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Update and Correction: DNC Officials Dismissive of Holocaust

The original story printed here suggests that DNC staffer Ryan Banfill poked fun at the Holocaust by stating ironically,  “This is about remembering the Holocaust. Never forget.”

Ryan, who is married to a Jewish woman and raising his kids Jewish, has written me what appears to be a heartfelt note stating unquivocally and passionately that his statement was not meant to be ironic.

Ryan wrote:

I usually let things roll off my back but your characterization of this is 180 degrees from where I was coming from. Being the father of Jewish children and deeply in love with my Jewish wife, I just can’t let your characterization of this stand.

I know our politics may differ but the Holocaust was a crime against generations — a horrific crime against all people.

I really wish you would rephrase what you wrote and accurately reflect what I wrote as being straight up what I wrote. “It’s about the Holocaust” and “Never Again.” I did not and would never downplay the Holocaust.

I’d be happy to discuss this with you if you like but please, for my family, our Rabbi and congregation, change what you wrote.

In that case, he must have been trying to influence the other DNC staffer, Kate Houghton, to help her understand that Holocaust Memorial Day is a particularly solemn day and stands out from other religious holidays.

After some thought, I have decided to accept Ryan’s explanation and I believe he is being truthful with me, despite the seeming sarcasm, and I have apologized to him.

Below is the original story, which should now be read with the above in mind.


When Debbie Wasserman Schultz asked her staffers for a statement on Holocaust Memorial Day, two of her aides mocked her and the Holocaust and one suggested the murder of 6 million Jews was no bigger deal than the Bosnia massacre.

“We need to do a statement from the DNC. Is there a reason we haven’t?” Wasserman Schultz asked in the email to communications director Ryan Banfill on May 5 of this year.

Banfill forwarded Schultz’s email to DNC staffer, Kate Houghton. “Flagging for you. The chair is asking for a statement on Yom Hashoah,” Banfill wrote.

“We aren’t going to do statements for every Jewish holiday unless she wants to do them for every religious holiday and trust me, this Catholic can give you a list of them,” Houghton replied. “Also when she does an official statement it makes very little sense to have two statements out there in her voice.”

Banfill poked fun at the Holocaust with what appeared to be an ironic reply. “This is about remembering the Holocaust. Never forget.”

“Yup… or Darfur or Armenia or Rwanda or Bosnia (which PS is where my husband served),” Houghton replied. “Does she want us to do one for each other those remembrance days as well?”

With the appearance of Palestinian flags on the floor of the Democratic convention, it should be clear by now which party is pro-Israel and a friend of the Jews, and which is not. But judging by the political sympathies of my fellow Jews, the point still somehow needs to be made.

H/T Daily Caller.

13 thoughts on “Update and Correction: DNC Officials Dismissive of Holocaust”

  1. When the leader of the Dem party embraces Muslims, allows thousands of them to live in our country, and bows to the leaders of Islamic countries, then the Dem staffers take their cue that Israel is the problem and Jews are troublemakers.
    There is an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel attitude throughout our government that spills into the MSM, the colleges, and a public that is too young, too ignorant of history, to have learned about the atrocities against Jews committed by a whole country.
    It’s true there have been horrible atrocities suffered by other groups over the years, but the Nazis persecuted a religious group, not a political enemy, wherever they found them – France, Belgium, anywhere.
    The survivors of the Nazi concentration camps and their liberators are no longer here to tell what really happened. History classes don’t reveal the horrors that millions of Jews suffered before they were killed – killed for not believing that Jesus Christ was real.
    Today’s Dems embrace a Black narrative of racism that mostly doesn’t exist, a belief that police and the courts treat Blacks harsher than any other group, and that half of the US is conspiring to kill Blacks or just deny them rights that Whites and Asians enjoy.

    Why the Jewish voter stays with a political party that dismisses their concerns, and has no compassion or concern for the safety of the iconic Jewish homeland – Israel- is a mystery.

    1. The DNC and Obama have the same opinion as ISIS does on Jews, the Holocaust, gays, Christians, etc. That’s all we need to know.

  2. The Dems have made their platform abundantly clear, even if it took Wiki to reveal its true nature:

    War on Women…. Bill’s women
    War on Jews…. Bernie included
    War on Christians.Don’t mention the french Priest slaughter
    War on Media…threaten them unless they lockstep with the party.

    Just wait until the next batch of Wiki emails hits the news, and it will be soon…


  3. Thanks to Keith for the post and a big thanks to all of you who commented.

    I want to comment as well, but I have too much respect for Keith to turn this page into XXX rant.

    A pox on all their houses.

  4. Even though MrBanfill’s comment was misunderstood as he claims, I stand by my comment on the deplorable state of anti-Semitism throughout the MSM, the Dem politicos, and other noticeable places.

  5. Honestly when I first read it I took it to be as he writes in his note. This is about remembering the Holocaust. Never forget. I had a hard time finding that to be dismissive.

    What I did find dismissive was Houghton’s comment which followed and lumped the Holocaust with other events.

    That said. Overall, imo, the Democrat Party and the leadership in particular is anti semitic and increasingly pro Palestinian. Which is in keeping with their simpatico with other such organizations and terrorist groups.

    1. Well done, Keith. I’m glad to see a correction when warranted.

      I agree with gracepc that Kate Houghton’s reply to Ryan Banfill was dismissive, and to me it also seemed insulting. Unfortunately, the atmosphere is such in the Progressive PR world that Mr Banfill did not react to his co-worker’s ugliness. Another of the quiet daily compromises the faithful – whether Jewish or Christian – make in effort to hold down a job in a precarious world.

      Mr Banfill sounds like the kind of man who will wake up one day and realize he is lying for a living, and will take charge of his life again with a career change. The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit still has something to offer the real men of the new century.

  6. I’m tired and sick to death of hearing the DNC/Hillary/Campaign/Media spin what they prefer to spin and not the facts. As way of example, the issue with the emails from the DNC that were revealed is not how they were revealed but that the DNC and Hillary et al colluded to ensure only Hillary was voted teh democratic candidate. Hardly a democratic example but they also used or considered using the fact Sanders was Jewish against him, yet I’m sure I recall Hillary et al condemning Trump for using a star in a way they suggested was anti Jewish. Secondly and more importantly imagine if 2 terrorists had entered a mosque during Friday prayers, held everyone hostage and then cut the throat of the Imman in front of everyone. There would be global up roar, recall the reaction to an anti prophet video = bengazi and recall Charlie hebdo and that was a reaction to a cartoon and/or video. yet when a christian priest is slain in such a brutal and medieval manner is not covered as it should be. The DNC and Hillary are deluding all of us or at least trying to but where is the west’s revulsion at this latest attack, yet no one can say a bad word about the muslim community. The fact form where we have to start is that whilst not all muslims are terrorists, most if not all terrorists are muslim.

  7. As an everyday garden variety old fashioned Christian I can tell you we are currently hearing far more about Ramadan than Yom Kippur…wasn’t always like that in this country.

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