As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

58 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || July 23, 2016

  1. Good morning all. Dawn broke in SW/MO with a cloud bank on the horizon but doesn’t look like it’s going to help cool things down.

    Got to view AFVets music links from yesterday this morning. If haven’t seen, do, they’re a well deserved treat.

    Column today is about my return last Sunday to McConnell AFB, B1-B’s, a restored B-29 and a society in free fall. From euphoria to hell in 5 seconds:

    Hug your closest ones a little tighter today, remember what America was (and still can be again), and vow to yourself that you will do whatever it takes, whatever you can to ensure that one Hillary Rodham Clinton never sees the inside of the White House again.

    • I’m with you Geoff! The thought of that woman? in the White House again just makes me feel like shouting No!!! What kind of a mental case wears pants every day and looks like the worst dressed woman in the world running for the U.S. Presidency? There has to be something wrong with her to dress so slovenly and without any care or taste Who needs a slob in the White House in her getups? I will pray that America gets another chance without the Clintons and the Obamas. Another 4 years of those two is just alarming. Its just that we can never get rid of these people, like Obama, Clintons,Pelosi, Reid, etc. We think we got rid of Reid but he’s still talking his poison, the same with Pelosi. These awful people who just turn suddenly inbto millionaires Clinton with her taking monies from foreign governments and charging schools a fortune for her speeches and begging like a street begger from anyone and everyone for money all the time and then spending it on her family, apartments, food, travel, etc. like 10% goes to charity? Why does this ugly greedy woman get away with all these acts and then be allowed to run for President? She is a dangerous person, not Trump like she lies and says about him. Greed is running rampant in government, Obama must be licking his chops for what he will steal from the public after he leaves, if he ever leaves, he’s such a creep, he will try to hold on to the power with Hillary if she God forbid wins. I just hope the people are not that stupid to vote her into the White House where the Clintons left in impeachment scandal and even took furniture. Pelosi also made a fortune with stocks, insider trading, and Diane Feinstein is involved in some money stealing project with her husband for after she leaves. What gives here, these so-called government officials walk in with regular incomes and then leave millionaires? pOLITICAL FIGURES should not become millionaires and billionaires???

    • That line from yesterday about Kaine being everything that Trump and Pence are not should already be up in a pro Trump/Pence ad.
      Trump/Pence are NOT for denying our vets their vot.
      Trump/Pence are NOT for receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts, graft and travel.
      Trump/Pence are NOT for taking away Americans 2nd Amendment and squelching their 1st.
      Trump/Pence are NOT for letting Wall Street Banks control their campaign and continue to destroy community banks via Dodd/Frank regulations.
      Trump/Pence are NOT for increasing the Islamization of America by increasing immigration by over 550 percent from countries hostile to the United States.
      What worries me most is that there just isn’t enough staff in the Trump campaign to take advantage when the opportunity arrives. In this political and media environment you either take advantage or get taken advantage of.

      • Good point about Trumps staffing. It can be a serious weakness, especially when facing a rapid response Clinton media machine with years of training.

      • That was my first reaction when Hillary bragged that Trump and Pence were everything that Hillary and Kaine were not. It’s more obvious then ever that this election is a well lit crossroads, one of those election when the choice of what road to take is brilliantly obvious.

      • Agree about the staffing, Geoff. Have been saying for months now that we will know if Trump is serious about the job if and when he starts spending $$ and ups his ground game. Tempus fugit.

        His defenders say – well, he won the primary without spending a dime, so to speak…he will do it in the General.
        We shall see.

    • Difficult to use the military to go against Kaine. Kaine and Pence Marine Dads.

      If I were not so horrified at another reign of the Obama/Clinton Assault on America, and so repelled by all Jesuit Catholics I could see where Kaine could be attractive to a moderate Democrat or a dissatisfied Republican. And he is disheveled enough to appeal to the BernBots.

      There are no more moderate Democrats in America but there are dissatisfied Republicans and BernBots.

      Here’s a bio that makes him look sane. However, a little time with the Clinton indoctrination crew and he will be as crazy as she is.

      Any pot shots against Pence and his religion might be neutralized by Kaine’s superficial catholicism.

  2. I see Michelle Obama AND Bernie Sanders are speaking tomorrow at the convention. Then on Wednesday Hussein Obama is speaking. I wonder how many miles will be put on AF1 this week at our expense. And will Pelosi get to use AF1 also on the day she speaks??

