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Clinton: Benghazi was “Not My Ball to Carry”

Here’s Hillary Clinton on 60 Minutes, denying “culpability” for Benghazi while comparing herself to George Schultz, who was Secretary of State during the 1983 Beirut bombing that killed 241 Marines.

What’s she talking about? That was a bombing of a Marine barracks, not a diplomatic mission.

Also amusing here is how she takes responsibility “as Secretary of State” for Benghazi, which is absolutley meaningless when saying she’s not culpable because her own commission cleared her and it was not “my ball to carry.” All she is saying is, Yeah, I was Secretary of State at the time it happened.

Taking “responsibility” but not taking any of the blame. Only in Washington.

17 Responses to Clinton: Benghazi was “Not My Ball to Carry”

  1. Let’s go with the premise she wasn’t responsible. She wants to continue the Obama disaster in every way possible. That’s reason enough to send back home.

  2. Her face says it all….anyone with any sense of perception can detect she is scrambling to relieve herself of any culpability, like a 5 year old saying he did not steal the cookies.

    And leave it to Hilly to segue to a deceased President Reagan and a 95 yr old prior Secty of State as an example of why she is not at fault.

    And forgive me, but how does one say I take full responsibility but it was not my ball to run with?


  3. She’ll live in the annals of U.S. history as one of the most corrupt, self-serving politician we’ve had. There’ll be a paragraph and cartoon of her in U.S. history books. Lock her up in San Quentin!

  4. How easy, how honestly it would have been to admit that a mistake was made, that steps are taken to help prevent such a tragedy again.
    Americans are forgiving for honest mistakes. We don’t expect our leaders to be saints or without failures.
    She could have made this massacre of our people something she could build on , something to show she can handle the hard stuff, but she chose to lie and proved herself incapable of honesty.
    ot: all MrO had to say to insure his popularity soared to the upper 80s was to admit that Obamacare is not how he intended it to be, and directed Congress to fix it.

  5. Neither she nor Obama are ever responsible for anything; then it follows that the jobs that they hold are “out of body experiences”, because they are never held accountable for any of the foolishness and mayhem of the past 71/2 years. They are a pair of pyromaniacs; they light the fire then stand back while someone else has to call 911. They both make me ill and democrats really all need to have their collective cult brain, read.