As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

19 Responses to Live Stream || Donald Trump in Daytona, Florida

  1. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo done with politics. I thought myself to be The Original Political Junkie who could withstand the mighty blowhards on Morning Joe and the Dem spin of Chuck Todd. But the antics of Trump, from the whole Khan thing, to the baby crying, to the R’s distancing themselves from him – that’s enough for me to say thanks but no thanks.

    Someone let me know how it all turns out in November, okay?

    • …drinking, lots of drinking helps.

      (I use lots of drinking to “help” with my Life issues; especially trying to deal with Females/relationships…)

      • LS ;)
        I’ve gone to lemon water so I don’t hit the wine or rum too much. Also silly Netflix tv shows, Switched at Birth is my latest calming diversion.
        You have your Ferry Boat. Isn’t that calming?

    • No stomach for a full press leftist Democrat Party and media assault on Trump?

      The Dems are desperate as are the GOPe. They will do anything to make Trump a fool because he is a genuine threat to the WDC power base.

      Some times he does not help himself, but the other stuff goes unreported. He is out there, among the American people, and they like what they see.

      Perhaps if there was even a smidgen of balance when it comes to critiquing Hillary it might not seem so outrageous. I find it odd that lies, corruption, and law breaking are easier for some of the American people than boorish, overstepping, misspeaking Trump.

      Ron Fournier had a piece in the Atlantic I think recently basically says just that. Criticized Hillary lying but in the end, better than a boorish Trump.

      Insane. The Dems and the GOPe are counting on people buying their 24/7 assault.

  2. At the end of the day I’d still rather be in a foxhole with Donald than the pussies throwing in the towel now. He’s Being shelled on all sides. Making some mistakes but pretty impressive . I’m resolute

  3. I hope he can stand the heat, he is being attacked everyday relentlessy from all sides.

    Looks like they may be winning, this country is shot if H wins, so so sad

    Maybe if he keeps his trap (and typing fingers) shut starting now he can recover.

  4. This will be loosely stated and broadly spoken. Some assume that one of your jobs as a manager to a top executive is to “make your boss look good” (we all know what this means)or said another way, support him/her, report them or resign. He/she is he leader and you are the team.

    The Dems get this. Look how quickly they acted when the problems with the DNC and Bernie Saunders arose. Boom. DWS gone (albeit to HRC campaign — but out of public eye) and two other key staffers “resigned” (HRC campaign). It barely touched HRC. The role of the DNC and the Party is to make their boss look good. It rolls down hill too.

    DT understands this — look at his empire. The quality and loyalty of his staff over a long time has allowed him to build a great business.

    As the Rep. candidate in order for Trump to win, he needs what the Democrat Party has and what his private business has. Instead the man is fired upon by his own Party leadership on a daily basis. The media is less lethal to DT than the Party. The media he can deal with. The Party — how does he do this.

    The current problems DT is having (some are brought on by him) are largely the fault of the Republican Party. Trump has no idea when or if they will back him. The GOPe is the reason Trump is the candidate and the GOPe is the reason we could lose this election.

    This publicly heralded gathering of Gingrich et al to “school this man, is insulting. Want to have a meeting, to help him, to help the country win, then have a meeting. Don’t announce — Hey he doesn’t know what he’s doing . We do. We will save him. BS.

    The GOPe has the ego of an infant. And they will lose this election and this country if they keep it up.

    Donald Trump — not disciplined. BS. He suits up every day, on time, presentable and geared to fight. More disciplined than I.

    I would say — hey you guys, you want me out of here. Good I am out of here. Let’s see what Pretty Boy Paulie Ryan’s got.

    Only he won’t. He’s a fighter, not a quitter. And anybody who thinks he is backing Clinton, or doesn’t want to be President hasn’t been watching the man in action. This is not a game to him. He’s not going to back down. No matter what the GOPe does.

    Sorry for the rant. But I am sick of it. The GOPe is acting like all the Democrat “victims”.