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Obama Schedule || Monday, August 1, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:05 am || Departs White House
12:55 pm || Arrives Atlanta, Georgia
1:35 pm || Delivers remarks at the 95th National Convention of Disabled American Veterans; Atlanta
2:45 pm || Participates in a DNC fundraiser; private residence, Atlanta
4:00 pm || Departs Atlanta
5:30 pm || Arrives Joint Base Andrews

All times Eastern

31 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, August 1, 2016”

  1. Does an hour with the DAV to get we the taxpayer to have to pay for the DNC fundraiser. YEP that’s the Obama way.
    No Sunday open thread today but for those of you who insist on letting me intrude upon your reading time here’s the Sunday column:
    Dems must deny history to make history:
    This is the most important election in American history. NO, Trump was not my first choice and YES he infuriates me to no end with his lack of focus, BUT considering how much I know of Hillary and how focused she will be on undermining our Bill of Rights and every principle that founded this country it MUST be a Trump Presidency.
    Be well my WHD friends, be well.

    1. Geoff, this is only the beginning.
      His legacy is in jeopardy and he knows it.
      He is going to transverse this Country relentlessly to get Hillary elected.

      I don’t think it’s going to happen.
      The American People are awake and tired of the politicians that say one thing and do another.

    2. I’m printing this for my mom who thought hilz speech was great & she’ll vote for her.
      I need help!
      I honestly believe some people are too old & senile to be allowed to one.

    1. And these Veterans will not call out this Obama regime for using them as “props” so he Obama can go off to a fundraiser…

      Im sorry, I am a Veteran too, but I kinda lose respect for organizations like the VFW, my American Legion and Disabled American Veterans that let themselves be used as “props” for this anti-US Military Obama & his regime.

      Has ANYONE in this USELESS “WH press corps”(looking at you Keith…) every had the SMARTS or GUTS to ever ‘investigate’ what goes on at all these “Obama/DNC fundraisers at a private residence”…???

  2. Has a study ever been done to tally up how many “official government trips” Dictator Imam Obama has taken in Air Dunce One that included either fund raising events, golf outings, or vacations? Wonder what the total cost of these so-called official trips would be. I’ll bet it is in the hundreds of millions at least. Wonder how much the taxpayers have been actually been reimbursed? Bet it’s under $50,000.00

    There should be a law passed by Congress (that’ll be the day) banning any fundraising events by a president on any trips which include official government business. That includes communist democrat presidents and republican communist lite presidents.

    1. Along with that law from Congress, they should also pass a law requiring Obama to do a full day’s honest work while he’s in the White House. But it’s far too late in the game for that, obviously.

      1. I can’t recall the details at the moment but I think Obama did or is doing something that will uncap the current limit or boundaries of ex Presidents’ expenses.

        It’s not quite the retirement of George Washington to Mt. Vernon these days. More like royalty oval office to grave.

        Meanwhile we have a death tax.

        1. Dictator Imam Obama vetoed a bill last week that would have cut the pension benefits of ex-presidents. He is at heart a greedy communist swine.

        2. The Clintons lit the path to personal wealth post-Presidency via the Foundation route, didn’t they? They left the White House “dead broke”, and now look at them. Whatta racket the post-Presidency has turned out to be in this case.

          Sooooooo…….I just discovered there is already an Barack Obama Foundation. Who knew? Don’t know if you have curly hair or not, but it will be curly after you learn about this hair curling scheme. Digging into this Obama Foundation a bit, I’ve found this, as an example of what this little crooked and slippery enterprise is all about:

          “Private-Equity And Hedge-Fund Donors Dominate New Barack Obama Foundation”

          So, post-election we’ll be hearing about the Obamas making millions of bucks speechifying all over the planet, and no doubt a bucket-full of quid pro quos as Barry engages in his own brand of influence peddling.

    1. Wikileaks, DNC hacked, Bernie cheated, Podostra didn’t disclose $35 million, Hillary lies about child unable to go to due to disability, etc.
      But LOOK at the shiny squirrel.
      Media. Cisco don’t care about any pictures, so kma

  3. I have spent a lot of time torturing my brain to take a hard look at this Khan thing. I have too much to link, but suffice it to say there is plenty to prove or strongly suggest his ties to the Democrat party and to Muslims in the US government and military — not all good. Saudi Arabia looms large. They, like the media, are almost an arm of the Dems. It is always difficult because the language is so shady. Anyway, he is a leading expert and has a law firm specializing in Muslim Immigration.

    The GOPe is despicable. They are not upset about what Trump said about the family, but rather how they can use this to openly oppose Trump’s views on illegal immigration. And this is all about immigration. Not about a dead US Muslim soldier.

    Even the smallest look at Muslims in the government and in the military is truly frightening. And the fact that the GOPe is going a long wholesale with this is beyond disheartening.

    Here is a good thread — pay attention to the training and vettingS of Muslim chaplains and the school, as well as the comments of the GOPe.

    This whole Khan thing is trumped up in the worst possible way.

      1. I’m beginning to wonder if the “smacks of crazy” sites may be the only ones close to the truth.
        The man is Pakistani. He is not here to support our constitution but to implement Sharia Law. I will repeat that from now on.
        It never occurred to him that in western culture, the wife would speak to this. So – because he did not tell her to speak, she did not.
        We have got to quit viewing these people from the perspective of our culture. Look at them from within the perspective of their culture. That is the only way these actions make sense.
        And when you listen to a certain man lecture on and on, listen from the perspective of the Muslim culture…see what you hear then.

        1. There is a lot to the crazies I am finding out. I have a huge resource of legitimate information. Khan specializes in Immigration Law .

      2. And the GOPe will be as responsible for the election of HRC as the Dems themselves.
        Oh some days this makes me so aggravated I could spit!

        1. Paul Ryan removed the disqus comments from his Speakers Blog. What the GOPe is doing is despicable. And I have said this many times — I am appalled that Mike Lee is involved in this.

      3. And one more thought…the GOPe don’t care if HRC is elected. Whatever dastardly plan she hatches as POTUS won’t affect them any – just throw some money her way and voila – exemption!

        1. And why in the hell, doesn’t Trumps team disclose this crap??? Trump sorely needs someone to take his thoughts and arrange the words so that he is not handing them the ammo they need to shoot him over and over. Oh Lord! This is so frustrating!

        2. The GOPe plan is to solidify their power, prestige, benefits and whatever else they get in Congress. That is all.

          They can live like snakes under a rock with any POTUS. They are just onlookers, raising their hand to assent when called upon.

          It is ALL about them. They have ditched the welfare of the Republic for their own and it is blatant.

  4. Nice to see that they have web site to keep you mentally challenged dullards all in one place…….You all think you are so special,,,,, Losers……

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