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71 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || July 31, 2016

  1. Odds that this much hyped Shrilliary Clinton “interview” on FNC this morning with Chris Wallace will be underwhelming with lots of softballs and no hard follow-up questions…?

    • Haven’t seen it and probably won’t. No cable. But if MW’s “interviews” of the past are an indication it will be a complete Congratulations Your Highness….sit down.

      Then again from the comments I’ve been reading about Fox since the trumped up Ailes departure and the takeover by Murdoch and sons I suspect it will become just another member of the Ministry of Truth and drop any pretense of fair and balanced.

  2. Re: Refugees here in Central America

    Here is an article about Cubans stuck in Colombia who are trying to make it to the US. When the last wave of Cubans came through here Panama made arrangements with Mexico which allowed them to fly direct to Mexico. The Cubans flooded all the Western Union offices. They were having family or friends wire them money.

    Presently there are 800 Somalis camped out at the Costa Rican/Nicaraguan border.
    Nicaragua will not let them enter.

    The families in El Salvador are sending their children to the US in order for the children not to be exposed to the violence of the MS 13 gangs. There are 17,000 MS 13 membersin prison there. There are another 70,000 running free.

    All of this is not being reported.

  3. After watching the CNN State of the Union interview with the articulate father of Captain Khan this morning, and the heart-rendering 13 minute interview on MSNBC yesterday (see link) with both parents, I am thoroughly disgusted by Donald J. Trump as a human being.

    Trump had the audacity to suggest that Mrs. Khan did not speak at the Convention because of their Muslim faith. Mr. Khan explained that his wife was too emotional at the Convention, and was unable to hold herself together on that stage with her son’s photograph inches away.

    If Trump had watched the 13 minute interview with both parents yesterday, he would have seen that Mrs. Khan spoke quite openly about her son, breaking into tears at times, and stifling her sobs. It was heart-wrenching!

    Mr. Khan called Trump a ‘black soul’ this morning. I agree with him 100%! Trump is ignorant and devoid of empathy on so many levels, but this time he really crossed the line!

    • Your opinion is respected.
      Let’s talk about MrsClinton’s lack of empathy for the families of those Americans killed in Benghazi by Muslim terrorists.
      MrTrump’s comment was directed at the Islamic opinion of a woman’s status whether married or not.

      • I agree with you srdem65. That said, acknowledgement of a parents’ loss of a child, and especially a member of our military, should have been expressed. Then any comments follow.

        But Khan was a set up by the Dems for more Muslims. The waving of the constitution was overly dramatic. Sharia and the Constitution are incompatible. And quite frankly what Trump said is not more insulting that what the Dems did at the convention.

        Not to deny their service and RIP — but 14 US military Muslims have died in combat.

      • And, as always, your opinion is respected, srdem.

        However, I vehemently disrespect Trump’s boorish brand of personal attacks…going all the way back to the primaries.
        It’s not a sign of ‘toughness’ – it’s the tactic of a bully.

        Clinton’s devious behavior does not excuse the fact that Trump is also unfit to serve.

        My opinion still remains – Trump is not serious about being Prez – he is only interested in ‘winning’. Winning to Trump translates into ‘hitting hard’ with the personal attacks against anyone who criticizes him. It’s all about ‘him’!

    • Girly, I think the Democrats use the Khans to “polish up” Islam and I think that Mr Khan is taking this opportunity to go a little bit too far, in my opinion. In a CNN interview ( Breitbart ) he claims that terror has nothing to do with Islam. That is almost a provocation to me, living in a Europe tormented by Islamic terrorism. There is without doubt a strong link between radical Islam and terror.
      Khan is in the interview asking McConnell and Ryan to “repudiate” Trump, calling it a “moral obligation” and warning that not doing so would be a “burden on their souls” that “history would not forgive”. I think it sounds like a threat. Why preach like this ?

      • SL, I agree with you that Mr. Khan’s appearance was a ploy by the DEMS to ‘polish up’ Islam.
        However, it was the story of a true Americam hero. Trump should have acknowledged the heroism of Captain Khan, and then kept his mouth shut!
        He simply cannot control himself – he is unfit to serve, IMO.

        • But Girly, who are these people, the Khans ? Seems to me they use their sons death ( 12 years ago ), in a propaganda war against Trump. That is not to honour their son, in my opinion. Mrs Khan, dressed in veils, refused to speak earlier but now appears in the Washington Post in an opinion piece. The article is very emotional , feeling pain etc. I wonder, who wrote it for her ? She also thinks that Trump is ignorant about Islam and should study the Koran. Such arguments in fact makes me furious. I see Islam as a big violent threat, I think it is insensitive to appear in veils and demand that Westerners should study Islam in these days when we see Muslim terrorism almost every day.

          • Muslims(ones who submit to Islam)will do anything to advance Islam’s World Domination Goal either quietly infiltrating every aspect of the culture or overtly killing non-muslims!

            Read Wm Federer’s Book “What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an”! You might fine it as an e-book at his ‘American Minute’site.

            It traces the 1500 years of Islam’s violent World-wide spread right into the US Congress (Keith Ellison MN ‘first known muslim’ elected to Congress) and now muslims are in the WH and every Fed Dep’t, plus throughout American city and State Government Offices, businesses, MEDIA,on campuses, etc., etc.

            Every American really needs ‘to KNOW’ because ignorance and/or indifference will condemn the US to loss of Constitutionally Guaranteed 1st Amendment Rights and Liberties under the HRC Adm and her SCOTUS nominees!

