As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump Rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado

11 Responses to Live Stream || Trump Rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado

  1. My best friends went to Trump’s rally in Davenport Iowa yesterday. They said it was packed and boisterous but that Trump’s talk was mediocre, at best. Lots of rambling.

    • I watched also.
      This must be a grueling schedule for even a young man/woman.
      I’ve only missed 3 or 4 of his rallies, and each time,imo, he looks a little bit more tired.
      All that flight time must be taking a toll on each candidate.
      Bill did not look good last night.

    • He’s 70 years old.
      I give him immense credit for doing something that he does not need to do.
      But for the love of the Country, there he is.

      • All true, but my friends are avid Trump supporters yet think he needs to start talking more about the economy and less about Crooked Hillary. The headlines this morning of dismal growth handed him plenty of fuel to stoke the fires. Even the panel on The Five today feel he’s getting headlines that aren’t helping him.

      • I give him credit, too, for being accessible for several months now – whether through personal appearances, press conferences, TV interviews, telephone call-ins, etc.

        “Madame the Queen” hasn’t had a press conference in over 200 days, and only appears in carefully planned, heavily scripted settings.

        • I suspect her handlers realize that she is just awful in a press conference and tends to sound like a cat in a wood chipper when she gets going. You’re right, of course. She is 100 percent scripted, controlled, and completely manufactured. It’s as though any sense of humanity, candidness, or personal appeal had been cauterized from her soul.

          • I don’t think she’s ever really had any of those qualities…at least not evident in the public eye the past 25 years.

            I remember when I first saw her on TV during the ’92 campaign…she was bellowing on and on about “sending George (HW) Bush to the unemployment line.” I thought to myself, what a miserable woman this was…with such a shrill voice. I’ve disliked her intently ever since!