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Saturday Open Thread || July 30, 2016



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    • Interesting to the max. Oil is the chief export, food and sundries the chief import. The price of oil falls, imports are then too expensive.
      The base problem; the government is the only buyer of imports.
      In a free society, importing goods for sale is the prerogative of individuals who hope to make a profit from the sales to the public. If no one is allowed to import goods, then everything fails.
      Forcing people to farm is not the answer if those people don’t have a clue about farming and husbandry. Raising crops and tending to animals takes specific skills and knowledge.
      It won’t be long before the government collapses.

      • The incessant regulations will be the death knell of the middle class in this Country.
        That includes farmers.

        Do the poor suffer from regulations?
        Do the rich suffer from regulations?


        The producers suffer from regulations.

  1. When General Allen spoke at the Dem convention I was enraged but not surprised. When he accepted Obama’s request to come out of retirement in 2014 to lead the now entirely laughable efforts to defeat ISIS I was curious.

    Petraeus and Allen are two who grab my interest. And not in a good way. Petraeus now is part of the Bilderberg crowd and seemingly quite content with his new life. Allen’s 2014 move was an alarm bell.

    We have often talked about the military under Obama. Here is a good but long article tracking Allen and discussing his appearance at the convention and support of Hillary. It’s a sad, sad thing what has happened to our military. Top to bottom.

    • Trump has mentioned throughout his campaign who he sees as Generals and leaders that should be leading the fight against ISIS.
      General Douglas MacArthur and General George Patton.

      I feel that Trump’s military advisors are not going to be pussies.

      He has said that he is going to defeat ISIS and I believe he will given the fact that he will pick the best people to carry that mission out.

      MacArthur and Patton and Eisenhower would never have allowed this to go on for so long.

      • Today’s Generals & Admirals are politically-correct “pussies”…(how do you think they became Generals & Admirals?) with no war fighting spirit like Patton or MacArthur, or conviction like Eisenhower…

  2. Interesting how little US MSM coverage protests against illegals and “refugees” in Europe gets. Certainly they are there for the big events that they explain away really with some lone wolf argument or subtle indication that yeah, it happens there but not here.

    Good to hear that the Germans are taking to protest Merkel. If they can get her out maybe there will be a change in the whole of Europe and finally find its way here.

      • AFVeT, that´s how I feel too. Brexit was a start. The tide is turning slowly. Will the US follow with Trump ? If so, the tide is turning faster.

    • Yes Grace, I am so glad they will protest today. I believe and hope it will be massive. How will media report about it ? Or, will they report at all ?

  3. Once again, a court has struck down a voter ID law meant to discourage voter fraud by claiming it discriminates by race.
    What idiocy and insulting statements by Dems who believe that Blacks are so outside modern society and so stupid they don’t have any form of ID that all of us carry around.
    How does a government agent even get to say that requiring a common and easily available ID is a racist action.
    Every government agency requires an acceptable ID from everyone who steps on their property, and no doubt the very court that ruled IDs are racist does require visitors to present that very form before being allowed to sit in any court.
    IDs don’t prove WHO you are as much as they show where you LIVE. My birth certificate is proof that someone was born to some couple in a certain town – it does not prove that that someone is me, even if I have other forms of ID showing that name.
    I once got into an argument with a government idiot who demanded I prove that I was grandparent to two children I claimed were my grandson and granddaughter. I countered that my birth c ertificate or driver’s license, even my passport, proves nothing as their surname and mine were different. She demanded that I produce the children’s mother’s birth certificate even though her surname was different that the children’s. She then countered that the BCs of the children would prove my daughter was the parent of the children named. I pointed out that the children’s BCs would not prove that I WAS THEIR GRANDPARENT!
    This only ended when I pointed out that the document I would sign had the provision that I would be jailed if I was lying.

    Voter ID is an iffy and not perfect way to identify anyone or even where they are living (in what precinct) at the time of an election, but it’s all we have short of DNA and facial recognition science.
    The courts should stay out of the state’s efforts to keep elections honest.

  4. Keith, there is a link to WHD (and attributed to WHD). on fb to an article about the Muslim man who spoke at the DNC.
    Don’t see it here?

  5. An axe attack, a shooting spree, a knife attack, a suicide bomber,all events leaving many dead and wounded, all committed in Germany by Muslims in a week, 3 of the terrorists were asylum seekers.Well, finally I think the tide is turning. Today thousands of Germans will take to the streets to protest and demand the resignation of Merkel ( Grace writes about it here above too ).Will media take notice and report ? Merkel will of course never resign, but others will be given support to rise. Like I said, the tide is slowly turning.
    Two of the nuns held hostage during the attack in Normandy have spoken about their ordeal. They say that the young Muslims were smiling when killing the priest, and it was ” not a smile of triumph, but soft smiles of happiness”. Ghastly, like evil non-human creatures. The imams of the mosque in the city have declared that they won´t participate in the burial of the two Muslims. They will not “taint Islam” with them. However, I believe they are scared of the sentiments this murder have awoken. The Mayor of the town has not yet decided if to allow a burial at all. I think that there should not be a burial in French soil at all. Let the relatives ( who all live there ) deal with it. I strongly believe that effects of terrorism must be felt by the terrorists family, they are too often involved, often quietly supporting it. That might have a restraining effect on the terrorist.

  6. I am in moderation jail. Well it´s not too bad in here. Good coffee. And, surprise, freshly made buns smelling of cinnamon, vanilla and butter….