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Republicans Let Themselves Be Khanned by the Dems

I have great empathy for Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the couple who attacked Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention. The loss of a son in war is an unimaginable horror, albeit one many other Americans have had to suffer through.

What I cannot understand is Republicans agreeing to pronounce the Khans as unassailable once they have voluntarily submitted themselves to the political discourse and used the death of their son to promote the political ambitions of Hillary Clinton.

As you are probably aware, the Khans spoke against Trump not in mild, but rather, in searing terms. And yet House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have chosen to side with the Khans over Trump.

During his remarks to the DNC, Khan said Trump “disrespects other minorities; women; judges; even his own party leadership.”

And then he went on to mock the GOP nominee. “Let me ask you: have you even read the United States constitution? I will gladly lend you my copy,” Khan said to Trump, pulling out a pocket-sized Constitution for dramatic effect.

Trump, naturally responded. He overdid it, perhaps, wondering why Ghazala Khan did not speak, offering the clear implication that it was because, as a Muslim woman, she was silenced. Ghazala did speak in a TV interview the next day.

I think Trump was mainly being flippant, though a man speaking while a woman stands silent next to him is not something one normally sees in the United States these days. What’s more, Trump was raising a serious point that is almost completely neglected by the media: the discrimination against of women in Islamic cultures that extends even to physical abuse and, mainly overseas, murder.

Trump’s comments prompted an uproar in the media and are being used by the Clinton campaign against him. This is to be expected.

“To launch an attack as he did on Captain Khan’s mother, a Gold Star mother, who stood there on that stage with her husband honoring the sacrifice of their son,” Hillary Clinton said. “I don’t know where the bottom is.”

What disgusts is that Republicans, including even vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, are prostrating themselves on the alter of political correctness and saying that the Khans are to be held pristine because of their son. This, even though they flung themselves willingly into the political mud, wrapping themselves in their son’s memory.

“His sacrifice — and that of Khizr and Ghazala Khan — should always be honored,” said Ryan in a written statement.

“I am appalled that Donald Trump would disparage them,” said New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who faces a tough fight for reelection.

Jeb Bush, eviscerated by Trump in the primaries, couldn’t help chiming in.

“This is so incredibly disrespectful of a family that endured the ultimate sacrifice for our country,” Bush tweeted.

Said McConnell in a statement: “Like all Americans, I’m grateful for the sacrifices that selfless young men like Capt. Khan and their families have made in the war on terror.”

We’re all grateful to them. But in the context of the current dispute, the message from McConnell and Ryan and the others is clear: Back off the Khans, they are sacred.

Well, they were sacred, until Khan said this at the convention:

“This is a historic election, and I request to honor the sacrifice of my son – and on Election Day, take the time to get out and vote,” Khan said. “And vote for the healer. Vote for the strongest, most qualified candidate, Hillary Clinton, not the divider.”

Khan, in turns out, wasn’t just “honoring the sacrifice” of his son, as Clinton said. He was using the sacrifice of his son as a platform to promote the election of Hillary Clinton to the White House.

After hearing Trump’s criticisms, Khan upped the ante by saying that Trump has “no soul,” or, at least, “a black soul.”

So Mr. Khan is not just some innocent lamb who wandered into the political crossfire. He is attacking the Republican nominee in the most derogatory terms.

And yet, even Mike Pence eventually threw in the towel, saying that he and Trump believed the Khans should be “cherished.”

Yes, they should be cherished as long as they don’t start attacking people. Once they do, all bets are off.

The Democratic National Convention was not some mass psychotherapy session where people air their sorrows. It was political theater, and the Khans chose to give themselves a starring role in it.

And pusillanimous Republicans collapsing in fear of political consequences should instead call out this cynical — and quite successful — attempt by the Clinton campaign to unleash a fierce attack against Trump, knowingly insulated from return fire by the memory of a dead American hero.

