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Video || Democrats Acting Like Slobs at the Convention

Apparently, Democrats are turning the convention arena into a pig pen.

I’ve never covered a Democratic convention, but I have covered several GOP conventions. I don’t remember any scenes like this.

Buhhht, I have covered, generally speaking, lots of Democrats and lots of Republicans politicians and their aides. I can tell you that Democrats — and these are the “elite,” in Washington — have fouler mouths, are always late, are more disrespectful, and often dress too informally, even sloppily. At the White House, they’ve all got their feet on the furniture.

Think of what the Democratic agenda is. It’s mainly about jettisoning what’s left of decorum and decency. It only makes sense that this would be true.

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  1. Without bias, it does appear that most liberal events and venues are left for “others” (their base by the way) to clean up.

    No respect.

  2. It wouldn’t matter if the GOP were bigger piggies, the Dems are all about Save The Planet !! Scoop The Poop!! Clean the Bay!! Recycle!!

    This just makes them look like the big,fat hypocrites that they are.

  3. Dress too informally? MrK spends all his working hours with people who must wear ties and suits and nice dresses and high heels.
    Americans have become slobs, poor dressers who seem to grab the top t-shirt and the cleanest jeans every day.
    This kind of attire started at the White House with MrsO looking like she was ready to wash the big limo as she meanders around the building.
    Sen Kaine apparently doesn’t own any suitable ties for his public appearances with MrsC.
    Yes, we are now an informal dressing people.

    Trash is inevitable when there are no handy trashcans for people to use. There are no handy trashcans for the Dems to use.

  4. And meanwhile the Terror continues in Europe. Today two Muslims stormed a church in Normandy, France, slit the throat of an 84 year old priest and seriously wounded a nun before they were shot and killed by the police. It is horrible beyond belief. ISIS are celebrating.
    Even liberal mouthpieces like Piers Morgan now says that we should slam the doors of immigration and make the immigrants already here understand how to live in the West. Sounds a little like Trump, does it not ? And I think it is finally time to stop talking multi-culturalism and instead demanding assimilation . And no more mosques.
    By the way, can you imagine the headlines if Christian thugs had stormed a Mosque and killed an Iman ? But the other way around seems to be business as usual in the media.

    • To Barack Obama and his merry catholics (Kaine, Biden, Pelosi, etc) the killing of the French priest is simply workplace violence.

      Lots of big talk from the French government. They will not act.
      the terrorists were known to the authorities. Just like they are here.

      There will be no end to this rising slaughter there or here as long as the cowardly and sympathetic Left remains in power.

      • Grace, president Hollande is calling for “unity”. Is it a code word for , “do not mess with our Muslim friends” ? Hot tempered opposition leader Sarkozy demands “merciless actions”. Sounds better to me. And Madame Le Pen, well, she will gain a lot of voters now.
        I haven´t heard Barrys statement on the issue. But you are right there, he will probably talk about two depressed guys involved in work place violence. And Islam is a religion of Peace. And gun control, wait a minute, they used knives…..

        • Hollande appears weak and spineless. Soon, the French (and then others) will be experiencing these on a daily basis.

          There will be a lot of trauma and bloodshed. The Israelis know how to live amidst this. The anti gun Europeans are heading for startling moments of terror.

          • I was watching the English broadcast of France24 on Roku earlier today, as they were discussing the murder of the priest. Hollande and members of his Cabinet and his internal security people are being taken over the coals over this. The citizens of France are beyond angry.

  5. Re trash – due to bomb fears there may not be any trashcans on the delegates floor. NOT defending the Dims in any way, shape or form. But airports in France do not have trash baskets for pax and neither does LAX.

  6. So will we hear about the accomplishment Democrat Obama and his crowd are most proud of–the presence of ISIS terrorist cells in all 50 states? Surely, they will mention how they worked hard to achieve this state of affairs, explaining to us how it will transform America. Maybe tonight’s speakers will mention it.

    • DT is not exactly in the best shape, But Kaine seems to always wear a shirt that is a little small around the belly — there is a button popping paunch. Plus he is just a slightly more tidy Bernie.

      But ever since Mooch walked off that plane in cut off dirty gray shorts it was clear that this was no Kennedy or Reagan crowd.

  7. It appears that not only did the DNC forget the American flag, they also forgot to provide for trash disposal. Wonder why someone couldn’t even be bothered to put their uneaten chicken nuggets back in the box? Disgusting…

  8. Ever wonder what happened to those kids you knew in high school who drank too much, smoked too much pot, fell asleep in class, got in trouble with the police, smelled like a garbage can, lied to their parents, skipped school and kicked little puppies just for fun? They’re all attending Hillary’s coronation this week. Always wondered how they turned out.

  9. As the Democrats prepare to set a milestone tonight with Hillary’s nomination as the first woman to become the Democrat Party’s Presidential candidate, there are other Hillary milestones to honor as well:

    First time a major political party has nominated the subject of an FBI investigation.

    First time a major political party has nominated the wife of an impeached perjurer and an alleged rapist.

    First time a major political party has nominated a woman who helped Russia acquire 20% of America’s uranium supply.

    It’s the first time a major political party has nominated an amateur cattle futures trader with 100% accuracy after having read the Wall Street Journal.

    First time a major political party has nominated a lawyer who defended a child rapist and laughed about it.

    First time a major political party has nominated a lawyer who was kicked off the Watergate committee due to ethical lapses.

    First time a major political party has nominated someone who stole nearly $200,000 worth of furniture from the White House.

    First time a major political party has nominated someone whose chief of staff has known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    First time a major political party has nominated a survivor of the Siege of Tuzla.

    First time a major political party has nominated someone who has worn a $12,000 jacket to give a speech on income inequality.

    First time a major political party has nominated someone who helped sell presidential pardons to wealthy campaign contributors.

    First time a major political party has nominated the former leader of the Bimbo Eruption Squad.

    Credit for the list goes to Howie Carr, Boston area talk show host.

    • “defended a child rapist and laughed about it”
      Maybe the most revealing – and sickening – aspect of HRC.
      Please God – Trump.

      • With both Obama and Hillary, the issue isn’t only that they are political screwballs, Hard Lefties, Progressives, Marxists, Alinskyites, whatever descriptors we might use. It’s that they are evil characters, without virtue, shadowy figures whose entire lives are dark, secretive, manipulative, untrustworthy, and reeking of corruption down to their very cores.

  10. Every time there is some sort of green/liberal/occupy/dems gathering they trash the place.

    Have a gathering of repubs/tea party/conservatives and they leave the place cleaner than they found it.

    We’ve see numerous examples, at least in conservative news, where libbies have trashed whatever place they are at.

    And I’ve heard from people that have been at tea party rallies and the police and the cleaners have been shocked at how clean it is afterwards.

    Never heard the opposite of either.

    Comes down to basic respect and self-responsibility. Or the lack of…

  11. At the beginning of the Convention I was favorably impressed with the Black choir rendition of Amazing Grace. Shortly followed by a song by the aging trio of Boys to Men, who seem to have a problem singing and dancing while holding on to their private parts. I couldn’t watch anymore after that.