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Video || Baby Bugs Trump at Rally

Funny as he tries to pretend it doesn’t annoy him, but just can’t anymore.

15 Responses to Video || Baby Bugs Trump at Rally

  1. Sorry, that mom should have removed her little fusspot immediately. You’re at a public event, not only does that distract the speaker, but the people around her.

    Moving to back of the venue should have been the mom’s first thought to do. I’m sure she’ll now be on the morning news shows talking about Trump hates babies.

  2. I can understand being tense and also being distracted by a crying child. Somebody should have told the mother to take the baby out.

  3. I cannot fathom why the mother did not take the baby out of the room to calm the poor thing.
    Something was bothering the little child…and besides, it is just good manners.
    But, DJT will be drug over the coals for this too.
    I swear, if he said HRC is better than sliced bread, someone would castigate him for saying “sliced.”

  4. Mother should have removed herself and child. Mother should acknowledge publicly that she should have removed herself and child. This will be a “thing”.

  5. Oh, c’mon – there is nothing more irritating than the sound of a baby crying – which is why the Good Lord in His wisdom made it that way.
    How else would one remember to feed the infant or make it comfortable.
    Puppies whine, kitties mew, babies cry – same reaction – DO SOMETHING.

    • I have stopped and commented to parents when their children are well behaved in a restaurant. These entitled mothers that allow their children to disrupt others need to be put out no matter where they are. It is simply not fair to others. Usually, it is nap time, bed time or they are hungry. These children need a thinking and considerate parent. Unfortunately, their lack of consideration will be passed to the next generation. A “me-only” world.

  6. Mr Trump was only saying what most people there were probably thinking.

    JMHO, Baby Mama should have left when special snowflake cried so much that it disrupted the event.