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Obama Schedule || Week of July 24, 2016

Obama decided to be quiet as a mouse this week to keep the spotlight on Hillary and her convention. Because we would never want politics to interfere with governing, would we?

Sunday he did nothing, after golfing in like 98-degree heat on Saturday. On Monday and Tuesday he has no public schedule. Wednesday, he heads to Philadelphia to deliver remarks at the Democratic covention. ¬†And Thursday and Friday he’s got nothing on the public schedule too.

Michelle Obama addresses the convention Monday evening.

8 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Week of July 24, 2016”

  1. After the RNC convention, it was apparent that MrTrump enjoys friendship with a multitude of people from all walks of life. He is reported to golf with them, join them in other leisure pursuits, and share business or political affairs in a positive manner.
    MrObama seems to cherish his small circle of Black friends, and hasn’t made much of an impact with others – politically or in anything.
    Unlike those who talk about MrTrump’s past actions, no one has any recollection of MrObama’s private life or activities that most 50somethings have accumulated.
    So our lonely, singular POTUS meets with his cabinet members and staff, waiting for the time he can stand in front of thousands of strangers to address millions of strangers.
    No other president in recent history has as many secrets as MrObama, or is as elusive as he. We simply don’t really know who he is.

      1. Point.
        No one asks if Bill Clinton is a Muslim or Christian or even gay.
        No one asks what grades MrBush, MrCarter, or any past president got in college.
        There have childhood friends, past girlfriends, church friends, family relationships, and even hobbies.
        MrO – ? nada. We don’t know why he and the Mrs gave up that precious license to practice law they worked so hard to get.

  2. Like Hillary’s not my ball to carry on Benghazi, Obama is keeping his head down, because surely he knew nothing of this lawlessness.

    He’s a coward and Saunders, by the way, is a big big hypocrite.

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