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Obama Schedule || Friday, July 29, 2016

11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Kerry

All times Eastern
Live stream of the White House briefing at 11:30 am

11 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, July 29, 2016”

  1. Will they discuss the situation in Turkey ? It is a powder house right now. Erdogan is completely paranoid. Well, he is himself involved in another coup, the one against Assad, so he knows a thing or two about coups. Well, the paranoid Erdogan has flushed out, jailed and killed everybody he imagines belong to any kind of opposition,it is a an enormous purge of Stalinesque dimensions. Now he believes that old Fethullah Gulen, living in the US since 1999, is one of the coup leaders and wants him extradited. If not, it is an “act of war” threatens PM Yidirim. Strong language. So Turkey is whipping up severe anti-US sentiments. But Turkey has many American military bases, also the NATO base Incilik with nuclear weapons. In short, we have a very dangerous situation. What will Russia do ? What are the consequences for Syria ? And oh, I see a giant wave of new immigrants heading our way.

    1. I am very concerned about Incilik and our other installations and people there. Obama will do nothing unless something so devastating forces his hand. And that something would have to be something that concerns him directly. Like Malia wanting to pop over for a little sightseeing.

      Obama admires Erdogan and we do not have competent enough people on the NSC or at DOD, or State to advise him to act or not. At the least we have to protect our people. The days of the US intervening for strategic reasons are long gone. We do not even protect our own borders, unlikely we will do something regarding the world.

      Europe is neutered, especially with Merkel calling all the shots. A key player is Putin and I am not up to speed on that.

      It is clear that NATO is on vacation. Obama is too stupid.

  2. Dictator Imam Obama meets Secretary of an alternate State of Mind. One can only speculate on the level of conversation between these two low IQ buffoons. Lots of ums and ahs interspersed with repeated hits on the bong until Dictator Imam Obama is so stoned that while staring at Kerry’s Frankenstein face he starts thinking he is talking to Herman Munster and has stumbled into a rerun episode of the Munsters. Meanwhile Herman Kerry starts hellucinating that a White House refrigerator is circling overhead preparing to attack.

    Absolutely terrifying that these two permanent residents of a fantasy reality are driving this country’s foreign policy. I feel so safe and secure!

    1. “…Obama is so stoned that while staring at Kerry’s Frankenstein face he starts thinking he is talking to Herman Munster…”

      Too funny, Junius! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

    1. Just amazing. Well, this is no longer our father’s Democrat party. Hasn’t been for a very, very long time. That’s for dang sure.

  3. Obama and Kerry scheduled to compare thermometers today at 1400 hours. Necessary calibrations will be done by Zolar the Magician.

    1. Well, maybe they’re onto something. You will notice that NYC, Miami and Los Angeles aren’t 20 under water as predicted before Obama promised to lower the rise of the ocean. So there’s that. It’s a blessed miracle, I tell ya.

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