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Live Stream || Democratic National Convention

The was Monday’s live stream. You can find Tuesday’s here.

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  1. I promise I will not post over and over tonight.
    (Irritating I now realize.)
    -One difference between the RNC and DNC?
    RNC air time was not a constant barrage against HRC…in the form of one minute videos.
    How silly.
    -My parents and my spouse’s parents did not have indoor plumbing or running water when they grew up either…just so everyone knows. They were white.
    Dirt Poor was not just a black experience. I am compelled to point this out because I believe that insinuating all whites were/are privileged is just not the truth.

    • We all get out of control from time to time. Except the blog super posters (not me). I enjoy the comments.

      I cannot watch this . I really cannot bear to hear the sound of the screeching — something about the voices.

      But for myself, if Mooch says one critical thing about Melania or the Trump kids and/or family then the Obamas and the Clintons and their families are fair game.

    • Watching this Democrat circus would be like scratching your fingernails across a blackboard. Over and over. Like repeatedly hitting yourself over the head with a hammer. Like being one of the patients trapped in the ward in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Just cannot do it. It will be movie night all week for me. Think I’ll watch the movie “Idiocracy” tonight. That’s as close to the Democrat convention I want to get.

      • I have the visual going and sound muted. Reading a little about what the speakers are saying — not much. Opinion seems to be that it is all rather “flat”, especially Booker. But didn’t actually listen.

        Clamp down on Bernie’s people everywhere. Surprising he even has “peeps” since he is asking everyone to vote for Hillary.

        I think the crowd will erupt, as planned, when Mooch stomps in.

  2. No two ways about it. Michelle Obama is one angry bitch. Sounds angry, looks angry. And America is her whipping boy. She cannot be gone soon enough — and her fake story about her poor upbringing blah blah blah, over and over again.

    • Her speech was good. Until she reminded everyone that she “wakes up in a house built by slaves”.
      Sen Warren informs us that D.Trump is a greedy, miserable, awful, wealthy, sneaky, mean and all around terrible human being who only wants to enrich himself. She didn’t mention how she got rich by flipping houses, but, hey, someone else will soon enough.

      • I also think it is “interesting” that — the Dems and the MSM were quick to jump on Melania’s horrible plagiarism (and never noting the complement paid to Mooch by Melania) — and yet refuse to correct Mooch’s untrue meme that she lives in a house that slaves built. This is historically inaccurate which I suppose pales in the face of using Mooch’s words.

        • Someone needs to post a succinct summary of the White House construction – and if you want all the liberals on this earth to see it – post it on Facebook.

  3. The biggest news tonight so far – Sen Sanders did not release his delegates from their pledged votes, and even said he is looking forward to them voting for him tomorrow.