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Obama: Hillary More Qualified than Anyone, Ever to be President

Really? More qualifed that George Washington?

Hillary is prepared to be president in the way that most government employees in Washington are prepared for the job: They’ve shown up for work.

In Washington, what happens is, you occupy a post, you spend some time in it, and then people figure it’s time for you to move up to the next highest position. And you move along until pretty soon you find yourself in a senior position, and everyone invites you to parties and thinks you must be great. You might even get to be Secretary of Somethng, who knows?

Hillary Clinton was first lady, then a senator, then secretary of state. She did nothing impressive in any of those positions. But she showed up for work — as in, “she traveled more miles than any other secretary of state.”

And so now she must be ready for the White House! But she’s not ready at all. Although Obama is right, she is better qualified than he was, though that’s saying not-too-much because he wasn’t the least bit qualified at all.

Obama also bumped into another truth: “She never, ever quits,” he said of Clinton. That’s correct, and that’s been a big problem for the country.

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  1. Most qualified, something about changing something(s), and a woman seems to be the basis of her campaign. Not much to run on when her background is that of questionable actions and nothing much of anything.
    Last night it was the anti-Trump convention as most speakers told us that he is horrible, a racist/sexist, greedy poser who will drop bombs on babies and puppies. The other speakers were assuring us that a no-gun country will be safer, that the police in every community must stop arresting Black criminals, and everything is fine and dandy, not matter what the horrible Repub says.

    MrKaine – a living saint by his own account who feels qualified to ridicule MrTrump.
    MrBloomberg – a poster figure for fascism accuses his fellow NewYorker of the same propensity for evil.
    MrObama – what’s to say about a man who never disguised his distain for both Clintons, now singing praises of MrsClinton as his successor.
    It was hard watching last night, difficult and uncomfortable to listen to constant hate spewed from so many.
    Love only goes so far for these Dems.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      I agree. However, to be fair, the left heard and responded the same about the republican convention. I had a hard time watching parts of the repub convention, as some was also over the top.

      But yeah, 61 speeches, no mention of ISIS, no american flags, cripes, dems ARE the America haters.

      Remember Chris Rock’s satire about the political vitriol? “George Bush… wants to EAT YOUR BABIES!” That was awesome.

      I can’t wait to see Hilly and Trump in the debates.

      Go Trump!

      1. x2 I was thinking that as well. The Rs did what the Ds are doing at their convention. Although the #Never Trumpers got way more media coverage than the pro Bernie anti Hillary people.

        After tonight we’ll see — and for all those who think Trump cannot be elected , strange things can happen.

        For instance, this stand against terrorism and the West’s policies by none other than Piers Morgan. So kudos to him.

  2. After 8 disastrous years it is clear that Barack Hussein Obama has no idea of what qualifications are needed.

    The only thing Clinton has is staying power. She rode in on coattails and rose in the usual government way. Hang in long enough and you will steadily move up the ladder. Even an unindicted criminal who put the nation’s national security at risk.

    And finally the other big joke is that Hillary Clinton is some kind of foreign policy maven. She was a frequent flier drunk.

    1. Barry and Hillary know exactly what they are doing.
      They are once again ramming their agenda down our throats.

      The rule of law be damned.

  3. My 19-year old son had the same question – more qualified than George Washington? Obama described the way Hillary ran a tough contest against him 8 years ago to prove she was so qualified – but didn’t explain why he won. If she was so good, he should have said, “But due to a fluke in delegate selection methods or some other unexpected chance, I won.” Instead, his argument proved he was the better candidate, undermining his assertion that she was the best qualified. Do the speech writes not check for internal logical consistency?

  4. Once again, the left equates effort with result.

    ” I never worked harder on this than anything else in my life.”

    William J. Clinton


    1. Beat me to it, Patty – exactly the case.

      And, on top of that, no one would have ever even heard of her if it weren’t for her husband. Feminists must love that pesky fact.

  5. Convincing…but his mother was an American citizen.

    According to an article in the Harvard Law Review:
    Fortunately, the Constitution is refreshingly clear on these eligibility issues. To serve, an individual must be at least thirty-five years old and a “natural born Citizen.” Thirty-four and a half is not enough and, for better or worse, a naturalized citizen cannot serve. But as Congress has recognized since the Founding, a person born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent is generally a U.S. citizen from birth with no need for naturalization. And the phrase “natural born Citizen” in the Constitution encompasses all such citizens from birth. Thus, an individual born to a U.S. citizen parent — whether in California or Canada or the Canal Zone — is a U.S. citizen from birth and is fully eligible to serve as President if the people so choose.

        1. I have no idea….I personally ascribe to “a natural born citizen is a child born to two citizens on our soil” theory.

  6. Just looking at the pictures from last night. I cannot stay up that late to see the “live” broadcasts.
    I so wish Hillary would get rid of those blue Maoish pantsuits.
    I know she is trying to disguise her bottom half and her sagging neck, but gosh, how about a scarf or a turtle neck?
    She is old and she looks it. If she wanted to appear more youthful, she should have had plastic surgery.
    Who are the advisors who “dress” democratic women?
    And that clutch/hug between her and and BHO…gave me the willies.

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