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Obama Schedule || Thursday, August 4, 2016

Today is President Obama’s birthday. But look – he’s working!

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:30 pm || National Security Council meeting on the campaign against ISIS; Pentagon
4:15 pm || Holds a press conference; Pentagon

All times Eastern
Live stream of Obama press conference at 4:15 pm

23 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, August 4, 2016”

    1. Oh and a presser also. At the Pentagon. The new transgender military or a new Red Line? Or perhaps something about all that recently discovered cash….

      1. Looks like Ben Rhodes’ journobuddies are covering his a## with Tales of Trump.

        $400 M to Iran and not a smidgen of embarrassment.

          1. Good morning Grace, and all of you. Thanks for the link. What happened to the Republican “mutiny” against Trump ? Or were some of those “bought” Republicans just rattling their chains ? Or was it maybe another Rhodes fairy tale ?
            Just read that Trump attended a rally in Jacksonville with 15 000 people. How come we never read about Hillarys rallies?
            And I agree Grace, ” the campaign against ISIS”, that one really made me laugh. Will it be a Tweet-campaign, perhaps ? Or maybe a new Army T-shirt with “Go away, ISIS!” ?

          2. Reply to SWL Good to hear from you. Check out the link below about how the traitor Jeh Johnson is helping potential terrorists in the US and abroad.

    2. I can tell you. That any incident of terrorism has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.. Islam is a religion of peace..the call to prayer is the most beautiful sound ever heard…Yadda, Yadda….

  1. I wonder how long it will take Barry, during his press conference, to insist that islam is a peaceful religion, and that we mustn’t tar all muslims with the same brush? Will he speak about transgendered people in the armed forces before or after discussing the campaign against ISIS? (But of course, he will call it ISIL.)

  2. Excuse please…….what campaign against ISIS? How to give them more support? This country is effed up every which way from Sunday.

  3. 2:20 PM -National Security Meeting on the Campaign against ISIS” The only reason the muslim terrorist lover Dictator Imam Obama is attending this meeting is because he is so out of it that he thinks this is a democrat communist party campaign fund raising event. After Obama realizes what the meeting really is about he will immediately leave room.

    Clown Commander in Chief. Looking out for America.

  4. Oh, joy! Another press conference wherein he can bash Trump. Hmmm, how many minutes will he take to tell us again that Trump is unfit. Meanwhile….in London, Somali teen originally settled in Norway (why the hell did they not keep him), stabbed several and killed an American in the attack. Bu nothing to see here, brought to you courtesy of the “religion of peace”. That is why Iran needs weapons, to keep the peace. God help us….

    1. Any other president after a meeting about ISIS whose stated claim is to kill us would be questioned about the killing of an American woman abroad.

      I doubtt this will happen.

      If this was a thug of color killed justifiably by an American law enforcement officer to keep everyone safe from the criminal you can bet Barack Obama would be up there in his most scornful voice demeaning the police.

      But at a dead American? Nope.

  5. He’s only “working” because he leaves for his fabulous tax-payer funded Martha’s Vineyard vacation this weekend.

    1. Valerie probably convinced him that this would portray a hard working President. Give it time and he will have a shining head of hair sans grey.

      Might even disappear on the Island since he will be relieved of stress.

    1. Thank you again, Grace. Flabbergasting.
      By the way, the latest act of death and violence, the knife attack in London yesterday , was committed by a Somalian 19 year old, a Somalian with a Norwegian citizenship.

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