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  1. Khan has been exposed as an agent for the Muslim Brotherhood paid by DNC to speak and do his part to smear DT, and lamestream media is complicit in creating more ‘chaos’! One message I received reveals how the international community views America and the word is: ENDANGERED! jb

    1. And the esteemed Mr. Khan is also an attorney who specializes in unlimited muslim migration to this country and surprise, surprise – has received funds from that charity of charities the Clinton Foundation Crime syndicate.

      Regarding the so-called outrage – most of it is merely the product of the democrat communist propaganda machine and does not reflect what the vast majority of Americans think. Now where does Khan acknowledge that his son was killed by fellow muslims.

      There is a lot about Mr. Khan that is now starting to be revealed by media outlets like Breitbart.

      Khan is the one who dishonors his son. A paid shill be the Clintons.

      1. The real problem with all of this is that Breitbart is the ONLY news source who are reporting these facts.
        You will hear nothing from MSM about it, but where is Fox???

    2. Wow! what a post Judybeth!!! The Republicans Ryan, McConnell are so disgusting! The Clintons used the Khans who disrespected their son by wallowing in the mud of Hillary Clinton politics and who is the chief liar with her husband and the democratic party to score points for their absolutely phony campaign for president. to use the Khans like that. The Khans may be agents for the Muslim Brotherhood. Do you think that Hillary Clinton would care if they were? She loves the Muslim Brotherhood and can’t wait to win so that she can give her assistant all the secret info. The whole bunch, traitors including Obama and his minions who are doing everything to undermine America. He is dying to have a third term through Crooked Hillary to continue the charade. We have never had such a bunch of sneaky criminal elements in the White House, pray that Trump defeats this evil empire who will try with every fiber of their being to steal this election, rig machines, not count military votes, etc., etc., etc.

  2. Gotta give the Dems credit…

    Can’t counter Obama, because he’s black.

    Can’t counter Hillary, because she’s female.

    Can’t defend yourself against overdone attack by Gold Star parents…

    With all the sacred cows the Dems have, it’s not surprising to see FLOTUS referred to by some as “Moo-chelle”.

    1. I don’t like how he handled it either. But then Khan did willingly challenge him and drag his dead son into the political arena.

      Allowing the Democrats and the GOPe dictate what and how Trump should respond is ridiculous.

    2. Hillary and the Dems know they can get Trump to respond and that is what they got.. they are playing it to the hilt. But I do agree with Keith on the Idiot Republicans falling for the con…

      I’m starting to think there is no one in Trumps confidants that will tell him as it is..

      I’ve never met a lawyer be offended, unless they were being paid…

    3. If Mr. khan stopped after eulogizing his son and KEPT HIS MOUTH SHUT everything would’ve been fine and there would’ve been no reason for anybody to attack him. But as is so typical of the extremely radical far left wing islamofascist terrorist embracing democrat party of death operatives they just cannot keep their mouths shut at the appropriate time and have to wade into the political arena with their uninformed and infantile remarks. There was no need for Mr.khan to launch into a vitriolic attack on Donald Trump. The fascist democrat party of death party has plenty of surrogates who are more than capable of playing attack dog without having to go to a piece of islamofascist dung such as Mr.khan. Perhaps he should to change his name to “Con” as he is one of the biggest con men around. He certainly has you and the entire lame stream media conned!

  3. Rumors are circulating that Khan works for the IT company that installed Hillary’s servers; that the Khans are active with the MB; and that Khan has been friends with HRC for years.

    Instead of attacking the Gold Star mother, why didn’t Trump do his homework and get the low-down on Khan’s relationship with Hillary and the MB? If, indeed, there is one.

    Everyone knows Hillary and Obama are in bed with the MB. It only follows that they would call on one of their own, Mr. Khan, to attack Trump.

    Attacking the mother was just plain stupid! Stupid is as stupid does!