    • Compare and Contrast.

      I read also that Hillary and her awkward child Chelsea will close.

      Chelsea’s corrupt husband and father in law will also attend.

      Rumors of the possibility of the failed media personality being appointed VA Senator are unnerving. A normal person would think — so obviously corrupt surely not? — and then you consider Clinton — and you think surely well within the realm of possibility.

  3. The people that built this Great Country would never have put up with the deplorable economic conditions we are enduring.

    Now we have two candidates running for the office of the President of the United States.

    One is a bold and successful businessman, the other has been proven by general consensus to be untrustworthy and a treacherous individual.
    A liar and a cheat.
    One whose foundation is under investigation even as the DNC is continuing to go forward.

    The RNC did a good job in exposing her as a deceitful person, and yet, there she is.

    So I ask you, what will it take to eliminate her and Bill from our lives forever?

    The crowd at the RNC said to “lock her up”.
    Trump said no, we need to defeat her.

    I agree with Trump, she will never be indicted, but she can be defeated.

  4. Wasserman Schultz the mouth has been booted out and replaced at the DNC convention because of the wikileaks fiasco. Replaced by someone in Ohio I think

  5. AFVet, Love the song-now I’m going to get my Johnny Cash CD out so I can play it in my car tomorrow when I’m running errands (going to the liquor store)

  6. Obama’s half brother Malik is voting for Trump because he is disappointed in his half brother Obama’s presidency. And he likes Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.”

    I love the Daily Mail…there is so much information in that newspaper.

  7. Some brevity for this Sunday evening.
    My day of dog sitting the grand dog:
    1: One of my small dogs ran off in the early morning. Found him about a quarter mile away and brought him home.
    2. Grand dog ran off in the early afternoon.
    Found her 2 hours later running along a very busy road about 2 miles from our home.
    3. Brought grand dog home. Opened car hatch and dog jumped out and immediately ran off again.
    4. Forgot hatch was opened and tried to back out of garage to get her. No serious damage to car or garage. 5. Searched for another 2 hours. Gave up and drove back home….right before last turn to our street – looked in rear view mirror and there was grand dog.
    6. Opened driver’s car door and she jumped in.
    -Drove home and into garage.
    -Shut garage door before opening car door.
    7. Found a harness and a chain. When she needs to go out again, she will not escape! However, she may always despise grandma.

    • Please don’t let your dogs escape again! They will die out there! I have 3 dogs, a Chihuaha, a Wire Fox Terrier and a 16 year-old Rat Terrier. I have to watch them all the time — they would run too, especially the Wire Fox Terrier. I am worried about your dogs. Even my 16 year-old Rat Terrier has to be on a leash and I also have to watch open doors, etc. I will pray for your dogs and that you will be vigilant and watch them with all your heart every day. That is what we have to do with dogs or they will get lost. Good luck and keep the leashes on them!!! Please for your dogs’ sake. Lizzy

    • Doggone funny to read about, but not so funny to poor Aileen, spending half a day rounding up dogs! Thank goodness the grand dog was found safe and sound.

  8. Huxley’s Ghost™ ‏@AF632 10h10 hours ago

    So @TheDemocrats are in a panic saying Russia hacked their emails for the #DNCleak, but @HillaryClinton’s bathroom server was totes secure.

    Tweet I saw — will be most curious to see what else develops from these emails. But once again the hypocrisy of the Dems —

    • C’mon, see, thats the way DWS is, a complete liar! She knows it is rigged for Clinton and yet, she feigns anger about it! She is just like Clinton, lies and deceit constantly and DWS goes around now denying it was rigged? and its in writing and she still lies about it when she helped rig it! And you can see what type Clinton is without any truth or scruples by hiring DWS to head her campaign!!! These people don’t even try to hide thier evil crimes and yes, they are crimes to rig an election and that stupid looking commie Kaine better count the military votes, he’s another bought and paid for criminal taking bribes and money!! Trump better watch Kaine, none of these communists can be trusted with an election, they are not America, they are traitors to America.

      • Even with the evidence that Crooked Hillary is indeed crooked, she still will get the Dem nomination.
        Off my own topic, I see that Germany has suffered another muslim attack.