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Hillary Lying About Being Truthful

Hillary Clinton is still lying about her emails, saying that FBI Director James Comey said she told the truth about her them. Well, she’s shading. He said he saw no reason to think she didn’t tell the truth to the FBI. The American people? Another story entirely.

From the Washignton Post fact-checking on Clinton, which gave her the highest rating for dishonesty, “Four Pinocchios”:

Clinton is cherry-picking statements by Comey to preserve her narrative about the unusual setup of a private email server. This allows her to skate past the more disturbing findings of the FBI investigation

For instance, when Clinton asserts “my answers were truthful,” a campaign aide said she is referring to this statement by Comey to Congress: “We have no basis to conclude she lied to the FBI.”

But that’s not the whole story. When House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) asked whether Clinton had lied to the American public, Comey dodged: “That’s a question I’m not qualified to answer. I can speak about what she said to the FBI.”

As for retroactive classification of emails, Comey did say many emails were retroactively classified. But he also said that some emails were classified at the time — and Clinton and her aides should have been aware of that.

Here’s how Comey put it in his lengthy statement when he announced the completion of the investigation: “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

Comeys remarks were a damning indictment about Clinton’s harboring of classified information on a private email server. Were she not running for president, she’s be facing prosecution.

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  1. Bottom line is she is unqualified to hold office.
    It’s a sad day when public officials are held to a lower standard than we the People.

    If I had done 1 tenth of what she has gotten away with I would have been discharged and sent to Leavenworth for security breaches.

    • Also, I have never heard of retroactively classified e-mails, or any document for that matter.

      Sensitive material starts Top Secret, then Secret, then Confidential, as it is deemed not essential for the security of the US.

      Restricted is the only level that tops Top Secret.
      At least that’s the way it was when I was in.

        • She’s a sick liar. She can’t stop lying even when the truth is presented to her in film clips! And Comey was under oath when he said it was not true about what she said about classified e-mails. She’s so disturbed that she even lied at the interview on Fox last night when the evidence was put in front of her and the low I.Q.’s will still vote for her? Sure, thats how dumb her supporters are.

    • Of course she lied. The questions is what is anyone going to do about it? As someone said recently now the investigations are the cover up.

      BTW, here’s a handy little summary of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy.

      The Obama administration armed the Mexican cartels in Fast and Furious, empowered the Muslim Brosephs in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab Spring, and ran guns to the bad actors in Syria through Libya. We’ve given Russia a green light for rebuilding their empire, surrendered Europe to refujihadis, enabled the Iranians to build nukes, and are about a fly’s eyelash from letting our own nukes at Incirlik fall into Turkey’s hands.

      Once you realize there’s a consistent pattern here of giving aid and comfort to America’s worst enemies, everything pretty much makes sense.

    • c’mon, Hillary Clinton is an old frump riding on the coattails of her husband, who is just as sleazy, not only sexually, but when it comes to money, these two are the most crooked, so greedy, like Bonnie and Clyde, they deserve to be shot with all their lies and stealing for their “Family Foundation”. Who are they kidding, their daughter Chelsea had an apartment on West 23rd Street in a mediocre building, then all of a sudden after all the millions of foreign dollars, Chelsea just purchased a $12 million dollar apartment with donations from the “Family Foundation” I presume. Where would Chelsea get $12 million? She doesn’t work that much, maybe a no-show tv contract?The Clintons did not earn their monies like Trump did, he worked for it, these liars held their hands out and said it was for “charity”? Please! Maybe some went to charity but not much. And what happened to the missing $6 or 7 million in the Obama Admin? No one talks about that. And to think the FBI or whoever lets her run for President with all their Bonnie and Clyde robbing? And the horrible Republicans pick on Trump and want Hillary Clinton to win so we can all go down the communist road? What traitors, Bush, that slob governor from Ohio, McCain too and others! The people should rise up and rid America of this tyranny that has gone on since Obama! Yeah, everyone, turn your head and vote for Clinton the crook! Thats what the Repubs deserve — to live in a communist country for their jealous actions against Donald Trump. The Republicans know that Donald Trump is the smartest one in the room and they can’t stand it! And they can’t stand that they won’t be able to make a lot of deals if he’s elected. Rise up and wake up people.

