a photo could be taken for Biden’s birthday tweet. Very, very odd.

    1. Obama identifies as a feminist! He thinks full-time Dads are punished? Is he talking about the large amount of absent “Dads” in the black community? Those missing Dads aren’t punished! It’s hardworking, full-time, tax paying Moms and Dads who foot that bill. Are you kidding me? The pajama boy crowd must be swooning over the best friends bracelets.

  10. And after this, it’s off to the Vineyard for more partying, while Daesh chops off more heads.

    Related: There’s quite a bit of chin wagging going on about how Trump is having a rough week in the polls. But right now, the only thing that can hurt him, is an unforced error.

    Hillary has to worry about her own problems, but could also lose ground if Obama does something stupid, illegal, or both.

    And a narcissist like Obama isn’t going to let the election of his successor bump HIM from the news, no sirree. Which means the likelihood of a Hillary-hurting error by Obama is only going to INCREASE as the election gets closer, as Obama tries to stay relevant.

    On top of that, there will be geopolitical shocks over the next three months, and those can only hurt Hillary.

    I’ve been trying to construct an international scenario that would be a net negative for Trump, but they all ultimately come back to the question of who’s been running things.

    So, party on, King Barry. And enjoy your front row seat at Trump’s inauguration. It won’t be long.

      1. Barry a Renaissance Man? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week! He obviously has no concept of what being a true Renaissance Man entails.

    1. The “poets” Obama pals around with (and keeps on his I-pod) are the ones who spew obscenities, continuously use the “n-word”, and promote abuse of cops and the criminal lifestyle tearing apart so many communities — all while Obama and his wife continuously blame “white privilege” for the problems far too many choose to cause and be a part of.

      A wise person might call such self-destructive choices “acting stupidly”.

      If only…

  11. OT I don’t get this. Mike Pence has endorsed McCain and his never leave home without her sidekick Ayotte. I kind of get that. It’s a throw away. But he also endorsed Paul Ryan, who went after Trump first and who is primarily responsible for all this never Trump stuff.

    Either Trump made a really bad strategic error by picking Pence, perhaps as a gesture of goodwill toward the Republican Party. A conservative insider. Or Pence is just playing for the GOPe. Either way, it’s difficult for me to respect someone who accepts the invite to run as your VP and then who will not back you.

    It is not that I am so gung ho Trump. It’s just that I am appalled and gobsmacked at this and the other actions of the GOPe.

  12. Maybe a pallet or two of the ransom money never made it on the plane, so it’s party time.
    Party on Wayne
    Party on Garth
    Over 94 million Americans not in work force, Obama says, break out the champagne.

  13. This week on a couple of our local morning shows, I heard some of the anchors lamenting about Barry’s presidency coming to an end…”Don’t go”…”Can’t he just stay?” and the like. They still idolize him.


    1. I have a whole flock of women I know from college 35 years ago (all of whom are now teachers, go figure) who are enthusiastically pro-Obama’s third term. They will settle for Hills, but would have preferred Bernie. All of them believe that Obama has been a paragon of presidential wisdom and grace, and think that Moosh is simply the most wonderful FL ever. In 1980, all of these women were very intelligent. I am at a loss to explain them.

  14. This just in:
    Hillary will make her grand entrance tonight by popping out of a gigantic birthday cake, as Beyonce sings Happy Birthday Mr. President, ala Marilyn Monroe.

  15. How nice of the President and First Lady to allow the White House Usher to attend. Is that the Head Usher or all of them? I guess the Stewards will go next time!

  16. Michelle throws the party for BooRock and we (The People) pick up the tab. Beyonce, JayZ and Kendrick Lamar among the guests. I hope each and everyone of them, wakes up with a colossal hangover.

    1. Mooch was once asked if she was worried about her young children breaking any of the valuable WH antiques.

      She replied, “No, but I do worry about some of our friends!”

      We worry, too, Michelle!

  17. Our hard working taxpayers are not allowed to go on a White House Tour anymore butnthe person who calls himself a president and his wife are allowed to have all of their trashy friends in our house any time and for any reason. It’s hard telling how many of them are going to smoke and drink and puke in our fine house today and tonight and tomorrow. I would be willing to bet that this will be an entire weekend of bowling, watching movies in the theatre, swimming in our pool, eating and drinking our food, and oh, yes picking vegetables out of the wife’s garden.

  18. This reminds me of the “private” party for 500 that they threw last summer. They tried to keep it quiet, but word got out when some of the guests bragged about it online. Little Joshy basically said it was none of our business because the O’s paid for their “private” party themselves:

      1. Among the many characteristics the Obamas share with the Clintons, is a fanatical level of mooching off other people’s money. That’s for sure.

  19. By the way, this loser’s week long birthday celebration also included dinner out with friends, (the Choom Gang), last night:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Was nearly 11pm when Pres & Mrs Obama got back to WH last night after leisurely 3½ hr dinner out with friends to mark @POTUS 55th birthday.
    7:55 AM – 5 Aug 2016

  20. As noted in the links I posted above, last summer when news of their party for over 500 celebs, friends, and donors leaked out, Josh Earnest said, “The President and the First Lady reserve the right to hold private parties at the White House, and they did it on their own dime.”

    Today, the WH is also declaring tonight’s party
    “private event” that the O’s paid for themselves. In other words, none of our business:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    First Lady hosting birthday party for @POTUS this evening at WH. Family and friends invited. WH official says event paid for by the Obamas.
    4:37 PM – 5 Aug 2016

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Statement from WH official makes clear that the @POTUS birthday party is a “private event.” Another way of saying no press.
    4:43 PM – 5 Aug 2016

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