As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

24 Responses to Live Stream || Democratic National Convention – Day 3

  1. Watching the Dem convention last night gave me a deja vu feeling – did we hear this same stuff 20-30 years ago? Love is in the air, we are all together, We Are The World singers, and a former President so old and frail talking about some “girl” he met in college aren’t relative today.
    No conversation about massive unemployment, no concern about a massive, unsustainable federal debt, not a peep about rising cost of health insurance, and no one seems concerned about the imminent threats to our safety by radical Muslims – here and around the civilized world.
    Who are these Dems who complain about the cost of college but never admit that the government runs the whole program and sets the interest rates? How do they explain our infrastructure of roads and bridges falling apart when we all pay road taxes to prevent such things from happening?
    There are so many things they don’t say while they’re talking about gay issues, or Black issues, or nothing much at all.
    What kind of Dem party have they become?

    • Spot on. They refuse to talk about the genuine issues which are eating away at our safety, survival and liberties. They much prefer the approved, amorphous, fuzzy topics which are subjective, feel good, guilt providing elements at the core of their insane, destructive agenda. They will never wrap their heads around the fact that their own policies created these problems. Hard core liberalism really is a mental disorder.

      • oops–did not see y our spot on. Although I read the rest of your comment Marcus. Oh well — it’s a nice phrase.

        Well, I guess I’ll pop in to the convention and see what’s what.

    • Once again, spot on srdem65.

      And more confusing for me, is when I look at hear, read about the MSM reporting on it it sounds like something of substance happened, brilliant statements were made, excellent speeches, etc. and there is nothing. Essentially no there there.

      Whenever I turned to it last night (2 minutes of the impeached and disbarred pale white womanizer)I would see someone I didn’t recognize. Maybe that’s me — but there was this blond Blair woman…. Not even big stars of entertainment. I had audio off, but CC on. ‘

      Maybe because they want to appeal to millennials and the undecideds they don’t want to scare them off or confuse them with actual issues. Want to keep the LIVs , LIVs.

  2. I really really hate to say this. And RIP Beau Biden. But old Joe up there — dragging it in again.

    Something about people who use the dead to make political gain.

  3. WOW Somebody in the crowd has a small American flag which they actually held up for the camera when it went to Kaine’s 90 year old in laws.

    Somebody didn’t get the flag memo,

  4. I am out. I cannot do this. Every time Obama wants to be an “American” he uses the military as a backdrop. He uses the military for political gain only. He has demoralized, abused, and purged some of our best and replaced them with social science experiments.

    So, to introduce them there is a 50+ white woman — Gold Star Mom — talking about Obama and the military etc. RIP to her son and I am sad for all of her losses and thank her family for the sacrifices.

    But Obama does this every single time. It is as despicable as Hillary Clinton lying to the Benghazi families over their chidlrens’ flag draped coffins. Despicable. End Rant. Out.

  5. Apparently according to Jennifer Griffith at Fo this happened:

    Tim Kaine leading chants of “Si se puede!” “Yes, we can!” Crowd goes wild when he speaks Spanish. #DemsInPhilly
    July 27, 2016 10:23pm

  6. I am proud to say I never supported this party. I remember my super religious parents voting independent back when I was eight or so and I was kind of embarrassed but not now. GO TRUMP.
    Hillary you are disgusting.

  7. Like Grace, I only dropped in and out, and I didn’t stay long when I was in. Did Kaine ever get specific about how he and Crooked Hillary are going to continue the Obama fight to make the world all rainbows and unicorns? And if he didn’t, I suspect the MSM won’t call them out for it either.