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Live Stream || White House Briefing – August 3, 2016

The briefing has concluded.

24 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – August 3, 2016

  1. “Mr. Earnest, can you explain the on behind the Obama administration to give Iran $400 million.
    “I’d be glad to. Did you know that Mr. Trump asked three times, three times mind you, why can’t we use nuclear weapons”.
    Next question.

  2. For umpteen years, the “administration” had no interest in nor did they advocate or lobby the Iranian throwbacks for the release of our citizens. Now all of a sudden with 6 months to go….iran suddenly gets 400 billion in small bill foreign currency. These people belch nothing but an a** of lies!

  3. If Trump ever wins….Ernst Goebbels propaganda patsy should be among the first to be tried for crimes against the state…..Comey is also on that list. Enabling POS.

  4. Ass of lies for 7 1/2 years….nothing but. Who in the name of GD hell has benefited from this administration’s love affair with Iran….did any of you out there…..bold face lying mofo!

    • Anything is possible with Obama and Clinton and Jarrett.
      And the fact that there is no financial accountability. Anyway, conjecture:

      If you don’t believe that cash will be used to finance terrorism and chaos in the Western Hemisphere I’ve got a Nigerian prince that wants to meet you.

      • For sure. The Iranians Ayatollahs have already stated they will continue funding “insurgent” terrorists with the money Obama gave them a few months ago in his “agreement” with them. They also said, today, that the $400 million Obama secretly sent to them (on pallets, no less) in January was certainly ransom money. We are in the extremely weird place where we have to rely more on the Iranian nut jobs to tell us what’s really going on than we rely on the Obama Pinocchios.

  5. As Josh Pinocchio tells us our elections are “clean”, some intrepid reporter might want to ask him about the five off shore voter tabulating companies who count our ballots and are owned by Soros companies.

  6. Makes you wonder how much he paid for that traitor Bergdahl and for those sailors?

    Nothing about this administration is real — MSM fantasyland, investigations are the cover ups, absence of the rule of law and an effective opposition and zero financial accountability.

    Potemkin Village, home of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.