  4. I am very sympathetic to the Khans and yes Mr. Trump could have handled it better however the Khans doubled down over the weekend and threatened if the leadership for the party did not pull their endorsements he would keep it up. He has now allowed the matter to become less of a sympathy issue and more of a political issue. Unfortunately we have two very flawed candidates and one of them will become our president. I still want someone whom I believe can shake things up and Hillary Clinton is not that person. This country is in a bad place. We can’t continue to accrue the debt we do and unless and until the people are ready to make difficult choices and give up the continued over the top promises of our politicians we will suffer the consequences of those decisions. So many problems and so little focus on the very important issues of the day. A good comparison is the person who needs lifesaving surgery and wants a doctor who is qualified but also compassionate and nice. While I agree bedside manner is important I want someone who can perform the surgery with excellence and save my life.

  5. “To launch an attack as he did on Captain Khan’s mother, a Gold Star mother, who stood there on that stage with her husband honoring the sacrifice of their son,” Hillary Clinton said. “I don’t know where the bottom is.”

    She should know damn well where the bottom is…lying to the parents of the four Benghazi victims in front of their flag-draped caskets!

  6. Exactly right. Allen West nailed it in his column today. Captain Kahn is indeed to be honored for his service and sacrifice. By all reports he was an honorable man who gave his all for this country. But. But. That does NOT give his parents a free pass to opine, and to lie, in the service of the DNC. What has Trump had to do with Americans dying in the Middle East? Exactly nothing! Look to Obama, and particularly to SoS Clinton, for screwing that situation up so badly that additional lives have now been lost. Why does Hillary, of all people, deserve any excusing on this matter, while Trump is made to appear somehow at fault?

    The behavior of the Reps has been reprehensible. They owe Trump at least the truth; that he may be brash but he ordered no one to Iraq, and NO ONE who speaks that way at the DNC convention gets the “hands off” treatment. I don’t care if you are a decorated vet, or you lost twin daughters in the fight. If you dive in and tear up a political candidate, you need to be man enough to expect a reply in kind. Wimps.

  7. Mr. Khan choose to be there on stage. If he or they didn’t consider the consequences to being in the spotlight for Hilary, then they were grossly misinformed. Then possible the Hillary camp knew the Donald would go for their bait. They think that way you know..To bad Mr. Trump just can’t discipline his ego and let some questions by the set up press pass on by. Currently I feel sorry for both candidates. They both travel most traveled road.

    1. I completely agree with this comment; there was no careful thought regarding this DNC tactic and Trump and his handlers should have realized that this was a trap and a disaster waiting to happen. It does not matter what the Khan’s motives were; the fact is that Hillbillary support a war that was responsible for the death of his son, not Trump. Trump’s handlers really need to take his twitter over and stop with the rapid responses.

    2. Agree. Trump has got to learn to resist the bait, and keep the high road, always. He needs to learn that lesson fast. The Clinton people have rooms full of forest creatures with jagged yellow teeth, forked tongues, pointy ears and long green fingernails who work closely with the MSM and are paid to find ways to cause Trump to falter, to overreact, to create yet another Trump whoopsie.

      Trump’s great strength is that he is spontaneous. Trump great weakness is that he is spontaneous.

  8. “Yes, they should be cherished as long as they don’t start attacking people. Once they do, all bets are off.

    The Democratic National Convention was not some mass psychotherapy session where people air their sorrows. It was political theater, and the Khans chose to give themselves a starring role in it.”

    Keith you nailed it in this commentary.

    However, I don’t cherish the Khans. They sure as heck don’t cherish me or they would not be voting for HRC.

    The mother didn’t speak because:
    1. The father never realized that in western culture she would be expected to speak.
    2. She couldn’t speak unless he said it was OK…hence the comments made after the fact.
    3. A woman’s opinion in the Islamic belief system is non existent. She does not really matter except to birth babies. I admit I do know of two exceptions.
    4. Pakistani Islam is one of the many, many forms of Islam. Islamic beliefs are as varied as Christian beliefs and biased to the individual tribes. All Christians believe in the Bible but their interpretations and understanding differ. Same for Islam.
    5. If Khan truly loved the USA, he would have proved it be blaming Islamic terrorism. He did not.

