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Scarborough: Trump Asked, “Why Can’t We Use Nukes?

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said this morning that Donald Trump quizzed a foreign policy expert on the use of nuclear weapons, asking three times why we can’t use them.

Now, Scarborough is using an anonymous source. And who knows whether that’s exactly how Trump put the question, or whether that’s how it was meant. But I thought it was worth noting.

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  1. So far this and last week.
    Nude photos of Melania.
    Trump “insults” parents of dead soldier.
    Trump “kicks” out baby at rally.
    Trump asks about use of nuclear weapons.
    Can’t wait till tomorrow to see what the next attack on Trump is.
    Hell, maybe even more today.
    Every day till election the smears on Trump will continue.
    Meanwhile $400 million snuck over to Iran by Obama and Kerry.
    Crickets .

    • Cisco, as Trump’s polls match or surpass Hillary’s we will see an even greater effort on the part of the Hillary campaign, the anti-Trump conservatives (been listening to Marc Levin recently? He’s basically been in a complete anti-Trump meltdown for weeks now), the Republican elites, the media commentators on all sides of the political spectrum, the entertainment loudmouths, the comedians, the newspaper editorial, the whole nest of all those who like tell us how to think.

      I (and you and others of a certain age) can remember the same group think efforts aimed at Truman, Goldwater and certainly Reagan when they were running for election or re-election. It’s the same deal. Remember how the anti-Goldwater people (including the media) went after him with “You want this man to have his finger on the nuclear button?” Exactly as they are saying today about Trump. It’s a very old propaganda trick.

      They are all tricksters, and not very good ones. We all know what they are up to and we know they are dishonest, corrupt, bought off and not the type people you want to hang around with. Harry Truman had it right: “It’s plain hokum. If you can’t convince ’em, confuse ’em. It’s an old political trick. But this time it won’t work.”

      • I do remember the anti Goldwater campaign.
        And same with Reagan.
        It’s always the same, nothing new or original.
        Just in the last half hour.
        “Trumps campaign collapsing”
        “Trump getting nuttier and nuttier”, this from campaign insider. Oh sure.
        And lastly, some news outfit is going to do an investigation on Trump’s sanity.
        It’s only Wednesday and not even 10am.
        Well not as polished as Trumans quote, “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, dazzle them with bull s**t”

        • The viewership of TV news programs is very low—typically 5-8 million in a population of 330,000,000. What is that, 2 percent of the population? (someone with a calculator can tell us more accurately). In other words they are broadcasting to ghosts. No one is paying attention to what the “news” broadcasts are saying or doing.

      • Yep, they are. The most revealing clues of how the corporate media et al are coordinating the attacks on Trump (and there are many such clues), is how well coordinated their messages are…same words used on the same day in the same tone.

        It all reminds us of the corrupt Journ-o-List scheme created by Ezra Klein where “journalists” agreed on agreed on words lies they would all use in their stories, issues they would highlight (or not), memes they would propagate in order to swing an election or push a political point of view. Same deal.

        For those who have forgotten about Jour-o-List, here’s a list of who participated (and likely still are, in some form) in this scam:

        And here’s just one of their little schemes—one among many attempts to lie to their viewers and readers:

        Obviously, they are still at it.

  2. Uh huh. Someone told Cuppa Joe that MrTrump asked a question 3 times! Not once, but THREE! times. This ‘someone’ is so important in foreign affairs that he gave MrTrump a “briefing”.
    Lies, all lies.
    Something’s up, something has the establishment scared silly. It’s not MrTrump’s sanity, it’s not his mental state, but more than likely secret national polls showing him beating MrsClinton in November.

    • I heard Paul Manafort this morning telling a reporter the meeting cited never happened, at no time did Trump ask those questions at any meeting, and the security briefings where such a discussion about the use of nuclear weapons might ensue have not begun yet.

      So we have that.

  3. If he wants to use nukes on Daesh, I ssy HELL. YES. About time, too.

    Right now, whatever “moderate” Muslims may exist, are too afraid of the slaughter apes to speak up.

    Once they understand that their choice now comes down to moderation or extermination, then if they choose not to rein in the slaughter apes, they will have chosen poorly.

    • In the back of everyone’s mind…as they sit across the table from Trump (metaphorically speaking)….just maybe.. maybe.. this guy is serious…. Let me take this deal as crappy as it may be because — Geez — you never know.

      Trump is not an accidental success. There is a method… one we have to understand.

      Or pick Hillary.. you know at least you have an honest person working for you.

  4. Funny, I’ve often asked that question myself. If I had a bonafide “foreign policy expert” to hand when reading some of the reports that make me ask that, I would probably ask it out loud, and look expectantly at them for an answer.

    But first, I would ask why Susan Rice tried to stop UN troops from going in to stop the Rwandan Genocide, and why Susan Rice asked, as the slaughter continued with her full knowledge, “”If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November [congressional] election?” ”

    Then I would ask why Samantha Power’s motorcade hit and run killing of a little boy on her recent “Humanitarian” tour of Camaroon did not result in charges being filed against her and her security personnel who told the driver to keep moving because it “wasn’t safe” to stop.

    Finally, if I had a “foreign policy expert” to chat with, I would want to know why Obama and Kerry sent a Planned Parenthood social worker in as the Lead Negotiator on the Nuke Deals with both North Korea and Iran.

    After that, yeah, I would probably want to know why it is we can’t use nukes. British and American POWS at ground zero in Japan who survived the blast and initial aftermath, lived to be very old – in their late 70s. One of those, when asked if the US was right to bomb Japan, told The Telegraph ” “I am so pleased they did,” said Mr Housego. “We never thought the war would end. The Japanese soldiers were ruthless; they were quite prepared to fight forever and die doing so. Millions more would have died if the government wasn’t forced to surrender.”

    BTW, Keith, I got my first emailed news brief this morning. It is excellent! I will be encouraging friends to subscribe.