      • I didn’t mean really that they deserve to be shot — it was a figure of speech. No one deserves to be shot. Wrong to say that. Anyway, the Clintons will go on and turn America into a third-world country and if she’s elected we will have all the fanatics here and every week there will be violence, suicide bombings, shooting, etc. If Trump is elected we may have a chance but I do think the Clintons and CNN and MSNBC people will help them to steal the election without any moral fiber in their beings.

  2. If Trump is elected, she’ll be facing prosecution–jail time. Go see the movie, Hillary’s America”. Denesh D’sousa is a true patriot yet he cannot vote since the feds threw him in jail for campaign contributions. A crime that no other American has been jailed for. Hillary’s America is not just a condemnation on Hillary Clinton, it is a history movie of the Democratic party. A history that is never taught in any college with all of the li8beral professors.

  3. And this morning, MSNBC gave Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon (formerly of the Justice Dept.) several minutes to torture the English language into giving up bizarre rationale by which Clinton is somehow innocent here.

    MSNBC (and 300 million others) might be well served to view the following:


    • Problem is they will just dismiss it as lies.
      That’s the problem Playrighter.

      When one of Trump’s crowds started chanting,”lock her up”, he said, no we have to defeat her.

      She will never be jailed, ever.

      If however she is defeated it will be open season on them.

      • I was in a 3-month depression after Obama was elected the SECOND time. The first time I said, “well, I don’t know much about him. We have to give him a chance.” The second time, I swear, depression. I cannot imagine what I will go through if she is elected. Worse yet, I cannot imagine what our great nation will go through. With all of the corruption and the rigged voting, I am so afraid of what lies ahead.

        • The rigged voting is what worries me.
          That’s why Trump needs to win in a landslide.
          If the election is close she will take.

          Always keep in mind the Supreme Court appointees who can shape this Country for decades.

  4. Trump is a street fighter.

    If Hillary thinks she can take him down by the traditional tactics used by the liberals, she has seen nothing yet.

    Trump is the one with the ammo, supplied by Hillary and Bill.

    Game on.

    Buy popcorn.

    • And Clinton also has a great deal of ammo, most of it supplied by Trump himself. Sadly, Hillary was right; he is extremely easy to bait, and the media will magnify his gaffes continuously (likely for the next 98 days).

      • Trump never lied to the parents of troops while she knew the truth to their face on TV.

        She can bait him all she wants.
        He can take it and give it right back.

        Hillary is an acolyte of Saul Alinsky who told them to devastate the character of the opponent.

        What the hell do you think is going on now?

        Hillary, character?
        Give me a break.

        • Hillary has severe character flaws, and a provable history documenting them.

          And it looks like most of the media will ignore those in efforts to make sure she gets elected.

    • He is hamstrung by the Republican Party. In terms of contesting elections and anything procedural it will be difficult to do without the party behind you. And they are not.

      Yes, he’ll fight but right now even the party is tying his hands. He’s better than I am. At this point I would start challenging Ryan and McConnell on their comments, especially on immigration. They want it both ways — for their constituents to think they will not go full scale amnesty and yet to support the Democrat position as much as they can.

      • We gave them a chance to fix it Grace, they failed, and essentially lied to us to get re-elected.

        I hope that enough people remember that and send them back to districts that they screwed.

  5. Would love to see Chris Christie don his prosecutor’s cap and replace Trump at the debates.
    Lyin’ Hillary would be finished in the first round!

    There must be a way to salvage this election, but Trump is not the solution. She is sooo beatable. Sigh.

      • No question, AFVet. Christie was, and still is, IMHO, the only candidate that had a chance against Hillary.
        He has a lot of Trump’s moxie, but he is not a loose canon. I would vote for him in a NY heartbeat.
        He is just what we need to defeat HRC, IMO, of course.

          • I so agree on Christie as AG. I would love to see Trump release his cabinet choices well before the election. He may. He is smart enough not to tell us what he is going to do and when. Unlike Obama who will tell you where our troops are, how many, their mission and and when they will withdraw. What a diseaster-in-chief!

          • Hillary needs to be ‘prosecuted’ and taken down before Nov. 8.

            The Trump campaign should spend a little $$$ and produce a mock trial video, ‘We the Jury’.
            Christie could rebut a few hundred of her biggest lies in a courtroom setting, using her own words to convict her.

      • Speaking of Q and A: If you go to Hillary’s own website and click on links (“Equal Pay” for one), you get a page that says “Trying to get where you want to go? Well, this isn’t it…But as long as you’re here, would you like to sign up as a volunteer?”

        Sure, why not, if she really needs more unpaid people to give others the run-around.