    And one more thing – we now know that DT is fighting the Dems, the GOPe and the media. PLEASE Donald, let your words portray strength and purpose a not petulance. For all our sakes, get someone to help you with your words.

  9. Kind of reminds me of Michael Douglas in “Falling Down,” in a way. Except that in the final scene, after causing all kinds of mayhem, he’d be begging Pendergast not to shoot him because, hey, you wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would ya?

    Actually, yes. You don’t get to dish out cheap shots on national TV like that and then say “no hitbacks.”

    Politics ain’t beanbag, and if you’re going to step into the octagon, you’d better be prepared to take a punch or two. If not, you’re a damn hypocrite.

  10. I would really like to know more about the Khan-Democrat connection.

    Khizr Khan worked with Loretta Lynch at one of the country’s largest lobbying firms (he was there 2000-07, she was there 2001-10). He was the manager of the firm’s litigation technology. I can’t help wonder whether the Lynch-Bill Clinton tarmac conference included Khan matters, e.g., server cleansing and/or setting him up to put on a sideshow at the DNC.


    Hogan Lovells:

    Lobbying in the United States
    Hogan Lovells is among the largest lobbying firms in the United States. Before the merger, by revenue, Hogan & Harston [sic] was among the top five lobbying firms in the United States.[26] Since the merger, the firm has remained among the largest lobbying firms, servicing $12.3 million in lobbying 2013.[27]

    Loretta Lynch:

    In 2001, Lynch left the U.S. Attorney’s office to become a partner at Hogan & Hartson (later Hogan Lovells). She remained there until January 20, 2010, when President Barack Obama nominated Lynch to again serve as United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.[7][11] From 2003 to 2005, she was a member of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.[12]

    From—rather, the Google Cached version because it’s been yanked off the site: or for

    Khan spent seven years, from 2000 to 2007, in the Washington, D.C., office of then-Hogan & Hartson. He served as the firm’s manager of litigation technology. Although he did not practice law while at Hogan, Khan was well versed in understanding the American courts system.

    1. Khan has a lot of experience with Immigration law and Muslims and pro bono work for military muslim families.

      Also check out these links from an earlier thread. Khan knows the Democrats and the Party well. He is no innocent when it comes to politics.

  11. Isa aw a headline somewhere that military families (Gold Star) were against Trump and what he said. Maybe, maybe not.

    It is unpopular to suggest that military families are political too. But they are. I come from a military family.

    But I would venture to wager that ask a soldier who they would prefer to have as a CiC Clinton or Trump it would not be Clinton.

    Not from experience. Trump would use the military to defend the country and would support them. Hillary would use the military to protect and defend her and for dressing up and serving the political elite and their guests.

  12. Keith, has anyone told Obama to read the latest ISIS magazine article? In it, ISIS says pretty much “Islam is why we hate you and want to kill you.” Maybe you can forward him a copy.

  13. Trump’s team and the RNC — Trump fundraised for them he is entitled to money and support — need to find some good opposition research people.

    They should have known everyone who was going to speak and for many should have been able to get a copy of the speeches or at least known the content. And that is jv opposition research.

    The Dems do this all the time. They know these links can be established and research can be done But they get the lie or the MEME out first, and the Republics always late to the party.

    Trump and team used to be lightning fast in the beginning — now not so much. Expect no help from the GOP — heck not even Pence showed up for the Khan thing.

    1. I don’t know this, but seems to me that Trump is on the defense – not the offense.
      If this bombardment of bad press and fire Marshall’s limiting attendance and GOPe back stabbing and Kochs becoming turncoats, etc, etc, etc, – if it continues every day for the next 98 or so days….he needs to let the big dogs off the porch.

      1. Shades of Mittens Romney!

        Which in no way puts me in line with the “he never wanted to be Prez. He’s not serious or he’s trolling for Hillary” camp which makes no sense at all, to me.

