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Video || Secret Service Surrounds Clinton as Protestor Approaches

A group of animal rights protestors were heckling Hillary Clinton when one of them got through a barrier. Though the woman was stopped, the Secret Service rushed to the stage.

Clinton at one point stopped speaking. She looked a little stricken

According t0 the Washington Post:

An agent who had come onstage told her to continue speaking.

“You’re okay,” the agent said. “Keep talking. We’ll handle it. We’re not going anywhere. Keep talking, ma’am.”

Clinton chuckled and said, “Okay, we’re going to keep talking.”

“Apparently, these people are here to protest Trump,” she said. “Because Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals, so thank you for making that point.”

So Hillary is against hunting.

Gosh, look at them, you’d never know they were Secret Service . . .

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  1. That laugh tho…..

    “Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals”?????
    She def. has an earpiece and someone feeding words to her.

    Lord, have mercy on us and save us from this woman.

    • Aileen, she better not have an earpiece on at the debates with Trump! This woman is crooked to the core and would do anything, say anything as she has, to win. Every day she lies and now Trump and his kids killed animals? She’s the animal that should be hunted down. I repeat, Hillary Clinton better not have an earpiece at the debates with someone telling her how to answer. These commies have to be watched 24/7 as they are the most crooked, real animals.

  2. I thought kids (like Chealsea) were out of bounds!

    Perhaps she means his entire family has killed a lot of animals eating Trump steaks?

      • He started the hedge fund – it closed down after his investors got wiped out from his stupid, stupid Greek currency fiasco.

        Everything the Clintons’ touch turns to (bleep)!

      • Chelsea’s husband is also someone who can’t be trusted just like Hillary Clinton and his own father. Chelsea’s husband had some kind of investment firm and it went bust and his clients lost money, he then closed the firm up. Chelsea is surrounded with crooks, even married one.

    • As Keith said, “Hillary is against hunting”. Mr Trump’s sons are avid hunters, and I think that Willie Robertson and Eric Jr are friends. The Trumps have also gone on African safari hunting trips several years ago (like most American hunters I know who have the resources to do so).

      But it is interesting than an animal rights activist targeted Hillary… I wonder what she has done or allowed that led to that….

      • *Don Jr, there is no “Eric Jr”, and I meant Donald Trump Jr, not Eric Trump LOL

        (Part of me loves the honesty of “no edit button” but I feel awful foolish those times that I make a mistake! :-)

  3. I thought animal rights activists were liberal left wingnuts?

    While I’m not a fan of Big Game Preserve hunting, I do know these hunts are important to local economies in those parts of the world. Unless the Trump boys were illegally hunting on a preserve protecting endangered species,this is a nothing burger.

    • I agree…if she’s not implying they hunt illegally, is she somehow lumping them in with the Michael Vick crowd??

      Too bad she isn’t as concerned about killing unborn babies.

      • Hillary Clinton would never talk about the MILLIONS (NO EXAGERATION) of murdered babies thrown into the garbage because of her and the communist crowd! She would never talk about abortion at her rallies. In fact, she never utters the word abortion but she is all for it. Too bad her and Obama weren’t an abortion, they have put this country into a very bad place. Civilized country like the USA should not kill so much human life. The democrats/socialists/communists celebrate the death of these babies and human life. Boggles the mind that they love abortion and fight to the death for it. Disgusting democrat/communists, they know what they do, yes they do know what they do and that is murder.q

    • But the look on her face; it was like she was gone. Blank unseeing eyes, not quite confused, but just gone, lights out. It goes with the bobble heading and brain damaged facial expressions.

      • It looked like she was frozen in terror for one or two seconds.
        But when he SS surrounded her, she felt safe.

        But when Amb. Stevens repeatedly asked her for more security, she denied his pleas.
        I despise her!

        • It was more than Amb. Stevens asking for help. I have a friend pretty high up in the State Department who was assigned to an American embassy in Africa at the time Hillary was SOS. He told me that several of our US Ambassadors in Africa at that time were asking for, begging for more security. They were all picking up intelligence that they were in great danger from a variety of jihadist groups. She said NO to every single request for help. Didn’t approve a single one, even though the requests cited all the details necessary for her to completely understand the problem and send security help.

        • Hillary Clinton likes the security for herself and likes the guns when she wants to keep herself safe!
          But when the Ambassador asked her for help and that he was afraid and then he was murdered, what did she say when she was asked 600 (yes, 600 times) times, she said no. She has to be a mental case for saying no. No one in their right mind would refuse a call for help like that unless she was crazy, OR THAT SHE WANTED THE AMBASSADOR TO BE MURDERED BECAUSE HE KNEW TOO MUCH ABOUT GIVING GUNS TO TERRORISTS?

        • @Marcus
          Her so-called Libya policy was for the U.S. to ‘keep a low profile’. Only Libyans were allowed to act as security and they were not allowed to be armed.

          In other words, it was more important not to offend the Muslims than to keep our military personnel safe.
          She belongs in prison stripes.

        • Good point. The evil runs deeps in this woman. I don’t know if evil is even the right word or narcissist like BHO. There is just something there — fear, desperation, insecurity — that keeps her a step away from reality.

          Like Obama she lacks empathy. Some weird inability to relate to other human beings.

    • …and it a SHAME! SHAME!! that NO ONE in the “MSM” will do the research and ASK the HARD QUESTIONS like We Readers of WhiteHouseDossier do here everyday.

  4. I thought the animal killing Trumps comment that shot straight out her mouth, after being consoled, was bizarre.

    Great that she has protection. Three agents surrounding her on stage. Good. But the little patting on the back, as if soothing her, it’s going to be ok was a little frightening for a woman who is running to be CIC.

    • “But the little patting on the back, as if soothing her, it’s going to be ok was a little frightening for a woman who is running to be CIC.”

      That is a critical point. She’s a nervous wreck. She cannot handle any pressure. Remember 2008, when she burst into tears in a press conference? By the end of the campaign she was done – finished.

      But they pushed her into the Sec State gig, and when she left that she was asked about running for President again and she said “NEVER AGAIN”. She hates campaigning, hated being a candidate and Sect State. One of the released Benghazi-week emails was one she sent at 10:43 am saying she just got up and had missed a “sensitive” 9:30 am security meeting. She was completely incapable of functioning during that time.

      The object is to put Bill Clinton back into the White House – and this time Hillary has been subdued sufficiently to do what she is told. Or so they seem to think.

  5. So where is the Hillary from 2008?

    “You know, my dad took me out behind the cottage that my grandfather built on a little lake called Lake Winola outside of Scranton and taught me how to shoot when I was a little girl.”

    “You know, some people now continue to teach their children and their grandchildren. It’s part of culture. It’s part of a way of life. People enjoy hunting and shooting because it’s an important part of who they are. Not because they are bitter,” Mrs. Clinton said.

    In another ‘story’ from 2008, she claims she shot a duck in the backwoods of Arkansas when her father took her hunting.

    We would have been better off with the Hillary of 2008 than monster that has evolved since then. Talk about ‘crazy’!

  6. “Gosh, look at them, you’d never know they were Secret Service . . .”

    LOL! I noticed that when watching videos of the police-abetted Democrat riots in San Jose a few months ago. Rioters were assaulting Americans trying to leave Mr Trump’s rally, throwing eggs, surrounding them etc., but melted like ice in fire without any audible orders when Men In Suits showed up.

    I thought that was an interesting “tell” that the rioters were pros who disrupt for a living.