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Saturday Open Thread || July 23, 2016



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  1. Good morning all. Hope you had a good week and settling in for a great weekend.
    I would never try to upstage AFVet and his music links but here’s three that are music to my ears. From 1987 and the Mojave Desert to “First Flight” (which I was honored to see in person) a little about “Doc” only the 2nd B-29 in the world now in flight condition:

    The discovery and rescue:

    First Flight Highlights:

    Chase Plane footage:


    • That was wonderful to see.
      As a kid I built many a plastic model of war planes and Navy ships.
      If Doc could talk, I wonder what stories he would have to tell.
      How the heck did they find pilots to fly Doc?
      Can’t be any B-29 vets still around, not many.

      • In the end it’s still a 4 engine prop. They’ve got a helluva crew put together.
        And to think the entire endeavor started with one guy who was a flight engineer on a B29 during Korea.
        That Doc survived in that bombing range is a miracle in itself, that Tony was able to bring it all together even more so.
        Was an amazing feeling to literally see that history live again.
        Tony’s goal is to have Doc fly from city to city as FiFi does as a flying museum.

    • Absolutely great. What an amazing story and outstanding video. Next month, I’m going to a talk being given by a B-17 gunner who served in WW2. Can’t wait.

  2. Steambath in the Northeast….get thyself in a body of water somewhere….for me its the Adirondacks,…..pheweeeee.

    Be safe…

    • The radio said this AM that only 1 state in the lower 48 did not hit 90 last week,….Washington.

      Here in Ohio it will feel like 102 today.

    • High humidity in Maine, temps in the 80’s, a little breeze. Not too bad, all in all. Later, I will sit in the shade of my maple trees, read a few chapters from a book I’m enjoying (Selected Letters of Marie de l’IncarnationTo Her Son), sip a lemonade, and watch the chickadees fight over who’s turn it is to sit on the bird feeder perch.

    • You have my sympathies. Humid & hot suck.
      Supposed to be 109 here today, butt only 34 on humidity scale. The pool water is 90 degrees…

  3. I am looking forward to the DNC. Maybe I will be able to understand why Dems think the way they do. I just don’t get it.
    The black minister who spoke on the final night of the RNC was interviewed this morning. He says racism is rampant. As an example, he cited times when he is in an airport and people won’t sit next to him. Really? That is probably not about your race. Some of us need personal space and prefer to sit “alone.” Maybe he had a Bible in full view. He is a large gentleman – maybe people don’t want to sit next to someone that large. Who knows but why do people always assume it is about race? And this is not a racist comment. Just an honest observation from someone who has been in airports a lot.

  4. From a friend of mine who lives in the suburbs around Philly: “I happened to overhear an off duty Philadelphia police officer talking today how he is really afraid of working next week at the Democratic Convention. He had been watching the protesters in Cleveland and said the Philadelphia police don’t have adequate protective gear. They are required to work the overtime and he is wishing he had vacation time he could take. I felt so bad for this big young clearly kind, yet frightened man. I had to go over to him and give him a hug, told him how much his service was appreciated and I would keep him in my thoughts. What does this say about our country that this police officer Is afraid to do his job?” Yet in Obama’s fantasy world, everything is sunlight, chirping birds, rainbows and unicorns.

    • Well said. Obama declared his war on the police beginning with that remark about the Cambridge police and has intensified it ever since, as we have all observed. His view is that “cops are pigs”, and that demonstrates just how much influence domestic terrorists Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers (and others from the 1960’s “hate America” era) have on his world view.

      Obama is the child of the worst influences of the ’60’s, crackpot parents, anti-American political activist, and the worst possible elements of the Progressive Left.

      • Does Obama even care that he might be responsible for the murders of police officers? I don’t think so. Most times he sounds so stupid when he talks, I would not be suprised if he reveled in the police officer murders! That may sound harsh but Obama is a sadistic SOB when it comes to white Americans.

  5. OK….now I get it…
    “At 7:30 p.m. Friday, just after her fiery speech in Tampa, Mrs. Clinton called Mr. Kaine to give him the news, before calling President Obama to let him know that she had chosen his friend.”
    Excerpt from the article “

  6. Question. Does anyone remember when Reagan secure the hostage release from Iran? Is this what you recall?
    “Carter did try a military rescue if you remember it failed. Reagan made they’re military function again. Us and the French were the primary source of all they’re military planes and vehicles. They’re machine ground to a halt during Carter. Iraq was fixing to over run them. Reagan fixed that problem for them. Spoiled child diplomacy. They threw a tantrum he stocked the shelves. Look it up, it’s public record. Reagan arms Iran.”
    A Comment made by a friend of a friend…

    • keep this in mind during the DNC next week….
      Never be allowed anywhere near the White House ever again.

      Not a good typing day for me,…

    • I watched her speak at the RNC, heartbreaking.
      I confess, tears the entire time I watched.
      This is the Mother who should get justice for the loss of her son.

      • Amb Stevens family (Democrats of course since he served in a Dem admin) wants Trump et al to cease and desist using her son as a political device. My words not hers.

        Her request should honored. But that does not eliminate the right of the parents. It did happen and it is fair game.

        • They have our total sympathy, but the death of their loved one was not a accident, a private natural death, but a glaring example of the failure of all of MrsClinton’s efforts as Sec of State.
          Sorry, it’s part of history.

          • Agreed.
            Those responsible for the deaths of others must be pointed out , especially when those responsible are changed with the responsibility of Keeping them safe.
            Now, if the mothers of felons have a voice, why not those of mothers who’s sons were sacrificed for political purpose?

  7. There is an excellent article on Breitbart today comparing Trumps speech to the one McCain gave when he was accepting the nomination and also comparing Trumps speech to the one Mitt Romney gave.

  8. I’ve been plowing through the Wikileaks release of the DNC emails, etc. today. Pretty nasty stuff, but no surprises given we’re dealing with some weird people at the DNC. Remember when Hillary made a big deal about Trump’s tax returns last Spring? Here’s some of the plotting behind that little circus act:

    Here’s the whole Wikileaks release package. You can search by name or topic and pull up some pretty funny and revealing stuff.

  9. The Ambassador’s mother tells Trump to shut up about her son? Why doesn’t she sue Hillary and Obama admin for leaving her son and the others to die and not even TRYING to save them AND IGNORING THE HUNDREDS OF PLEAS FOR HELP AND E-MAILS TO HILLARY CLINTON ASKING FOR HELP THAT WERE WRITTEN FROM THE AMBASSADOR! Some people can’t see the forest from the trees and can’t tell the good people from the bad people.