    2. Good points, Grace. Sounds like there are people in the Trump camp who are falling down on the job… kind of a replay of how McCain’s own team destroyed his campaign in 2008 because they hated Palin.

      Mr Trump is sharp, though. He will not get stuck in this swamp.

  14. why are we like deer caught in the headlights when confronted with scripted propaganda like this? I’m sorry (kinda) but how is it their Muslim son takes precedence over all others who have served, sacrificed, and died? I’m not buying it…especially after reading about attorney Kahn and his connections. Bullcrap

  15. I think I said this before.

    But where the heck is opposition research? Trump’s organization should have been all over this guy when they first learned of his speaking for Hillary. Trump should have been able to put this to bed pronto and moved on.

  16. I’m doubling down on my opinion that Trump never thought he would get this far – and never wanted to get this far. He does not want to be Prez!

    He has no significant ground game, and has not improved his grasp of the issues.
    His ‘talking points’ are so stale, it’s boring everyone to tears.

    His intention was simply to be a ‘protest’ voice, not the voice of the people.
    He was caught up in the ‘reality show’ he unwittingly created, and his massive ego prevented him from ending the charade.
    His followers have been duped! MY OPINION ONLY.

    The media is finally beginning to question Trump’s problem: Does he really want to be President?

    1. “I’m doubling down on my opinion that Trump never thought he would get this far – and never wanted to get this far. He does not want to be Prez!”

      It’s not your opinion…it’s a meme that’s been making the rounds for a couple of months now. Read it elsewhere before anyone was mentioning it here.

      1. You must have missed my posts on this site. This has been my opinion since last year.
        The meme only validates my opinion, for what it’s worth.

        It’s the only thing that makes any sense in analyzing Trump’s erratic behavior.

        1. The meme likely originated with the Dems. If enough people believe that Trump never wanted to be elected President, then why would they vote for him?

          1. Here’s my take: Trump’s ego wanted to ‘win’ the nomination, but he never wanted to win in Nov.
            He never gave a hoot about being Prez. He has no interest in boring policy issues or legislating.

            The first line on his Wiki page will read: Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald J. Trump! What a farce!

            He has already set the table for his ultimate defeat in November: “This election is rigged!”

            It’s a ‘win-win’ for Trump, and a huge con job on America.

            Just my two cents…

    2. So you think Trump is putting in all this money and effort just to make Hillary Rot Ham Clinton president?

      I think you’ve been listening to sour grapes.

      1. He is running his campaign on the cheap, and his ‘efforts’ consist of rallies and tweets. Not to mention all of the face time he gets on cable t.v. That’s work???

  17. Excellent, Keith. I only disagree in one aspect, I have no empathy for the Khans, as a matter of fact, I am disgusted by them. I have learned more about them and it is even clearer to me , they are there to normalize and promote Islam ( and to promote Hillary, of course ). After so many years in the US, Mrs Khan still needs to wear a veil ? And flaunt it ? Offensive to me. I would like to hear them on the issue, Muslim terrorism in Europe.
    Yesterday I watched CNN but couldn´t stand it. So many extremely urgent news in the world to report and instead it was all about Trump and the Khans. CNN is certainly all about Hillary propaganda. Yesterday Trump announced at a rally ” We are going to punch through the media. We have to. It is completely dishonest.” And he singled out New York Times and CNN. Yes, he is right and I believe he has too, it is horrible to watch the medias Trump-massacre. And our media just copy your media. But it only strengthens my opinion, Trump must win.
    I switched channel to Russia Today, to Crosstalk with Peter Lavelle, much more balanced and interesting discussions there on this issue. Who would have thought that ? Will US under Hillary go more Stalinesque while Russia goes a bit more more….American…?

