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Hillary: Some of My Best Friends are Black!

Hillary Cliton actually took some questions from the press today, one of which was a query asking for the “most meaningful” conversation she ever had with and African American. She couldnt’ come up with one, so she just listed her black friends — which isn’t what she was asked about — including noting that she actually had an African American friend in college.

“We’ve had a lot of great times because of our friendships (with blacks),” she said. Her “crew,” she called them.

Such pandering. If Trump listed his African American or Jewish friends, he’d get smeared.

And BTW, most of these people work with her. Do they hang out too?

32 Responses to Hillary: Some of My Best Friends are Black!

  1. Answer aside, isn’t the very premise of the question out of line?

    Does Hillary need to earn her “black card”?

    And what qualifies an answer as right or wrong to such a race-based question?

  2. Well, Hillary, like Barry Soetoro, lies about everything all the time. So we know with metaphysical certitude she never had a Black friend (in the sense she’s trying to peddle) in college. We can file that in the “Facts we need to know” drawer.

    Coincidentally, Dolly Kyle, who is on a tour for her book about Hillary and Bill Clinton (“Hillary: The Other Woman” was interviewed on the Howie Carr Show today and noted that both Bill and Hillary certainly did use the N word (particularly when referring to Jesse Jackson) and the K word when referring to Jews. Both of them have dirty mouths, according to Kyle.

    So there we are.

    • If it were Trump, the MSM would be scouring the earth for this alleged “black friend” – hoping he/she either doesn’t exist…or that Trump treated him/her poorly, thus reinforcing his racist tendencies!

      • And they would repeat the results of their “investigation” for two weeks, every day, 24/7. They’d produce a two-hour “special program” on the story, and play it several times so we get the point..

        • And some poor black person would come forward and swear on a stack of bibles that Trump called him “blackie” and threw a watermelon at him back in the ‘hood. That person would be put on a 6 month, 100 city tour, given the red carpet, and free pot. The lefties heads will explode as they hear the stories of Trump’s evil again and again.

  3. Surely by tomorrow she will be sporting one of those super cool friendship bracelets like Barack and Joe have. Hillary’s will be from Donna Brazille I think. Heard they were BFFs.

    Too bad Maya Angelou has passed on and Oprah Winfrey seems to be in hiding.

    • I’m not sure Oprah ever forgave Barry for the cold shoulder he gave her post-election……after she put her reputation (such as it is) on the line to constantly promote him in 2007-8.

        • He is about to learn another life lesson. He is old news.
          Look what happened to Bill…seems he is not at the
          Par-Tay tonight.
          How I I wish someone would take pics tonight and publish them..

          • And I have had the eye exam. Eyes are worse. Cataracts are entering my life. So I am blaming both for my frequent typos. “Getting old is not for sissies.” My mother.

          • Aileen, I had cataract surgery 6 years ago. After the surgery, when I was able to regain my eye sight (just a few days), I was amazed by how white the color white really was, if you get what I am saying. I had forgotten the vibrancy of colors. Everything had been turning a sort of gray but, you know, you get used to it, and the grayness of everything becomes the new normal, so you get on with it. Driving at night became a huge problem, though; headlights looked like huge blurry, streaking lights, preventing proper perception of the road. Best damn thing, that cataract operation, I ever did, medically speaking. One great benefit: I had been wearing glasses since the age of fourteen. I was playing hockey and got slammed in the eye with a puck and, after that, my eyesight got screwed up somehow and I had to start wearing glasses. So when the doc did the cataract surgery six years ago, he created “lenses” that perfectly matched the prescription of my glasses. And lo and behold, I no longer have to wear glasses except for reading. Glasses-free for everything else, including driving at night. Didn’t even know they could do that before I got the operation. Anyway, the surgery is a bit of a pain in the butt for a few days (nothing overwhelming). They do one eye and then a month later or so, do the other eye. Completely painless. Worth having it done when it’s the right time.

            On the subject of eye surgery, one of my sisters got LASIK eye surgery about the same time, and it ended up being a mess for her. It took about two years to straighten it all out so she could could see properly again. Number of factors–the doctor didn’t do a good job in the first place, he gave her the run around when she complained post-op, etc. A generally dishonest fellow. Anyway, she got another surgeon and got it all fixed, eventually. She sued the first surgeon but that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Life goes on.

          • To Marcus.
            Thank you so much for the first hand experience. Your comment about white? For me, whites all look yellowish. I have bleached the heck out of our white linens, etc. and they still looked yellowish to me – maybe they ARE white. hahaha.
            The cataracts are not “ripe” so we have new glasses and a “wait and see.” No pun intended. Have been told that night driving is out – (duh, the glare stopped that long ago.).
            And of course, will never fly again, although the doc said my depth perception issues are not due to the eyesight issues???
            She was a thirty something with three year old twins…constantly interrupted me with her life stories. That generation is…very “different” IMO.
            Enough griping for one day. Thanks again and have a good one!

  4. OT. And this, just to round of today’s news:

    “Iran: $400 Million in Cash Was Part of ‘Expensive Price’ to Free U.S. Hostages”

    You’d think the Iranians would be nicer to Obama and go along with his lies since he’s the main source of funds to help them increase their terrorist ambitions and nuclear weapons arsenal. Some people just can’t show gratitude, I guess.

  5. So… Black people can only be “her crew”, meaning it was assumed that they (blacks) were, because of race, subordinate to Hillary. If Trump said such a thing, the headlines would read just that.

  6. Hey dumbask journalists, how about asking her for the “most meaningful” conversation she ever had with a Republican, or someone with no money, or someone with no influence,or who can’t help you,or you don’t need…?

    OT—Personally I like the word “dumbask.” Ta Da!

  7. “Some of my best friends are black” claims Hillary. Using “friends” as political promotion pawns is sleazy to this poster. I have friends of good character, which I choose, not for their color, but for the “content of their characters.

    • Amen to that, I am a minority “HAOLE” white girl in little barry’s ….homeland here and if you want respect you must earn it….stay humble and don’t disrespect the locals. simple stuff.

  8. Jesse and Al, must feel they have been shunned. “How could she forget us?” “After all the hours we’ve spent jaw-jacking for her?”

  9. What kind of stupid question is that? I think I’d be stopped flatfooted, too, if someone asked me what my “most meaningful” conversation was with any group.