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Obamas, Bidens to Steer Clear of the Zika Olympics

Normally, the president, the vice president or members of their families lead the delegations to the Olympic games.

But this year, YIKA! IT’S ZIKA!

I can’t prove that’s why the Obamas and Bidens aren’t going, but . . . that’s why they’re not going, okay??

Here’s who went over the last 20 years, according to Politifact:

Presidential Olympic attendance

In 2014, a low-level delegation was sent amid poor relations with Russia, which hosted the winter Olympics.

One would have expected the Obamas, who love vacations and exotic travel and have less to do now that the president is a lame duck, to be all over this. But looks like the mosquitos shooed them off.

Instead, this year’s official presidential delegation will be led by the hapless Secretary of State John Kerry.

26 thoughts on “Obamas, Bidens to Steer Clear of the Zika Olympics”

  1. Do you think the Obamas are boycotting because they lost Chicago’s bid to Rio for the games?

    Or, possibly, the security nightmare they demand anywhere they travel, they just weren’t wanted ?

          1. How can he?
            He needs to be out there bloviating as much as he can because the stupid Hillary voters need to be re-assured that if she is elected my legacy will continue.

          2. Not to worry….he is apparently going to be campaigning for her for the entire month of October…on the tax payer time. If this was anyone else, I would not believe it.

    1. Not going to the games, so afraid they may catch something I bet! I’m sure the cowards are not wanted there with their security people and all their guns to protect the little man and strong-arm wife and whoever else they drag along with them, probably 1,000 people. Vote Trump, not a third term for Obama the enemy within.

  2. Perhaps Valerie Jarrett could accompany Jean Francois. But more likely as AFVET points out Martha’s Vineyard option for her with her ward and Mooch.

  3. Maybe some kind Brazilian will sneak some of those nasty moskeeters in Kerry’s suitcase and he can take them back to the White House.
    Whichever kind Brazilian will do that will be escorted in high fashion along with his/her immediate family to the United States to live forever more at us conservative taxpayer’s expense.

  4. Hermann Kane said something very interesting and true this morning on his radio program here in the Tampa area. He said that the Republicans are losing track of their most important job of all time and that is to beat Hillary Clinton! I say to McCain, Ryan, Boehner et al to stop and think about what you are saying about Trump. No one is perfect for any job and neither are any of you. Please make sure Hillary does NOT get in that White House.

    1. Carol, I think they want her in the WH.
      They want the status quo.
      Everyone that you mentioned have been on the dole for years.

      They are all millionaires and have unbelievable benefits for themselves and their families for the rest of their lives, paid for by you and me.

      The congress needs to be culled of the liars and the cheats.
      Those that tell us one thing to get elected and then slap us down when we question them as to why they didn’t carry out the promise that they gave us.

      All the while smiling and telling us that they have our backs.

      Throw them out and eliminate their pension and benefits after 5 years.
      Let them live under the environment they created for us.

      1. That’s how I see it.

        Trump threatens their power. I am amazed at how brazen they are and how willing they are to ditch the Republic for their profit and pleasure.

    2. Its obvious Bush is a dumb sore loser. McCain, well, he is always wrong about everything, Boehner — I thought he liked Trump but now he’s a turncoat too? The best is Ryan, who must be skitzo, who should really be a democrat with his love of muslims that want to kill us, no common sense Ryan, just a typical politician phony as could be. Go Trump, scare the living daylights out of all these crooked politicians, clean out the woods, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, the Bushes, etc., etc., etc.

    1. Why is Trump remaining silent? It appears that the father is deeply involved with the MB and shady immigration deals.
      We know that Obama and Hillary are devotees of the MB…why doesn’t Trump go for the jugular?

      His huge mistake was going after the mother.

      1. One more thing: If Trump chooses to ignore all of the newly discovered research on Mr. Khan, I say he is deliberately throwing the election to Hillary

      2. I just did not see this as going after the mother. I know that’s not popular but that’s not how I saw it.

        He questioned the place of a Muslim woman. Might not have been the time or place but then again the Hag lying over the flag draped coffins and all put calling Patricia Smith a liar is far far worse.

        This was a political play — putting a Muslim family up representing a situation with a total wartime death of 14 Muslims. Trump mishandled it — but not for lack of sympathy for the loss.

        1. Go Trump, Beat the pants off of the hag. She’s so lazy, she has to wear pants EVERY TIME??? something wrong with her, never a skirt? Why? Does she leak or something? Something is wrong there with her, always pants, she is known as THE WORSE DRESSED WOMAN IN AMERICA! Trump was set up by the Clinton campaign and the hag. A political trick to get Trump to answer the Con (Kahn). It almost worked but not anymore, we are all aware that Clinton has nothing to offer but lies, so she is turning to lieing about Trump. Clinton cannot talk too much, she has a sickness with lieing about anything, dementia anyone? She can’t stop lying? What a President she would make, a liar and mentally unstable “unfit” ONE! JUST LIKE OBAMA!

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