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Video || Mike Pence Shows Trump LOTS of Respect

This is odd for a vice presidential candidate, to be so deferential.

Mike Pence today shared the stage with Donald Trump at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention, refering to Trump as “Mr. Trump” and “my new boss” and that it’s an “honor to stand” with him and blah blah blah.

Meantime, Trump treats him like kind of a pet. “Mike, say a few words . . . ” in a tone of, Be my guest. and then Mike speaks for three minutes or so.

10 thoughts on “Video || Mike Pence Shows Trump LOTS of Respect”

  1. He is the boss after all. They are most likely strangers brought together without prior association with each other.
    Then again, I still call people by a proper address, MrObama, MrTrump, MrsClinton, so I’m not a judge of what is polite or what isn’t.

  2. “like a pet”. BS Keith, Trump has always been casual. If Pence is deferential he is also respectful. Because they are so different in that respect it might be amplified. But I am pretty sure Pence is nobody’s pet.

    1. Trump would never have selected him for VP if he didn’t respect him and his success in Indiana.
      Mike Pence is no-one’s pet.

  3. Trump will treat Pence just like another Trump Organization employee.
    Have noticed that all of Trump’s tv surrogates refer to him as ‘Mr. Trump’.

    *Don’t know about Melania, though.

    Trump seems to hold everyone at ‘arm’s length’, except for his kids, of course. They are mirror images of Mr. Trump.

  4. So now “respect” is a dirty word….we’re all supposed to fist bump, hug, and call everyone my homey….that’s OK…I prefer a bit of standoffishness (!) Works for me

      1. Me too…and I am old. I say it to my peers, those younger and the few remaining that are older.
        My mother always said, “No one can take away your good manners.”
        I was taught them and I have kept them.

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