            HRC secretely despises America and is determined to CONTROL the lives of our school children, their parents, and wipe-out dissent from everyone, especially, Christians and Jews! Very Disturbing and Elections have Consequences that will either Secure and Protect Americans or Destroy and Rewrite and Wipe-out our American Heritage and History!

          • SL, the only info I found re the Khan family is included below.

            They are Pakistani from the UAE and emigrated 36 years ago.

            The elder Khan is a Harvard-educated lawyer.

            Mrs. Khan spoke quite openly in an MSNBC interview with her husband the day after the Convention.

            She did not appear to be repressed in the least – to the contrary.

            I posted the 13 minute interview above @10:18 a.m.
            It’s worth a listen.


          • Harvard educated lawyer huh?
            Isn’t that who is running this Country into the ground?

            Isn’t that who has the Muslim Brotherhood IN HIS ADMINISTRATION ???

            And then there’s ValJar.

            This comment goes to Girly1.

          • You are correct about Pakistan, Aileen.

            The Khans’ emigrated 36 years ago. Is it possible they simply wanted to flee Pakistan for a better life?

            There is a photo of Mr. Khan’s pocket Constitution in the link above. It looks well worn with margin notes, etc.

            My gut feel is that they love this country very much.

          • To Girly1
            As you know, I lived in the ME for a few years. Maybe you did, too. I don’t know.
            I DO know the experiences I had there – I speak from personal experience regarding Pakistan. In addition, Pakistan ties are traced to all terrorists – if the media will truthfully report the origins.
            I don’t care how long they haved live here. I don’t care what that booklet was. I know that apparently it can no longer be purchased.
            The notes were probably a comparison to Sharia Law. (And I can provide a link to support that it can no longer be purchased.) Islam and Tribal ties will always be more important to Muslims than anything. Anything including our constitution. Frankly, I find Mr. khan to be a bully. And if you believe his wife was too upset to speak then…believe that. I believe with all my heart that is not true.

          • @Aileen – Thank you for your input on the ME! Your experiences are invaluable.

            I was incorrect about the Khan’s fleeing Pakistan – they are Pakistanis from the UAE, which ha a very small Pakistani population.

            Re the pocket Constitution, it could have been an old copy – don’t know.

            Nothing, however, changes my opinion of Donald Trump and his vile attack on the mother of an American hero.

          • …I’ve studied the Koran, its a disturbing read if you look into and follow what it ‘preaches’…it truly is a savage 7th century AD desert cult of conquest.

          • Well said, swedishlady! Any and all apologists for islam can take a flying leap. They must think we are blind as well as stupid.

      • Sharia Law will “Trump” the American Constitution always. The Khan’s whole appearance was a sham, just like having the mothers of fallen THUGS at the Democratic Convention. Unfortunately for us, Americans that care, neither one of them should be leaders of the free world. Given the choice, actually, no choice, it will be Trump. I saw Hillary’s America last night. Dinesh D’Souza is truly an American Patriot!

  4. If Trump wins it will be a miracle and no thanks to the GOPe. The Koch brothers are their Soros and they are all — both sides open borders.

    Koch and GOPe are concerned only with keeping Congressional power. The future of the country is not a consideration. They can live with a Clinton Presidency and the death of the Republic.

    The conservatives are shrouding this in “conservatism” blah, blah, blah and to me the biggest disappointment here is Mike Lee.

    I can remember defending the Koch brothers. Sucker!

          • You are correct Girly1.
            I think that I saw that figure on Judicial Watch, but many of the expenses are not reported.

            I submit that it will be greater than 100 million by the time thy are out of office.

        • Following the three week vacay in Martha’s Vineyard, he will take his around the world multiple times farewell tour before finally leaving office.
          Remember, they are ENTITLED!

      • The Olympics – oh my.
        I don’t know if we should be proud of the athletes who are competing there or worry about their sanity and health.
        While our progressive idiots worry about climate change, too much salt on our food, and meddling in our health, the South American countries are still trying to figure out how to deal with raw sewage, finding food for all their people (salted or not), and good health seems to be elusive for the little people.
        Me? I wouldn’t step foot in any of those countries for anything. eww.

        • I think it’s insane. Regarding which country should or even can host an Olympic event, it’s akin to everybody gets a medal in a competition or on a test but there are no winners and no losers.

          Endangering the athletes’ seems to be the least of anybody’s genuine concerns. Yes, there’s talk about it but nothing is done.

          Now if Rio were a Republican you can bet there would be a furor. Same with Turkey. But some things this new world just let’s pass. The victory of the Third Worlders.

      • Once they are out of office, it will be interesting to see how many of those elites will have anything to do with this ghetto trash.

    • They should all be heading out soon. In the meantime, the oldest daughter was in Chicago to get her groove on at Lollapalooza. Videos have surfaced online showing her in short shorts with her buns hanging out the bottom and “twerking” to the music.

      Her Secret Service agent didn’t look impressed, or amused.

  5. Hillary is scheduled to speak right now in Columbus, Ohio, 2:30pm EDT.
    Outdoor event estimated 600 to 1000 attendees.
    It’s hot and humid today in central Ohio.

    Trump is coming tomorrow and will be in the convention center.

    It will be interesting to see the difference in the crowd size.

      • Don’t know.
        She’s trying to hit all of the rust belt states and has cancelled some appearances.
        Maybe due to poor attendance.

        Problem is, NAFTA killed many of the industries in this region and the people know it.
        Coal and steel fueled this area of the Country, Ohio, WV, and Pennsylvania.

        People that worked for years in these industries have lost their pensions.

        She is appearing at Ft. Hays complex, where I was inducted into the military.