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Video || Pro-Police, National Security Speakers Shouted Down by Dems

This is the new Democratic Party. Anybody representing our military – former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Gen. John Allen, and an medal of honor recipient – were shouted down by anti-war sloganeering. Anything having to do with law and order or national security is anathema or of little concern to what is now the mainstream of the party.

I think Americans watched this, saw the reporting, and took note. If Hillary Clinton gets a bump out of this convention, I’d be very surprised.

And all of this has to effect the way she conducts herself in office. These are her people, whether she wants them or not.

This one was particularly dramatic. Look at what happened to former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who is respected on both sides of the aisle. He couldn’t even make his speech.

16 Responses to Video || Pro-Police, National Security Speakers Shouted Down by Dems

  1. Trump asked Russia to engage in cyberwarfare against US? Nah. Sounds like he was offering a reward (from the US media) for the return of something that was ILLEGALLY DELETED (Isn’t THAT un-American?) And if there was nothing on those emails but yoga and family stuff, where exactly is national security threatened (unless Hillary lied…)

    As to asking a foreign government to interfere in an election, why doesn’t Panetta ask Barack how HIS STAFFERS ended up in Israel working to throw that election to Netanyahu’s opponent?

    Double standard? Blatant partisanship? Maybe giving the US media to Russia would be a “gift” that could benefit both countries.

  2. With all due respect to his service, Gen. Allen deserved to be booed…no matter by whom or under what circumstances. His unwavering defense of Hillary’s foreign policy record is shameful.

    And I never understood Panetta’s “respect on both sides of the aisle”…he’s been in the tank for the Clintons for decades, and should have blown the whistle on Barry and Hillary when he had the chance, instead of waiting to criticize them much later only to sell his book.

    • Indeed he does. He retired after the scandal of Petraeus and his own at Centcom .

      When I read that he agreed to serve again at Obama’s request it was out in the open. He is a disgrace.

  3. It was disgusting. This is what Obama brought and Clinton will continue to use to beat down America. The paucity of the America flags until the end was no mistake.

  4. I am seeing many articles regarding the Muslim man challenging Trump about the constitution. If I could relay one message to everyone it is this.
    Islam is Sharia Law. Muslims must heed Sharia law. Sharia law is their government – their rules of law and their code of conduct and their religion.
    Sharia Law will never be subjugated to our Constitution. No matter what anyone says. I wish someone could have asked this man a direct question about Sharia Law and his life in the US governed by our Constitution.
    I am sorry this man’s son lost his life in service.
    But the man’s wife still wore a scarf. I use the word scarf deliberately in an effort to avoid mod jail. All these foolish, foolish women who encourage illegal immigration should take heed. Sharia law will impact their appearance and more importantly, their value in society.

  5. The last Dem convention- God was removed from the official platform, so failing to honor our police, firefighters, and the military isn’t a big surprise from people who cheer when a woman announces to all of the world that she did indeed kill her unborn child.
    They are a godless, evil, and sickening group of people.
    The love they profess to hold for humanity only extends to those who will embrace their horrifying agenda.
    Semper Fi to all of our honorable military, and a citizen’s salute to our police and firefighters.

  6. Strange. When Greta Van Susteren interviewed this woman, the officer first said she thought the BLM yelling happened before she spoke, and then said that she didn’t hear it so loudly when it happened. They found a police officer who put BLM support before respect for dead officers.