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White House Says Ransom Story is Right Wing Politics

This is one of the most sustained efforts at disingenuousness I’ve ever seen from a press secretary – and that’s saying something.

Here is White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest saying that political morivations underly the charge that $400 million secretly landing in Iran the day hostages are released is ransom.

And the White House is callling Donald Trump insane.

No rational person would not think this is ransom, even if the money was part of a previously planned payment. And no enemy of the United States interested in obtaining some U.S. taxpayer funding would not think it a good idea to get right into the hostage taking business. Especially after Obama traded a bunch of Taliban leaders for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Earnest, of course, helps his dodge by not even admitting that the money arrived the day the hostages were released. Apparently that is some sort of state secret.

I know Josh. He knows better. Sure, this is the job he signed up for. But this could have been done differently, rather than completely obscuring an obvious truth and attacking others instead.


58 thoughts on “White House Says Ransom Story is Right Wing Politics”

  1. How these spokespeople sleep at night is beyond me. At some point, don’t you just sit up and say NO, I will not lie any more!


    1. doom right ahead/racist by default

      lying o and his face man!

      They sleep well knowing they destroying the USA.

      That is there (hillary too) goal!

      1. No, the MSM/corporate press will not report on any of this, at least in any meaningful extensive manner. Just as they will not tell the full truth about the Iran/Contra-type arrangement Obama made with the Iranian terrorists on the $400,000,000 ransom money he paid them so they can continue sponsoring their world-wide terrorism plans. The MSM is corrupt to the core. Everybody knows it.

      1. Yes, if you look at Europe, North Africa, China, Japan of the 1930’s you’ll see some startling similarities. Different cast of characters, but the same ambitions.

          1. Gun control here in California is forcing law bidding citizens in to Felons.

            Starting Jan 1 2017.

            New list of banned guns makes legal guns illegal.

            Another stupid gov take over.

  2. OT: PresObama’s 15 yr old daughter is working at a seafood restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard.

    What?!! Secret service security sits outside the restaurant (maybe some inside?) as she works 4 hour shifts in the mornings.
    The report claims she’s making “spending money” as she awaits the rest of the family to arrive at MV for their vacation.
    Spending money?!! for the girl who wears high end fashions and travels to exotic and high-end vacation spots.
    Thanks to the Daily Mail for publicizing news our MSM hides or ignores.

    1. I really don’t have any issues with this assuming it is a real job with real responsibilities and not just fluff.

      However, I do wonder where is she staying until the rest of the family arrives. Who is there with her?

      1. Michelle and Malia spent the entire week at their home in Chicago immediately after her Convention speech. No Sasha – just Malia and Michelle.

        My guess is they both left for Martha’s Vineyard after their Chicago vacay.

  3. Spin it however you please.

    But if it ambulates like an anatidaean, and it articulates like an anatidaean…IT’S A FREAKING DUCK, capisce?

    1. Even if what he was trying to shovel us was true, it is no better than paying a ransom.
      Seriously, he paid $400M to a terrorist regime that was holding Americans hostage, money that was owed to a long-gone deposed government from 40 years ago?
      That encourages and enables terrorists to kill us just as much as paying a ransom.
      Insult to injury, as usual.

  4. Furiously shoveling “fertilizer” with a straight face. That is a requirement for a Democrat presidential press secretary. How do they find these morons?

    1. Being POTUS press secretary/explainer/hatchetman/liar for Obama must be like being a permanent resident of Hell. The sign over the entrance to the WH Press Secretary’s office reads:

      “Abandon Truth, All Ye Who Enter Here”

      (with apologies to Dante and his Divine Comedy for modifying his words to reflect the reality in ObamaWorld)

  5. Iran is calling it ransom, so who are you going to believe–Iran or Obama?

    Normal countries always pay off legitimate debts in secret, in the dead of night, with unmarked cargo planes, in foreign currencies.

    I wonder what else President Qualified has done that we don’t know about yet.

  6. What’s $400 million among friends? Even tough that “friendship ” goes only 1 way. Guess when you lie all the time, you end up lying all the time. You do it so long, you don’t even have to work on your liars face, it all comes naturally.

    1. Oh my!
      I remember dating a divorced lady and as we drove past a club where she had met her ex she said, “that’s where I met my ex-husband”.
      I reply, “would you like to stop for a drink”?
      “No, I’d like to burn the place down”
      I just kept on driving.

    2. This is weird: A few days ago I received a flowery email from Reggie Love asking me to ‘sign’ a birthday card for his best friend and mentor, Barack Obama.

      For the past 7 years, it was always Michelle Obama who sent the birthday email. Hmmm.

  7. Oh, really? There were objections within the administration to this money delivery. The printed a bunch of money and had the swiss and dutch convert it; it is money laundering and they and the drug addicts that support them can spin this all day long. If a republicrat did this…the press would be howling for impeachment, hanging or worse.

    1. If we think this through, the Republicans did do it. They must have known or approved it in some way. And if they did not, then that is even worse. For both sides.

      This in no way exonerates what Obama has done here — cold hard cash in return for hostages, in essence, negotiating with a terrorist state.

  8. So much for Obama’s ‘No Ransom’ policy! Think of how the Foleys’ and many other parents of hostages must feel after learning that Obama does pay ransoms when it is to his advantage/legacy.

    Charles Krauthammer nailed it:
    He said that ‘not only was the payment bad optics and a quid pro quo for the release of the Americans, but it skirted statute against dealing with Iran in U.S. dollars’.

    “They had to print the money here, ship it over to Switzerland, turn it into Swiss francs and Euros and ship it over to Iran,” he said.

    “If a private company had done this, this is called money laundering. The CEO would be in jail right now.”

    1. Exactly the point; and the drug addicts in the press are busy calling Trump crazy, insane etc. All of a sudden they are qualified psychologists and psychiatrists.

    2. One more thing: Allen P. Gross, the American prisoner in Cuba, was also released a few days before the Iran hostages. He sat with Michelle Obama at Obama’s SOTU address just days later.

      Did Obama also pay Cuba for his release? Nothing would surprise me.

        1. I am ambivalent about Rush, but I have been listening to him for several years. Now I listen to Savage and Alex Jones.

  9. “… completely obscuring an obvious truth and attacking others instead.”

    The Obama/Clinton way. I have no sympathy for Josh. Surely he knew this was part of the job. He just doesn’t have the guts to do the right thing. If he resigned he could start to rebuild. But someone will hire him. Just like Bernie S. is set for life.

    What a legacy for his son who I believe was born shortly before/after Josh took this position.

    It must hurt to see a friend sell out and in such a public way.

  10. Keith Keith Keith

    Josh does not know better…. He knows exactly what he is doing and you have to come to grips with the fact that someone who shares the same profession as you is a schmuck.

  11. Her is a question for Paul Ryan.

    How did obama get his hands on $400 Million without the Republican Congress’ knowledge and approval?

    And, I might add, that is $400 Million cash.

  12. Keith, every mouthpiece for Obama’s administration casts blame on others, despises us in flyover country, hates our military, lies, obfuscates, twists the truth, lies, blames NRA members, Christians, lies, belittles anyone who does not agree with them, supports all lives (Muslim,black,illegal) but not white-Americans, bullies, calls conservative Americans vile names and punishes them with the IRS, etc. Did I mention lies?

    Sure Josh “knows better.” Hahahahahahah.

  13. The question “How stupid do they think we are?” has now been very clearly and officially answered.

    This November, the entire country is taking a giant collective I.Q. test..

    Will your participation raise or lower the core?

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