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John Hinckley Jr. to be Set Free

The man who unsuccessfully tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan will be allowed to live full-time in Virginia, according to the Associated Press.

From the report:

John Hinckley Jr. is ready to live in the community, Judge Paul L. Friedman ruled Wednesday, granting him full time convalescent leave that shall begin no sooner than Aug. 5. Friedman’s ruling comes more than 35 years after the March 30, 1981, shooting outside a Washington hotel in which Reagan and three others were injured.

Doctors have said for many years that the now 61-year-old Hinckley, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the shooting, is no longer plagued by the mental illness that drove him to shoot Reagan in an effort to impress actress Jodie Foster.

Hinckley’s release from Washington’s St. Elizabeths hospital has been more than a decade in the making. In late 2003, the judge allowed Hinckley to begin leaving the hospital for day visits with his parents in the Washington area.

The people I feel most sorry for are Jodie Foster and the Reagan family, not to mention anyone else Hinckley decides to harass or shoot if his mental illness “returns.”

John Hinckley

Please. If you were so mentally ill that you tried to kill someone, you cannot be “cured.” Attempted murder, murder, and innocent of either by reason of insanity are all the thing.

As I’ve often said to people, murder is the only activity in America for which there is a reward for failure.

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10 Responses to John Hinckley Jr. to be Set Free

  1. Hinckley should be made to live next door to Judge Friedman. All criminal illegals released by judicial order should also become neighbors of the presiding judge. Just like all the illegals and terrorist refugees should be relocated to a tent city on the WH Lawn, at Jeh Johnson’s house and on his property, etc. You get the drift.

  2. I’m okay with this release. He’s been ordered to live with his mother (I think his father died recently). It’s a huge emotional burden for the mother who must be 80+? Both Nancy and Ronald Reagan are dead. I don’t think Hinckley is a threat to anyone else.

    • Obviously the “author” and people commenting do not have any real experience with the mentally ill. If you came from a family where there’s a 50/50 chance you will have a mental illness maybe you would think differently. At the time his family wouldn’t have known what to look for to get him the help he needed. It’s now 2016. When you know better, you can do better. It’s rare that the mentally ill commit violence against others. The number of mentally ill that have violent acts done to them are actually much higher. Do I think he’s completely cured? No. There is no cure. He still has to be monitored and have has medications checked. Years of these meds have probably taken a toll on his cognitive skills and some of his physical abilities. How do I know this? My mother, her sister, her brother, my 2 nieces, my brother, and I all have varying degrees of mental illness from Schizophrenia to Bipolar Disorder.

      • I appreciate your honesty and your experiences. May God bless you and yours.
        This man shot four people. Actions have consequences. He should remain incarcerated.
        If his medication has affected his cognitive and physical abilities, how much help can he be to his elderly mother? And how much supervision can she exert over him?
        This was a bad decision.

  3. Some may forget Hinckley shot four people that day…although none perished, we all know about James Brady, and Officer Thomas Delahanty (shot in the neck) suffered permanent nerve damage and was forced to retire.

    He ruined lives.

  4. So he is on convalescent leave-does that mean the taxpayers will still be paying for his meds, his room and board, his food stamps, and health problems? Surely his mother at probably more than 75 years old doesn’t hold a job. Unless she is very wealthy us taxpayers are on the hook