In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 27, 2016

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
8:50 pm || Departs White House
9:50 pm || Arrives Philadelphia
10:30 pm || Delivers remarks to the Democratic National Convention; Wells Fargo Center
11:40 pm || Departs Philadelphia
12:35 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

23 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 27, 2016”

  1. I am happy to read that Julian Assange promises much more material is coming……
    Oh, it will be insufferable, unbearable, Teflon-Barry will read from his Teleprompter again…..
    ISIS evil ghosts are now making threats again according to an Intelligence group following Jihadi messaging Telegram ( Daily Mirror ). They are threatening London, Washington DC and more.
    We can do a lot more to protect ourselves against these evil ghosts. Study every case and learn from it and act. The latest attack in Normandy could have been prevented. We need much, much tougher regulations. All these young people who want to go to Syria “to fight”, let them leave, cancel their citizenship, and make sure they never ever come back. It must be much easier to deport people who are in any way involved in any form of Islamism. And we have to stop building mosques. In fact, many of them should be torn down. We should not make it easier to be a Muslim in the West. If they want Islam, then please move to an Islamic country. I see Islam as a big, big threat. Look at Turkey, see how fast Islamisation can go if it gets a hold. It always end in a totalitarian state.

    1. You are correct on all points.
      The lecture tonight will drone on and on.
      What is your opinion of Americans planning visits in Europe?

      1. Aileen, it is impossible to predict the hits but France seems to be full of hateful people right now and the authorities are weak and not to trust. Look at Calais, the so called Jungle there, big ad hoc camps where all kinds of motley, mean looking men are lurking and waiting to try to cross over to Britain. How can the French allow it ? And if you check up that little Normandy town where the latest attack occurred you will find a mosque ( !! ) close by the church, a mosque once attended by a man who went to Syria to behead people. France is such a beautiful and interesting country, it is sad that the politicians allow this to happen.
        Otherwise, American tourists are just as safe as European tourists and very welcome. Greece and Italy have not been hit ( yet ), might be that terrorists consider these countries weak and unimportant. Eastern Europe not hit either, probably because they do not accept immigrants, good strong leadership there. Well, I myself plan to go to the Bavarian Alps next time. Terrorists do not like yodelling, I am sure.

        1. I am a calculated risk person and travel widely.

          For the non European tourist, if they can find an claimed by Allah spot, there are serious problems with security on the means of transportation. And even the best hotels and restaurants and gathering places are not immune. But that has always been true about public places and crazies.

      1. There is so much unreported and even when reported,done after being vetted and cleared. At WAPO I read an imperious defense of Peter Vogel for submitting his work to the DNC even before submitting it to the editorial board. Wemple’s advice to the public is “Lay off Peter Vogel”.

        What is equally appalling is when someone like Brit Hume, who has been around long enough to know the truth about WDC and where most of the skeletons and dirt are, takes to the air and praises Bill Clinton’s fantasy love story.

        We can dig and find all kinds of information on illegals and the invasion of foreigners at the behest of our government. What we cannot do is find someone to report it truthfully and loudly and someone to act on correcting the situation. When law is disrespected, twisted and ignored by the likes of the highest law enforcement of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynchmob there is nowhere in civil society to correct the situation or save the country.

        The Republic is broken. This election will be a sham.

      2. I’ve seen the same kind of roving gangs of Somali youth in my town–which has about 6,000 Somalis immigrants living within five minutes of my house. They seem to travel in packs of 5-6 for the most part. If you meet them on the sidewalk, you have to go around, they won’t the slightest courtesy. They are loud, obnoxious, bully-like. I can’t imagine what a young lady must feel like when she has to deal with these thugs in the schools and on the streets. One of these young males has already joined ISIS and was killed last year in a drone attack. There surely are more being recruited.

  2. I heard that every seat in the convention hall will be equipped with a drool pad for when Dictator Imam Obama’s vomits out his usual vile verbal stew of lies, hate, and incitement to violence against this country and its’ citizens. Of course the genuinely mentally ill commies in the audience will pack this rancid hate stew away and clamor for third and fourth helpings.

    A startling spectacle to be sure, the most deadly enemy of this country, masquerading as a political party, nominates a lying, corrupt, treasonous, above all criminal old hag for Dictator of this country.

    Still have a hard time believing that Dictator Imam Obama will give up the reins of power voluntarily.

    1. The reins will pass to Hillary Clinton, but Obama will remain. We are not ruled by law anymore but by the organizations who stand behind the curtain. Clinton and Obama are part of that.

      Changing the grifter in the House Built by Slaves will not change anything.

    1. I was scared of my father. He believed strongly in whipping as a deterrent to “bad” behavior. “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”
      For the most part, it worked for me. The last thing I wanted was to get in trouble with my dad. Get away from him? Yes. But until I could, I walked the line…for the most part. ;-)
      Someone explained to me that whites should have guilt for one thing…removal of the father/separation of slave families on plantations. He believes that the division of the black family is the root cause of the divisive behavior we see today.
      What happened to those families was absolutely wrong. Dad whipping me excessively was wrong. There is often more wrong than right in the lives of our fellow man.
      The thing is this – there comes a time when you have to choose not to let your beginning dictate your end. It is hard work. But it us worth it.
      (The beginning/ending concept should be attributed to Joyce Meyer – not my original idea.)

    2. No fathers, just sperm donors.
      Ever wonder how 3 or 4 children can all have different last names and one mother who was never married?

  3. As Obama makes his plea to award Hillary the Democrat Convention’s Academy Award for best political performance in his comments tonight, he will not mention the following, because he and Hillary nurtured and created the entire mess:

    -The Benghazi catastrophe and the lies Obama and Hillary propagated about the event
    -Fast and Furious
    -The longest economic recession in our history created by Obama and the Democrats
    -The emergence of ISIS as a world-wide terrorist campaign because of Hillary and Obama’s stupid and destructive foreign policies
    -Any of the recent recent murderous rampages and atrocities in Europe and their potential for occurring in this country to an even greater degree than they are no
    -The campaign to demoralize, insult and mock our nation’s police forces
    -The continual mismanagement of the Veteran’s Administration
    -The growing corruption within the Justice Department
    -Hillary’s email scandal and the never ending effort to minimize it by Hillary and Obama
    -The catastrophic impact of ObamaCare, which Hillary will only intensify

    And so on. Lots more. We all get the point.

      1. Someone will have to watch and count but it will not be me.
        Try as I might, my “spidey senses” activate and I cannot listen to the man.

          1. I am a mature woman too. I understand the choice of pantsuits. There are some things that frankly, should no longer be in the eye of the beholder.
            But surely there are more attractive options for this woman. The powder blue ones are just awful. She is extremely pear shaped now – perhaps some padding in the shoulders or other strategic areas would make her appearance more balanced.

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