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Video || Weiner: Trump has “Always Been a Bit of an Ass”

Disturbing only because Weiner should know one when he sees one.

Don’t laugh at Weiner. His wife Huma Abedin will be running the country side by side with Hillary Clinton should Mrs. Clinton win the presidency. It’s hard to imagine Anthony won’t be playing some part in that.

15 Responses to Video || Weiner: Trump has “Always Been a Bit of an Ass”

    • This could be a mistake. The kind that little people make when they are close to power and think they are protected instead of just a useful idiot.

      Trump has a lot of visibility and Weiner means squat to him. Trump could just slime the Hillary and Huma and the Dems by resurrecting Weiner’s past in a Huge way. Big squirrel for Donald if he is so inclined.

      • It’ll be interesting to see how Trump plays this as a way to pick at yet another vulnerability impacting, ultimately, Hillary. (highlighting the Huma/Hillary connection, as you say).

        This is one big game of political chess, isn’t it?

  1. Very disturbing! The husbands of Hillary and her Muslim partner are BOTH perverts!

    It’s about time to start asking questions about Hillary’s relationship with Huma. Does she live with Hillary as rumors have suggested? Will she be living at the WH if Hillary is elected? Will Weiner be a stay-at-home Mom at the WH?
    The Clintons’ introduced Huma to Weiner. Was it an ‘arranged marriage’?

    We know about Hillary’s lies and criminal offenses…now it’s time to examine her sordid personal life.

  2. Someone’s position in life, especially one gained through graft, corruption and evil doings, does not make them a quality person.

    The likes of Weiner, Huma, Hillary, Bill and their ilk could be transported on clouds, wear jewels and crowns and rule all the land and they would still be debased, evil, filthy little people.

    Pretty much 8 years of the Obamas proved that.

  3. This is crude but when I consider the Democrats at this convention and all supporting the Clintons I am repulsed.

    There was an old saying about creepy dirty old men — I felt like I was being raped just shaking his hand.

    Pretty much sums up how I feel about this whole lot.