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Live Stream || Democratic National Convention

Bill Clinton will speak tonight.

And the Democrats will feature “Mothers of the Movement” — a group of speakers that includes the mothers of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and more. As far as I’m aware, not mothers of murdered police officers are scheduled to appear this eveing.

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  2. Had the children of these grieving mothers obeyed the laws we all do and not assumed to win a fight with a well-armed policeman, they would most surely still be alive today.

    The mothers and other loved ones of fallen police officers grieve, too. Their deaths were the result of a dangerous attitude promoted by MrObama and his minions that only Black lives matter.
    The Dem’s pandering and patronizing attitude during this convention toward Blacks and illegal aliens is offensive and disgusting.

    1. Agree. And to parade the mothers of the criminals in front of people, reassuring them that their criminal children were the victims is just another wrongdoing. Supports their denial that their kids were criminals.

      This is horrible, that the dems have sold themselves out to being anarchists. No laws!

      1. That’s what it’s all about with them…no laws, open borders, lighter sentences/early releases for drug dealers and other “non-violent” criminals, neutering the police and our military…the list goes on.

    2. Planned Parenthood can run a message on the screen: “If this is parenting, can we do better?”

      Here are civil rights to promote:
      The right to be civil.
      The right to make good choices.
      The right to pay for your choices.

      1. These women were introduced with some bizarre link (by Tony Goldwyn) to “The Innocence Project”.

        And one of the women is the mom of Hadiya Pendleton, killed in Chicago by two black gang members. I fail to see her connection to the message here.

        Jordan Davis’s mom praised police and said we need a nation where police and the minority community work together in mutual respect.

        That message could have saved a lot of lives, including some being noted on this stage.

        1. Husband said, “Who is this guy?” (I dunno).
          He also suggest children should not be raised as thugs.
          And not be allowed to go to a nightclub in the middle of the night.

        1. Husband says, “a better endorsement from these Mothers would be, ‘Hillary will bring the correct closure to our movement.”

  3. Before the festivities begin, here’s a thought. HRC makes a faux turn to the center — Kaine, weather a few painful days with Bernbots’ anger, displace DWS and bury her somewhere in the campaign, rumors of OMalley as DNC chair, secure enough in the black and hispanic vote — in order to campaign as a centrist against scary old fascist Trump. After the election, return to her Alinsky plan to drag America left into the Clinton Third World Republic.

    It seems like there are small signs of a kinder gentler Hillary — wolf sheeps clothing.

  4. Geoff Caldwell:
    Claire got her 2-3 minutes of TV exposure.
    Ain’t you glad? /sarc

    How does a 17 year old participate as a delegate in MO?

    1. The answer; the same way illegal aliens, citizens of foreign nations, can enjoy the ‘freebies’ provided by hard-working American citizens. A Mexican national can attend several colleges in the US as a “resident” of the state they live in.
      Illegal aliens can enjoy what amounts to free (to them) medical care provided by us.
      A non-elected minion of the Obama regime can write and enforce laws never voted on or approved by any lawfully elected official.

      There’s a lot more, but that’s the main drift…

  5. Just how many movements for blacks only ARE there? BLM, New Black Panthers – on and on it goes. “Mothers of the Movement”? What the hell is that supposed to mean anyhow?

    What it says to me is: keep raising your kids lawlessly, keep on teaching them that they don’t have to answer to an officer, go to school and get an education – they are special snowflakes! Because their mammas and grandmammas love them! When they’re good and dead and there’s a buck in it for the mammas.

    I will never forget Trayvon Martin’s mother copywriting his name before the body was cold…what does that say about filial love?

  6. OT No wonder ISIS is running rampant and we will be overcome with illegals and terrorists nestled in with “refugees”. Jeff Bezos joins Pentagon board — and take a look at the composition of the Board, This is almost subversive. Of course, Hillary Clinton felt free to share national secrets and security.

    I learn stuff like this and I wonder that we even have elections anymore and if there is even the smallest chance that they might not be corrupted already.

    1. Oh gracepc, don’t put that thought into the air!
      How I pray the corruption is not fatal to this great and wonderful and marvelous and unique Republic!

      1. Aileen — Check the Board — how can we defend ourselves with a purged and demoralized military and loons at the top? These guys are all globalists and buddies — do you think they see anybody as an enemy of the US. They are all One. It is discouraging.

        Jeff Bezos would not lift a finger to defend this country’s sovereignty.

          1. About faith and hope. I read this (excerpt) today. You might like it.

            Lord, give me Your divine power – the power of Gethsemane . Give me the strength to wait for hope.

    1. Thanks. Saw a little bit on CSpan. Got a few minutes into the Bill and Hillary: A Love Story speech and turned it off.

      I am genuinely repulsed by the Clintons and the Democrats — but Bill and Hillary take the prize. Sleazy and disgusting liars.

    1. Particularly at the part where he contrasted how Trump portrays Hillary and how he does, I thought his left hand looked particularly shaky. I wonder if he has Parkinson’s? He’s a bit younger than Trump and looks 15 years older. Must be all that hard living taking a toll. Of course, just living with Hillary even part time could explain it.

  7. Well, old Bubba still knows how to weave a tale, albeit a fairy tale. His speech was intended to cast a spell on a new generation of Millennials and Latinos who haven’t got a clue about anything but the Kardashians.

    By tomorrow morning, the fairy dust will have blown away – and Hillary will be back on her broomstick.
    Her newly acquired ‘sweetness and light’ persona does not jibe with the woman we all know and loathe.

    1. Hannity had on a smart woman who had been the head of Bernie’s minority outreach.Btw…count her as mad as hell and a Never Hillary member, even though she had grown up in the 90s and had been a fan. She said Bill’s speech was like an E-harmony commercial. That cracked me up.

    2. Slick Willy has always come off like a bad actor playing the part of political leader based on a role in a movie played by a bad actor. He’s at the point in his life when he can no longer tell the difference between the truth and his BS. And he doesn’t care.

  8. To Mothers of the Movement, with apologies to Willie Nelson:

    “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be criminals
    Don’t let ’em pick locks or drive those cars they just stole
    Let ’em be doctors and lawyers and such.
    Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be criminals
    ‘Cause they’ll never stay home and they’re always looking for someone to rob
    Even with someone who’s a willing partner in crime.”

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