  18. Koffler, you are right on the money. I was appalled to see Mr Kahn get out there so angry and hateful, making the disrespectful remarks he did of an American presidential nominee.You treat others as you want to be treated so I cant blame Trump for getting upset. Mr Kahn was shaking his pocket sized constitution telling Trump to read it (like that wasn’t staged) Why did Mr. Kahn not call out his fellow Muslims who are to blame for the distrust Americans have of them because of the thousands of Americans they have killed in the name of their religion, the thousands they have murdered across the globe.All of those Americans who lost their lives in the battlefields and right here at home, all of the firefighters and police who sacrificed their lives to save people killed on American soil during 911 at the hands of Muslims are heros. Has everyone forgotten 911? where were those family members the survivors of the fallen? where were their voices? why couldn’t we hear from them? they are real heroes too!! Maybe Trump should call on the thousands of families who have lost family members at the hands of Muslimls, give them the platform. The Khans were very outright disrespectful. One last thing, we have had a few elections since their son died, why were they not invited to speak at those previous DNC conventions? Democrats play dirty pool, they know how to push Trumps hot button and they succeeded but its how they did it that Americans should be pissed off about, it is despicable to use that family’s tragedy to entice hate for Trump. I’m sorry Trump took the bait but since it was a ploy by the Democrats because they are so desperate for votes that they would stoop that low and use that family, this little episode has not swayed my support for Trump in the least bit. We’ve trusted Muslims before in this country been so kind to them out of political correctness, let them go to school, work and train and look how they repaid the kindness and should I say the weakness of the American people, they killed them!. Wake up America the muslims are not your buddies and will not side with you if you are not a muslim, they stick together, maybe Khan should read the Koran and what it says about the infidels. Move over Black lives matter, thee muslims lives matter is taking your place.

  19. I am unsubscribing to you as i disagree w your article. He has been exposed for what he is, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. I dont like Trump but im glad he stirred this pot up. Muslims have no place here trying to change our laws to what they left behind. He also supports legalization of Sharia Law.

  20. It would behoove Donald Trump to stick to his statement. I read the background and current employment of Kzir Khan, and he does not appear to have saint status. He was deliberately setting up the sympathy of his son’s death to promote Hillary Clinton, who had the gall to question Trump’s statement, after condemning the speech of Pat Smith, whose son died in Benghazi because of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton? The Her-Story gets more bizarre by the minute.

  21. If you know a little something about Mr. Kahn you realize the Dems did not vett him all that well. He has many connections that are shall we say unsavory, like the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Mr. Trump would have been best advised to leave it alone and deal with him once elected, but it is what it is.

    So as Bill Clinton would say, it’s time to move on.

  22. It has become obvious that Mr Khan’s objections to Trump’s immigration plans have nothing to do with his son and everything to do with how he makes his living. Add the Clinton ties and the resulting picture is quite hideous.

    As usual it is “Follow the money.”

    He is really no different than so many politicians and others that routinely stand on the backs of the honorable dead for personal gain.

    I hope he doesn’t complain when this finishes crashing. “The Press” gave him the canvas, paint and brushes. He painted his portrait all by himself.

  23. Their loss is unimaginable. I had a fair amount of sympathy for this couple until I learned of his occupation as an immigration attorney, and his background as a “scholar” on Sharia law.
    This man walked on that stage with an undeniable agenda, and proceeded to whore out his son’s sacrifice to support that agenda.
    Can’t understand a parent that would do that…

  24. Trump has insulted these people — Republicans — and now they are getting theirs back in a petty way that will hurt his future.

    They are so stupid.

  25. No one is questioning the sacrifice of the Khan’s son. Both Trump and Mike Pence have said publicly that the soldier was a hero and died as one. The problem is Trump and his penchant for going off half-cocked and getting sidetracked into Dhimmicrat minefields. Sure, he fights back, and that’s great — a candidate with a pair is something the GOP hasn’t had in years. Battles one can win are one thing, carefully laid ambushes are something else. In this case, at least, Trump couldn’t tell the difference until the political IED blew up in his face. A couple more like that and he can kiss his candidacy goodbye.

    As for McConnell and Ryan and the passive-aggressive Jeb, what’d you expect? They will stab Trump in the back every chance they get.

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