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DNC in 2016: Chaos Descends, Party in Disarray

Philadelphia is shaping up to be a mess for the Democrats, both inside and outside the convention.

From a piece I wrote for LifeZette:

While the media spent weeks writing about the blood that would splatter on the pavement in Cleveland during the Republican convention as Black Lives Matter took to the streets, nothing happened. Noting the “strangely quiet streets” of the CLE, the New Yorker reported that there wasn’t even “much pointed obnoxiousness.” “We were promised a riot. In Cleveland, we got a block party instead,” lamented The Washington Post.

The much-hyped divisiveness that was supposed to roil the RNC itself fizzled almost immediately, with the dump-Trump initiative never getting near the floor and insurgent Ted Cruz torn apart by catcalls during his speech like a hyena who’d wandered into a lion’s den.

But “pointed obnoxiousness” and much more will be coming to the streets of Philadelphia as tens of thousands of angry left-wing activists prepare to protest a variety of issues and the insider, status quo Democratic ticket handed to them in place of their hero, the Bern. The hashtag #seeyouinphilly was ominously making its way around Twitter. Journalists looking for a seriously divided party and the potential for mayhem need only take the Amtrak a couple of stops up from Washington to find true party chaos.

Take a look at the rest of the article here at LifeZette!

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  1. Can’t wait for the chaos that I expect to be brought by far left loons. 100 degree heat, ppl already torqued off, ppl with no job and looking for every free thing they can imagine. Sounds like a good tv experience to me.

    • I love this example of hypocrisy. And it went up in record time! And, so far, the media has refused to discuss it or perhaps I have not seen that.

      If the protesters were smart they would hire some illegals to get around, through, over the wall.

      And , of course, we can’t forget that this is the the anti gun crowd who have taxpayer funded security.

  2. And infecting the entire D convention, the delicious daily exposure of the incredibly corrupt relationship between the DNC and the corporate press, thanks to Wikileaks. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her fellow travelers are right in the middle of this mess.

    Here’s the whole Wikileaks release package. You can search by name or topic and pull up some pretty funny and revealing stuff. Great insight into the “rigged system”, and how the DNC really acts, compared by how they want you to think they operate. No wonder the Sanders people are fit to be tied.

  3. I did read the whole piece at LifeZette – a good one, again.
    Back when I was a true Dem, not a disgusted one, the ’68 convention, disaster, riot or whatever it was had to be the most influential thing to happen to the Dems. The war, Nam, the draft were all things worthy of the big fight, the protests.
    Today, the Dems are fighting over ‘freebies’, who is more PC, why it’s important to keep killing unborn children, and the difference couldn’t be more clear. The Dem elites have created greedy monsters among our fellow citizens who should be worried about our safety, our borders and our economy, not their own selfish, private wants and needs.

    Both Dem and Repub elected elites have misjudged the public’s tolerance for their insane spending and their intolerable insistence that we ditch our religious faith and our common sense to embrace a society that defies biology and goodness.

  4. One minor quibble: Union Station in DC to 30th Street Station in Philly is more than just “a couple of stops,” unless you’re on Acela. On a Northeast Regional, you’re looking at half a dozen stops or so.

    Yes, Amtrak does run both, and yes, I suppose the Beltway poo-bahs would rather take Acela First Class than slum it in coach on the Regional. Still, even the Acela from WAS to PHL is a good hour and a half…not exactly a short hop, even if the train doesn’t stop that much.

    Sorry for the digression, but I’m a bit of a stickler for trains. One of these days, I’m going to get out there on the long-haul routes, and find the stories of present-day America. There are a lot of good stories out there on those rails, but I have yet to see anyone tell them.

    • This is way off topic and more than irrelevant. Years ago on the NY to Washington DC Amtrak Metroliner there was a problem, we were stopped north of Baltimore for 3 1/2 hours at night with no power, and no lights, not even emergency dim lights. Those who smoked had lighters and matches, and a very few carried mini-flashlights. (this was in the 1980s)

      No real problem except the enormous inconvenient 3-4 hour delay.

      I have ALWAYS carried a flashlight since, and that December gave everyone I knew a mini-light as a stocking stuffer.

    • I heard there was a big billboard in Philly saying “Hillary, We’ve Got Your back” signed the media with a heart above it.

      Visible I heard. Maybe somewhere between convention site and airport.

  5. I’m shocked and disgusted about the status of the DNC. Not that they are in “disarray”, but about how they are presenting the choices that they are.

    How they can even proceed with presenting a socialist and someone facing indictment for many, many issues is beyond me. However, even more alarming is the fact that so many Americans would still vote for her.

    The root cause of this decay is twofold: The biased press and bad parenting.

    This is really a dangerous time for the USA. If we continue to abandon the rule of law and order, we are doomed.

    • Someone needs to point The Donald in the direction of the song “Everything” by VNV Nation: Don’t tell me it’s the end of everything; it always seems the darkest before the light.

      Americans who just watched Trump tell them hard but needed truths, will now get to hear Cankles, with utter tone deafness, double down on utopian Marxism. She might get a dead cat bounce, MAYBE.

      But if Trump can work in a plausibly organic wisecrack or two about corruption at the debate, it might be “youth and inexperience” all over again. Cankles’ campaign will do its best impression of the Sampoong Department Store, and that will be that.

    • Since the “victims” of police shootings and Michael Brown’s mother will be front and center I think any adherence to law and order would be a joke.

      How the Dems can do this to the men and women who are outside protecting them and the protesters is beyond me. It is just despicable. I hope Lynchmob shows her face and is roundly booed.

      • Yes we do AZ.
        We just don’t deafen people with it.

        Patience is a virtue, common sense tells one to wait and observe.

        Both attributes will bear fruit in the coming months.

        • Trump needs to remain focused on the Dems and Hillary and let the internal Republican squabbles be handled by someone else.

          And with the situation being what it is the Republicans would be even dumber than they have shown themselves to be in the past, not to take advantage of this situation.

  6. Good job. The first hour in Philly was more disruptive than the entire week in Cleveland. It’s a beautiful thing to watch them fall apart!